Bread Machine Troubleshooting

bread making problems bread machines

Bread Machines and Their Bread Making Problems! You’ve got a new appliance in your house, and it’s one of those smart machines that you’re not sure can do the basics. It’s a bread machine – just to be clear, it’s a machine that bakes bread, not one made of bread! Here at Easy Kitchen Appliances, we love kitchen … Read more

What is panettone?

The Christmas Sweet Bread with Candied Fruits – What is panettone? Looking to buy delicious panettone right now? Click this link to buy the original Traditional Italian recipe panettone! Panettone is a traditional Italian bread that’s made during the Holiday season and is typically baked with yeasted dough that makes it light and fluffy. The … Read more

What else can I make in a bread maker?

Welcome to Easy Kitchen Appliances! At Easy Kitchen Appliances, we strive to bring you information on kitchen appliances that make your life EASY! Currently, we review waffle makers, bread makers, and countertop ovens. In addition to reviewing appliances, we’ll bring you information on how to use these appliances, and every once in a while, we’ll … Read more

The Best Bread Knife Reviews


In a hurry? The best bread knife is the Henckels Bread Knife. Its carbon steel blade, quality engineering, and durability make it our top choice. Looking for the best bread knife? Look no further! Baking your own bread must feel amazing, but do you know the feeling when you’re slicing your bread, the regret for … Read more

Bread Machine Yeast vs Active Dry Yeast

Instant yeast type

Bread Machine Yeast vs Active Dry Yeast – What’s the difference? The main difference between bread machine yeast and active dry yeast comes from mixing yeast with other ingredients. In other words, regular yeast requires proofing (or mixing with water) in order to activate it. Bread machine yeast does not require proofing.  Is Bread Machine … Read more

Best Bread Machine Cookbook

All About the Best Bread Machine Cookbooks Congratulations! You bought a bread machine. You likely spent a considerable amount of time researching the best bread machine brands and features and then took the plunge and spent a pretty big sum of money on one of the top bread machines that you’re expecting to make your … Read more

Holiday Bread Recipes For Bread Machines

4 Holiday Bread Recipes You Can Make in Your Bread Machine Think about the times during the holidays that your family has come together to bake delicious Christmas bread. Not only was it delicious, but it brings back great memories. If you just can’t get enough of these types of Christmas bread recipes, then we … Read more

Bread Machine Cycle Times

Everything You Need to Know About Bread Machine Cycles and Cycle Times Making bread can be a long and tiring process when it is done the traditional way. Thankfully, we have bread makers. These appliances allow you to make delicious breads without having to do the hard work.  You simply drop in all the ingredients … Read more

What does a Bread Machine do?

what does a bread machine do

What does your Bread Machine do (and how does a bread machine work)? Well, the name of these machines is pretty much self-explanatory if you ask me, but there’s still some curiosity on the process that’s behind a bread machine. You might wonder what’s the difference between baking bread by hand and using a bread … Read more

How to use Bread mix in your Bread Machine


Bread Mix instructions and best practices Some may think that after the purchase of a bread machine, all they have to do is throw the required ingredients inside it, close the lid, and turn the machine on, and BOOM – bread! However, unfortunately, that’s a myth! Even with a best rated bread machine, the process … Read more

How does a bread maker work?

What is a bread maker and what does it do? Baking bread involves several steps and a significant amount of time. You prep the ingredients, prepare the dough, let it rise, and knead it all by hand before putting it in a container and then in the oven, hoping it will bake and rise.  Or, … Read more

How to Use a Bread Machine

You finally got the best bread machine you’ve been wanting for so long. But what if you don’t know how to use a bread machine? There is nothing to sweat about because you’re at the right place as we will discuss and explain everything you need to know. Using a bread machine isn’t complicated, and … Read more

Best Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipes

This is an article summarizing and linking to some of the best Gluten Free bread machine recipes from around the web! Let’s face it – bread rules! Yes, many nutritionists will tell you to limit your intake of this heavenly goodness if you want to lose weight or just want to avoid too many carbs, … Read more

How to Clean a Bread Machine

The dirtier your bread machine gets, the harder it will be to clean it. Learning the proper way to clean your bread machine will definitely help, and it will also keep your bread machine in great working condition. Like any appliance, quality bread machines will last you YEARS if they’re properly maintained. It’s definitely a … Read more

The Best Bread Mix for your Bread Machine


Looking for the best bread machine mixes? You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve found this article, it means that you’ve probably bought a great bread machine not so long ago and the bread mix recipe that came with it wasn’t so good. Or you’re looking for some new and innovative bread machine mixes. … Read more

Easy Bread Machine Recipes To Use Now

Looking for some of the best easy to make bread machine recipes? If you’ve recently purchased a bread machine, it’s most likely that you’ve received a recipe book that came with it. It’s very common nowadays for manufacturers to not only include all accessories to get you started right away but even a recipe book … Read more

Convection Bread Maker vs Regular Bread Maker – What’s the difference?

Convection VS regular bread makers

There has been a lot of confusion going on regarding the difference between a convection bread maker and a regular bread maker. How do you know what the difference is? Is there any? And most importantly – which is a better choice for what you need? In this article, you’ll find everything you need about … Read more

I Lost the Bread Machine Manual – What Do I Do?

ToBox Programmable Bread Maker

Did you lose your bread maker manual? One of the most common problems is losing the user’s manual (you know, the little book very few people read). This might not be a problem – until you really need some information about your bread machine. Even though this can be a really frustrating problem to have … Read more

How to Make Hawaiian Bread in a Bread Machine

Hawaiian bread

If you’re a big fan of Hawaiian bread and you’re wondering if it’s possible to make one in your favorite bread machine – the answer is yes! However, if you’re not familiar with Hawaiian bread, you shouldn’t back down. This post will help you learn everything about this type of bread. By the end of … Read more

Good Bread Maker Brands

There was a time when making bread at home was not an option considering the time and effort that goes into bread making. With the advent of new technologies, brands have compressed the size of a bread maker from a huge baker’s oven into a compact oven that fits on your kitchen counter! Even though … Read more

Where to buy a Bread Maker

Would you like a bread maker? Yes! I’m hoping that you’re reading this because you’ve decided to look for an awesome bread maker. Once you have decided that a bread maker is something you’d like to buy, you should then consider where you should buy it. Our favorite place to buy kitchen appliances is on … Read more

Should I buy a Bread Machine?

should i buy a bread machine

Bread Machines – Should you buy one? This is a question that most people ask themselves as soon as they see a friend or family member with a bread machine. Is a bread machine really a good investment? According to our experience at Easy Kitchen Appliances, the answer is yes! You’ll be amazed at how … Read more

Is it worth buying a bread maker?

Is it worth buying a bread maker

Are you fed up of eating store-bought bread? Are you health conscious but don’t want to spend too much on “organic” tagged foods in the supermarket? Do you have your doubts about the gluten-free bread that is touted in the market? The main reason why you would want to buy a bread maker is that … Read more