Ceramic vs Teflon Cookware – Which is Better?


About 80% of our cookware is most likely coated with a Teflon coating – but there’s also ceramic glazing. Which cookware is better and which one is safer?

Depending on what you’ve heard or read – Teflon might seem like a big no for most cooks. But why isn’t ceramic cookware as popular as Teflon cookware?

In this post, you’ll find both advantages & disadvantages of ceramic and non-stick Teflon cookware, but also which one is better & safer, and how to make a wise choice.

Therefore, stay tuned and by the end of this article, you’ll know exactly you need to solve your dilemma.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Teflon Cookware


There is no doubt that Teflon is everywhere around us – and it’s even being used for commercial purposes. Everyone loves a good non-stick cookware and Teflon offers exactly that.

However, you must have heard a lot of controversial talk about Teflon. A lot of people are concerned about the health disadvantages of Teflon.

But let’s start with the Teflon advantages first.

Here are the most known Teflon advantages:

  • Easy to clean surface
  • Non-stick coating
  • Cold & chemical resistant
  • Low friction
  • Effective at a wide range of temperatures & products
  • It lasts for long

And now, let’s have a look at some of the disadvantages of Teflon:

  • It can release mildly toxic fumes at high temperatures
  • It is not easy to mass produce or covers the large cookware
  • It can change shape under pressure
  • It is unweldable
  • It can’t withstand very high temperatures

As you can see, I haven’t listed any health issues as a disadvantage because Teflon coating isn’t a treat to health as some people think.

Teflon has been PFOA-free since 2013 which makes it totally safe for cooking. As Teflon had been relying on a PFOA chemical to manufacture Teflon coating, but nowadays, Teflon doesn’t rely on PFOA in order to manufacture the Teflon coating.

Yet, some people don’t fully trust Teflon after it has been connected with serious health issues – and that’s pretty reasonable.

If you’re concerned about your health, have a look at the advantages & disadvantages of ceramic cookware before deciding which one is a better fit for your cooking needs.

Benefits & Disadvantages of Ceramic Cookware


It’s most likely you’ve been using Teflon coated cookware for the most of your life – but if you’re thinking of making a switch to ceramic cookware, keep on reading!

While Teflon is a coating applied on cookware, Ceramic cookware comes is glazed. Even though Teflon is 100% safe now, Ceramic cookware is probably your best bet if you’re really afraid for your health and you don’t think you can’t trust Teflon.

Here are some of the most known advantages of ceramic cookware:

  • No trace of metals or chemicals
  • The surface isn’t coated
  • Can withstand higher temperatures than steel
  • It’s 100% safe

Even though ceramic cookware is 100% safe since it doesn’t release any harmful toxins and is chemical-free, it still has some of the advantages you should think of as a chef.

These disadvantages are:

  • High temperatures can damage sensitivity of the ceramic glazing
  • The lifespan of ceramic cookware is a bit short
  • Can get easily scratched or damaged if used with metal utensils
  • Isn’t dishwasher safe

Even though there are disadvantages for ceramic cookware – at least you’ll know you’re 100% safe when it comes down to its glazing.

Things You Should Pay Attention To


When it comes down to ceramic cookware, you should know that there is high-quality premium ceramic cookware, but most of the ceramic cookware you can find on the market are made out of low-quality ceramic.

This means you will have to wisely choose your ceramic cookware, but also pay attention to the way you use it.

Not only you can’t use metal utensils, but you will also have to make sure that the temperature doesn’t exceed the safe temperatures for ceramic cookware.

When it comes down to Teflon, you should keep in mind that Teflon started producing PFOA-free Teflon coating for the cookware only recently (from 2013).

Therefore, if you have any Teflon cookware older than 6 years at the time of reading this article – you shouldn’t use it since there are serious health concerns connected with PFOA Teflon cookware.

Which Cookware Type to Choose?


Teflon cookware has had its history which leaves plenty of people in disbelief. Even though Teflon is 100% free of PFOA chemical – plenty of people are staying away from Teflon cookware.

And if you think you still can’t trust Teflon, you will have to rely on ceramic cookware.

Ceramic cookware is 100% safe and it’s been safe ever since it started being used for cooking purposes. However, quality ceramic cookware is a bit pricier than Teflon cookware, will have to be changed sooner than Teflon cookware, and will have to be used with caution.

Teflon cookware is still a bit more convenient than ceramic cookware, but it’s up to you to make the best decision for yourself.

Both Teflon and ceramic cookware come with their advantages and disadvantages – and it can be quite hard to make a decision in some situations.

But personally, I think you should rely on updated safe Teflon cookware as you slowly introduce quality ceramic cookware as an addition.

Therefore, you can either gradually continue to change your Teflon cookware to fully ceramic cookware – or you can rely on both, depending on the cooking situation and plans.

But one thing is for sure, you should get informed and make a decision according to your needs and concerns. Everyone has a different opinion, especially due to the Teflon’s previous use of chemicals to produce coating for their cookware.


What cookware did you use up until now? The chances are you have been relying on Teflon so far – but maybe it’s the right time for a change.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, both Teflon and ceramic cookware have their advantages and disadvantages. If your health is the main concern – going all-in on ceramic cookware is highly recommended.

However, if you’re trying to combine affordability and convenience, Teflon is still a great choice.

Are you planning on making a switch to ceramic cookware? What made you embrace the change?

Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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  1. I like that you said that Teflon provides non-stick coating and can last for a long time. My late father gave me a set of vintage cookware, and I am looking to use them. It would give me peace of mind that their surfaces are going to be protected if they would be coated well. Moreover, I would love to consider non-stick coatings. I will surely find a Teflon coating provider.


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