10 Reasons to Buy All of Your Kitchen Appliances on Amazon

10 Reasons to Shop on Amazon

Reasons why you should get all of your stuff on Amazon!

The story of Amazon is amazing. Starting as a small company that focused only on books, they quickly exploded into a global phenomena! It’s truly incredible because now you can buy all kinds of things from subscription to movies to all of your favorite kitchen appliances on Amazon.

10 Reasons to Shop at Amazon by Easy Kitchen Appliances

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Just imagine, you can kick back and relax at home while shopping for everything you need for your home. You may not even have to log into your computer. You can say, “Alexa, order more (fill in the blank)!

Amazon may get a bad rap as a global powerhouse that puts mom and pop shops out of business, but reality is much more complicated than that. There are many mom and pop shops that have setup shop in the Amazon marketplace, and many of them are doing well. 

Between Amazon Associate sites (like Easy Kitchen Appliances), Amazon FBA, Amazon Turk, and just regular individuals who sell things on Amazon, there are many people making money in the Amazon Ecosystem. 

That’s the seller side. On the customer side, there are many reasons why you may want to buy on Amazon. In this post, we’re going to talk about just 10 of those. 

Lets get started with why you should do all of your shopping (especially for kitchen appliances) on Amazon!

1. Amazon is one of the world’s largest marketplaces

Did you know that Amazon ships more than 400 items per second at peak shopping times? Amazon is a super store for online shoppers and it has the widest selection of products when compared Walmart or Target. However, before thinking too big, let’s start small.

If you consider traditional retailers, who are mostly family owned businesses, they focus on providing a few products to their local community. Next, you have supermarkets which provides foodstuffs and other useful products to more people than a traditional retailer would. On a larger scale, the big box retailers, Walmart or Target, sell a wide range of products, such as electronics, toys, clothing, furniture, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, and more.

Then, there’s Amazon.

A business this big can only grow if they have the customers to continue buying from them. The fact that they are now a multi-billion dollar business proves that they have a system that works.

However, the system is far more complex than you may think. Go back to the traditional retailer who sells their products, count their earnings, and pay their taxes. It’s a rather simple service. Step back in to the world of Amazon, and you have Amazon selling direct to consumers on top of individual retailers selling their own products online.

Not only does a wide range of sellers equal better prices, but it also equals a wider variety of choices. 

Looking for a bread maker? Don’t settle for the one or two options that Wal-Mart gives you. Search online for the best bread maker for your current situation and price, and then buy that appliance on Amazon. 

Chances are that the appliance that fits you and your budget best is not available at Wal-Mart. 

Amazon has turned the chaos of buying and selling into not just the largest, but also the most structured marketplace in the world.

2. Amazon has great prices

Amazon is able to provide some of the best deals, discounts, and prices. This is due to the fact that it has such a large inventory and has numerous sellers competing for shoppers. It’s like one large market where everyone is willing to drop their price in order to get you to buy. It works in the buyer’s favor!

Not a believer? Try this experiment. Search for 10 Kitchen Appliances on Walmart then search for the exact same thing on Amazon.

You’ll see my results soon but first, here’s what was compared: Some rules and guidelines – Do not choose items from Walmart that are on sale, that’s not fair. Look for a full price item then go to Amazon and compare!

PRODUCT NAME Amazon Walmart
Hamilton Beach Kitchen Countertop Convection Oven | Model# 31103 $65.14 $109.99
Mainstays Basic 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set $31.61 $19.88
Gotham Steel Non-Stick 10 Piece Square Frying Pan and Cookware Set – As Seen on TV! $99.99 $99.99
Ninja Single-Serve, Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar with Hot and Iced Coffee, Auto-iQ, Built-In Milk Frother, 5 Brew Styles, and Water Reservoir (CF111) $137.98 $139.99
Uber Chill Uber Chill 6-can Retro Personal Mini Fridge for Home, Office, Car or Boat AC & DC $39.99 $46.99
Westinghouse WFD101W New Food Dehydrator, 245 Watts, White Base, 5 Stackable Trays $38.97 $50.99
Black & Decker CJ200 0.5-Litre 30-Watt Citrus Juicer $26.99 $35.95
NutriChef Halogen Oven Air-Fryer/Infrared Convection Cooker, Healthy Kitchen Countertop Cooking $117.99 $130.05
Omega Juicers Nutrition System Juicer 8007S $235.00 $235.00
Jack Lalanne Juicer Stainless Steel $83.16 $69.88
TOTAL $876.82 $938.11

Whether or not this experiment holds for you or all products available across Amazon and Walmart is uncertain. However, this quick test does reveal that Amazon has cheaper kitchen appliances with the biggest difference being the Hamilton Kitchen Countertop Convection Oven.

This is something that I do often, even without realizing it. If I see a kitchen appliance for sale at Big Lots, Wal-Mart, or Target, I look for that same kitchen appliance on Amazon. Almost always, I can find it cheaper on Amazon. 

What were your findings (feel free to post them in the comments below)?  

3. Amazon’s customer service is great

Have you ever experienced that deep feeling of disappointment when you came home with an appliance you just bought but didn’t really want? The worst part is that you can’t return it because it was a flash sale with no returns or refunds allowed.

I’ve bought TONS of things from Amazon over the years and have always been impressed with their customer service.

It comes down to Amazon’s core beliefs which center around customers. Just take a look at the company’s motto: e=mc3 (Earth’s most customer centric company).

Amazon’s customer services thrives on helping you, the customer.

Any time there was a problem, Amazon focuses on trying to solve the problem you have instead of worrying about the money lost should you return the item.

Amazon Customer Service has 5 phone numbers, a chat option, 2 help forums, and a presence on every major social media available. 

They truly have mastered the art of keeping their customers happy (I mean, the proof is in the profits, right?).

4. Amazon has Amazon Prime

As it says it on their website, “When you want it, when you need it”.

It’s truly amazing how fast Amazon Prime can get you what you buy. Not familiar with Amazon prime? Amazon Prime is a subscription service to all kinds of awesomeness. You get access to streamable videos, music, Prime Day discounts, and incredibly fast delivery service. The price varies by age and by country. In the United States, an Amazon Prime subscription currently costs $119 or $12.99 per month. 

Here’s some of the top features you would get with an Amazon Prime subscription:

  • Free 2-day shipping (for some items)
  • Free same-day and one-day shipping (for some items)
  • Free standard shipping (for some items)
  • Amazon Prime Video (for movie lovers)
  • Amazon Prime Music (for music lovers)
  • Twitch Prime (for gamers)
  • Amazon Prime Early Access (get 30 minutes early access to great deals)

Imagine getting a new fridge shipped for free. Those are heavy and the shipping costs would be enormous.

Well, with an Amazon Prime subscription, you wouldn’t have to pay. Oh, this reminds me, did I mention you can try Amazon Prime for 30 days, FREE!

5. Amazon Prime has Amazon only video content

Remember, Amazon started with books and then branched into everything else.

Amazon is now competing directly against Netflix and Hulu for custom content, and they don’t disappoint.

If you love streaming to your phone, tablet, laptop, or TV, you can ditch the cable companies and enjoy ad-free everything.

Prime Video is video on demand.

This gives you access to award winning Amazon originals from genres all around the world. You get this on top of the other packages benefits in an Amazon Prime membership.

Be sure to order a couch-side mini-fridge so you can lean over and grab your favorite drink while watching an exciting new show. Also, if you get a little hungry hungry, you can order some food from Amazon Fresh.

6. Amazon has Amazon Fresh

Amazon is leveraging it’s massive scale to bring you a larger variety of food at lower prices. This is especially important for different areas of the country known as “food deserts” where grocery stores aren’t readily available.

If you’re familiar with the Thrive Market, this is a similar concept.

If you already have or are considering an Amazon Prime membership, upgrading to Amazon Fresh for an additional $14.99 per month gives you access to a new way to shop for your groceries.

It’s absolutely incredible just how much shopping you can do from the comfort of your home.

Check out all the categories available in Amazon Fresh:


  • Meat & Seafood
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dairy, Eggs, & Cheese\
  • Beverages
  • Canned & Packaged Foods
  • Frozen Foods
  • Bread & Bakery
  • Prepared Foods
  • Deli
  • Breakfast Foods
  • Snack Foods
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Candy & Chocolate
  • Pasta & Noodles

Household & Personal Care

  • Healthcare
  • Household Supplies
  • Personal Care
  • Baby Food & Care
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Skin Care
  • Oral Care
  • Pet Food & Care


  • Organic Grocery
  • Plant-based Lifestyle
  • Gluten Free
  • Gifting Essentials

If you’ve ever struggled to eat healthy, either because going to the grocery store is inconvenient or you tend to eat out too much, Amazon Fresh will deliver healthy foods to your doorstep.

In addition to all the affordable kitchen appliances you purchase, the next thing you need is a cook book and you’ll have all of your neighbors wanting to come over for dinner!

7. Amazon has Prime Days

If you’re a penny-pinching shopper looking for a quick bargain, Amazon offers Prime Days.

This flash sale style was introduced in 2015 to celebrate Amazon’s 20th anniversary. It kicked off as a one-day-only holiday which was also meant to compete with the Black Friday sales event of that year.

Unfortunately, the very first Prime Day was a bit of a miss. There was a commotion over the quality and quantity of deals available. However, Amazon being Amazon, they listened to their customers (remember, e=mc3) and experienced a record breaking shopping day in 2017 which was second in sales to the Cyber Monday which followed shortly after.

In 2018, the annual Prime Day occurred on July 16th and ran until July 17th, a total of 36 hours. They offered 1 million deals on gadgets, electronics, TVs, and kitchen appliances  exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

8. Amazon is Trustworthy

Making a purchase online used to be filled with skepticism and scams. Have you ever tried to buy something from those shady website forms offering discounted deals that were too good to be true?

Have you ever thought twice about typing in your credit card information on a random website? 

Now, do you think twice about buying on Amazon?

Amazon has built their entire platform with the customer’s best interest in mind.

This makes individual sellers accountable for their products and ensures anyone buying that they are offering legitimate, quality products.

Before making a purchase, you can gain insight from the feedback of previous buyers to see whether or not a product is worth your money or not. The feedback is made on a 5-star system and people are often brutally honest:

“I couldn’t wait to get it. But then I opened it and it felt and looked very cheap. But I didn’t let that discourage me. I went ahead and made a banana malt. It started making a loud sound and then it started smelling like burnt rubber. So I immediately stopped it. I removed the cup from the base.and there was tiny little pieces of rubber around the inside of the base… I dusted it off and tried again and this time the blades were spinning very slow and the smell was worse than the first time. I finally decided that it would be going back so I washed the cup and blade and that is when I noticed the “T” missing in the Magic Bullet logo. And as I wiped it it started to fade more. This thing is most definitely a fake,” said a 1-star review about a Nutribullet Blender.

It’s reviews like these that guides my, and I would assume your, decision to buy.

Usually, only the best products succeed on Amazon and get high sales because of multiple feedback like this: “This appears to be a well designed, well supported product. I would recommend to anyone looking for a knife sharpener that will perform as you expect it to,” said one of the 2063 people giving this Knife Sharpener a 5-star review.

In addition to that, even when customer reviews can be faked or manipulated, there are plenty of Amazon Affiliate websites like this one who test, research, and review products that are being sold on Amazon.

We give an honest review and because we’re not selling products, we have no financial stake in what you decided to buy. If you buy the knife sharpener that we review, great. If you buy the knife sharpener that we didn’t review, that’s great, too. 

9. Amazon is Secure

Amazon takes the security and privacy of their customers very seriously.

Having billions of dollars worth of transactions per year, Amazon is capable of keeping credit card and bank card information safe. Surprisingly, Amazon doesn’t request for the CVC (the 3-digit security number) on the back of a credit card. You may think that Amazon is more prone to fraud, however their system has been built with security in mind and they have had little issue with credit card problems with their customers.

Often it is the card holder’s fault for carelessly using or exposing their credit cards which leads to problems with fraud. If you really want to ensure your shopping is secure on Amazon, you can also go with the option to add money to your Amazon Payments account. This would add an extra layer of protection should you ever make a purchase from an individual vendor on Amazon instead of Amazon itself.

10. Amazon is Rethinking Our World

Amazon is constantly innovating and rethinking how we shop. They have come a long way since their book selling beginnings.

The ever-expanding shopping experiences offered by Amazon including Amazon Prime, Amazon Video, Amazon Fresh, Prime Day, really makes you wonder what’s coming next.

Perhaps when they deliver your kitchen appliances the delivery guy will enter into your home and get everything assembled for you. Wait, it looks like Amazon has already thought of this!

Amazon’s in-door delivery let’s you install a special lock on your front door which gives their delivery team the ability to enter a code and place a package inside.

What if a drone can deliver your products as soon as you order it? Wait, Amazon has also thought of that in select markets!

What do you think the future of Amazon looks like? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.



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