The Best Bread Knife Reviews


In a hurry? The best bread knife is the Henckels Bread Knife. Its carbon steel blade, quality engineering, and durability make it our top choice. Looking for the best bread knife? Look no further! Baking your own bread must feel amazing, but do you know the feeling when you’re slicing your bread, the regret for … Read more

How to Maintain and Oil a Wood Cutting Board

How to maintain and oil a wood cutting board If you ask a chef about his most favorite kitchen tool, he will instantly show you his cutting set which includes a kitchen knife and a high-quality cutting board. A good cutting knife is incomplete without a good cutting board. If you’re a person with good … Read more

Top 7 Best Baking Powder Substitutes

Looking for an easy substitute for baking powder? There are times when we find ourselves in a jam! We might be planning on baking something only to find out that we’re missing all or part of an ingredient. In this case, you might be missing baking powder. Baking powder is often used in bread and … Read more

Chef Contos

Are you looking for unbiased and unbought reviews of kitchen appliances that you’re considering buying? You’ve come to the right place! At Easy Kitchen Appliances, our hope is to bring you reviews of cool kitchen appliances that will make your life easy! Although this is a Kitchen Appliances site, I’m no kitchen master.  Actually, quite … Read more

What is the best gas grill to buy?

What is the best propane grill on the market? Making memories grilling out doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. You can set up an outdoor grilling area with a high-quality grill for not a lot of money. Great grills can be found for anywhere between $150 to $1,000. Today, we’ll go through some of … Read more

The Best Cyber Monday Kitchen Appliance Deals

The Very Best Cyber Monday Kitchen Deals on Amazon Amazon is well known for their outstanding Cyber Monday deals. They can do this because it’s not Amazon that’s actually selling appliances to you. Amazon is a marketplace for many sellers to connect with many buyers. Therefore, it’s common for sellers to compete with one another … Read more

The Top 8 Best Pizzelle Makers (and secret tips on baking them)


In a hurry? Out of all the best pizzelle makers, our top choice is the CucinaPro Electric Pizzelle Baker Press. It’s durability, ease of use, and high quality make it our go-to pizzelle maker. Find the Top 8 Best Pizzelle Makers here I remember the first time I saw a pizzelle. Embarrassingly enough, I’ve mistaken … Read more

West Bend Egg Cooker Review

In-depth review of the West Bend Egg Cooker If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve come across the West Bend Egg Cooker and you want to know if it’s worth getting. You’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about this little egg cooking device. We … Read more

Breville 4 Slice Smart Toaster Review

All about the Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster Everyone needs a great toaster in their kitchen! This essential kitchen gadget has evolved tremendously over the years in terms of design and functionality, but the core function is the same—make toast. People will always have different preferences. Some like evenly browned toast every time, while … Read more

Ceramic vs Teflon Cookware – Which is Better?


About 80% of our cookware is most likely coated with a Teflon coating – but there’s also ceramic glazing. Which cookware is better and which one is safer? Depending on what you’ve heard or read – Teflon might seem like a big no for most cooks. But why isn’t ceramic cookware as popular as Teflon … Read more

The Best Christmas Kitchen Appliance Deals Online

These convection oven deals are perfect for Christmas gifts and healthy eating Amazon typically does the 12 Days of Deals, and they usually have AWESOME deals on kitchen appliances. From blenders and instant pots to KitchenAid standing mixers and more, high in demand kitchen appliances will be available for up to 50% off! Below, we’re … Read more

Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals

Some of the Best Amazon Prime Day Bread Machine Deals for Your Kitchen Amazon Prime Day is known for some of the best kitchen appliance deals online. The best part of the day is that this is a shopping “holiday” that was invented by Amazon itself! Think about that, Amazon created a day that you … Read more

The Best Black Friday Kitchen Appliance Deals

Amazon is the place for Black Friday deals! We decided to write up this article in order to highlight some of the kitchen appliance deals in our automatic feed below. Not only will our feed of products automatically update, but by clicking on them you’ll see the most up do date information on price and … Read more

Yummy And Simple Backpacking Lunch Ideas With No Cooking

Figuring out what to eat on a camping, hiking, or backpacking trip can be a real headache, especially for beginners, as there’s everything else to plan. Here’s your perfect guide to the rescue on backpacking lunch ideas with no cooking so that you can get back to hiking full of energy. Those with no Time … Read more

Sunbeam Waffle Maker Review

Everything you need to know about Sunbeam Waffle Maker Sunbeam is a trustworthy brand who produces quality waffle makers. It’s true that they have a lot of competition, but they also have affordable products which are a great for those who are looking for affordable, high-quality kitchen appliances and products. We really like a few … Read more

10 Reasons to Buy All of Your Kitchen Appliances on Amazon

10 Reasons to Shop on Amazon

Reasons why you should get all of your stuff on Amazon! The story of Amazon is amazing. Starting as a small company that focused only on books, they quickly exploded into a global phenomena! It’s truly incredible because now you can buy all kinds of things from subscription to movies to all of your favorite kitchen … Read more