About Us

Welcome to Easy Kitchen Appliances!

My name is Pedro and I’m a husband, father, and kitchen expert.

Actually, no, I’m no Kitchen Master. I’m a Kitchen NOVICE, but I love food, gadgets and I love easy.

At Easy Kitchen Appliances, we’re always on the hunt for kitchen appliances that make are our lives EASY.

I started Easy Kitchen Appliances to share what I’ve learned about appliances with the world.

I work with a great team who do in depth research to bring you reviews of the latest and greatest Kitchen Appliances.

Why review products that are on Amazon?

Many of the products you see reviewed on this site will contain links to Amazon. These are affiliate links where we’ll receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

This is a great benefit to you for a few reasons.

First, Amazon is the world’s largest marketplace. That means that prices are likely to be lower than anywhere else and it means that selection is probably wider than anywhere else.

Second, Amazon’s customer service is second to none. If you have any problems with your purchase, even if it wasn’t fulfilled by Amazon, they’ll do whatever they can to make it right. I’m a frequent Amazon customer and I’m always impressed by their customer service.

Third, Easy Kitchen Appliances brings you unbiased and un-bought reviews.

We don’t accept any appliances or products from manufacturers or sellers in exchange for a positive review.

Although Amazon has an extensive customer review system. Still, many times, unhappy customers are offered a full refund in exchange for removing or updating their negative review. This often sways people to give reviews that aren’t critical enough and that aren’t always completely true.

In addition to that, there are Amazon sellers who’ve been known to “buy” positive customer reviews in order to boost possible future sales.

For all of these reasons, websites like Easy Kitchen Appliances give you the best and most unbiased reviews online.

We can give our real opinions because it doesn’t matter to us which product you buy through Amazon.

Because we’re reviewing and recommending, not selling, it means that we can be brutally honest with these products.

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In addition to that, we give away a kitchen appliance to someone on our newsletter list every month. All you have to do is subscribe.

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