The Best Waffle Maker for 2023 (and the runner up)

The Best Waffle Iron

Are you looking for the best waffle makers on the market? Look no further!


  • Waffle Makers come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets
  • An electric, nonstick, non-Teflon waffle maker is the way to go
  • The appliance below is our absolute top choice
Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black
  • Included Components: Drains And Serves.
  • Fabric Type: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Bakes extra-thick Belgian waffles in minutes

For hundreds of years, waffles have been a part of breakfast for people across the globe. In America alone now, more than 75% of people have welcomed waffles and waffle makers, making them some of the most eaten (and most delicious) breakfast meals followed by pancakes and cereals.

In addition to breakfast foods, waffles can be enjoyed as lunch, dinner, snacks, and especially desserts. Have you ever had warm Belgian waffles with ice cream and Nutella on top? There’s nothing like it!

Now that waffles are continuing in gaining recognition around the globe not only for breakfast but also for dessert, the challenge comes when you’re selecting the an appliance capable of baking restaurant-quality waffles in the shortest time possible.

Waffle makers come in different prices, shapes, sizes, and performances.

Depending on the type of results you wish to see, the best waffle irons come with varying plate diameters, numbers of browning and temperature control settings, removable and non-removable plates, deep and shallow grids, and beep or LED light indicator notification features.

How to Choose the Top Waffle Maker

With the right waffle machine at your disposal, there’s no need to buy expensive waffles at restaurants. Unlike in the past, waffle makers today come with a wide range of options that’ll allow you to prepare many kinds of waffles, thick or thin, large or small.

In the following section, we’ll highlight essential factors that you’ll need to consider when choosing through the best waffle makers.

Waffle Maker Shape

Waffle makers come in different shapes and sizes. However, the most common shapes are rounded or square-shaped.

You can also choose shapes like pops, animals, sticks, hearts, Disney characters, and even hotdogs! However, the best waffle makers tend to be circular, they’re more reliable because they distribute heat more evenly compared to other shapes. Some of them even cook two waffles at a time!

Waffle Maker Size

What about size? Waffle maker size is important because it determines how many waffles you’ll need to bake for you and your family. 

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is a great waffle maker that makes mini waffles. So why isn’t the Dash Mini Waffle Maker listed here? Just because it’s too small to make it practical for most people. 

Mode of cleaning

Today, most waffle plates and grids are made from non-stick materials, making it quite easy for you to clean the appliance. The non-stick coating allows you to use soft brushes and cloths to remove leftover batter from the crevices from the plates or the grids without scratching or damaging the surface.

Therefore, it’s a wise idea to choose a waffle iron with non-stick plates to eliminate the hassle of having to spend too much time cleaning the already-dried leftovers. Many people are perfectly ok with Teflon nonstick waffle makers, while others prefer ceramic or other non-Teflon coatings.


Another key factor when choosing a great waffle maker is performance. Most people nowadays are looking for ways to eliminate wasted time and are trying more creative ways to cook their waffles quickly.

A top-of-the-line appliance bakes one or more waffles at the same time, allowing the entire family to enjoy a fresh breakfast without wasting any time.

What to look out for in the Best Waffle Maker

The popularity of waffles has led to an abundance of waffle makers on the market. With everyone looking to advance your baking experience, more and more manufacturers are now joining the market to produce some of the best units available at different prices and with different features.

Not only are classic waffle makers available, but you can get a great Belgian Waffle Maker at a great price.

To ensure that you purchase a great waffle maker with quality features, this section will highlight some key factors you need to consider.

Digital models

With the increasing popularity of waffles in most homes and restaurants, manufacturers are coming up with more advanced waffle makers that are capable of delivering more precise results than their predecessors.

When doing your research, consider purchasing an electric waffle maker with more advanced settings to boost your cooking time and experience. On the other hand, an old fashioned cast iron waffle iron can last decades and will be a hit when camping or at the fire pit.

These are the Best Waffle Makers on the market

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker with Adjustable Temperature Control, Non-Stick Plates and...
  • Belgian waffle maker creates large, round waffles with deep pockets that hold plenty of toppings and syrup
  • Waffle maker features an 8 inch nonstick plate that releases waffles easily and cleans quickly
  • Adjustable temperature control lets you customize heat while cooking, for different types of finishes and batters
  • Stainless steel housing offers added durability; Cord length: 27.5 inches, watts: 1080w
  • Safe to touch handle provides a firm grip and helps prevent burns

The Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker is among the smallest and most simply made waffle makers that does exactly what it’s designed to do. With a light weight of just 3.3 pounds and dimensions of 5.2×10.8×8.5 inches, this waffle maker is the perfect choice for buyers who need a budget unit that doesn’t occupy much kitchen space.

Despite its small size, the Oster comes with spectacular features that take your waffle experience to a new level. It has digital temperature control settings, a stainless steel casing, a non-stick interior, indicator lights, and an eight-inch baking plate.

With a 4.4/5 star rating from 1,138 verified customers, the Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker is among the best budget waffle makers available on the market.


  • Small and light

Speaking of features, this waffle maker has a lot to offer. Its lightweight of 3.3 pounds and sleek dimensions of 2×10.8×8.5 inches makes it the perfect choice for customers looking for a small unit to fit their already occupied kitchen countertops.

  • Digital controls

Another exclusive feature is the digital control settings. According to most customers, the temperature control settings are simple, allowing you to bake delicious waffles in a very short time.


  • This waffle maker is available at an affordable price.
  • Cooks Belgian-style waffles.
  • This waffle maker is manufactured by Oster, which is known as a leading electronics company.
  • This unit has non-stick interior plates and grids that are very easy to clean.
  • The stainless steel exterior casing allows this waffle maker to stand the test of time.
  • The Oster Belgian Waffle Maker has a long 24-inch power cable that allows you to charge it almost anywhere.

Things to be aware of

  • The baking plate is non-removable, making cleaning quite challenging.
  • Although it has indicator LED lights, one has to them carefully because it doesn’t beep.
  • It doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature.

Bottom line

The Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian Waffle Maker is a top cheap waffle maker that is available with exclusive features. Although some customers have complained about the size, the fact that this unit bakes one waffle at a time quickly makes it best for customers with small families to feed.

With a remarkable 4.4/5 star rating from 1,138 verified customers, this Oster waffle maker is a winner and the perfect choice for small kitchens.

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Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker – Best Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker on the counter

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker,Black
  • Included Components: Drains And Serves.
  • Fabric Type: Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Bakes extra-thick Belgian waffles in minutes

This Presto Flipside Belgian waffle maker comes with a flip design and has the ability to open up at 180 degrees for easy spreading of your batter before baking. The special digital timer is handy, as it signals you when baking is complete, while the rotating design gives your waffles enough space to cook and brown.

Although the baking plate has a small diameter of seven inches, the non-stick interior makes it perfect for customers who enjoy baking then washing the grids without a hassle.


  • Non-stick interior

Similar to most high-end waffle irons, the Presto FlipSide has a non-stick interior that makes it very easy to clean using a damp cloth.

  • Can flip 180 degrees

Another outstanding feature of this waffle iron is the ability to flip at an angle of 180 degrees. This feature is paramount because it allows you to pour/spread batter easily to achieve better results.

  • Dual function base

The base of this waffle maker has dual functions. It allows the waffle maker to flip and bake waffles evenly before locking in a vertical position for easy storage.


  • Available at an affordable price.
  • The flipping feature cooks beautiful golden waffles.
  • The non-stick grids and plates make it very easy to clean.
  • Stainless exterior shields it from any damage.

Things to be aware of

  • According to most customers, it has a very short lifespan.
  • It doesn’t have a setting to adjust the whiteness or the brownness.

Bottom line

The Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker is one of the best waffle makers designed for customers looking for nothing but quality.

Available with smart features that include a 180-degree flip design, a non-stick interior, a timer, and a stainless casing, the Presto has received a remarkable 4.6/5 star rating from 4,118 customers, making it one of the best waffle makers on the market.

The Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker is my personal favorite waffle maker. It’s easier to use than most other waffle makers and although it doesn’t have fancy features, it will have no problem making you the perfect waffle in just 3-4 minutes.

That’s right! With the right waffle recipe, delicious, evenly cooked waffles are just a few minutes away.

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Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates (26030)

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Non-Stick Removable Plates, Browning...
  • Flipping Action Makes Thick, Fluffy Waffles Flipping Waffles During Cooking Makes Them Crispy on the Outside,...
  • Nonstick Removable Plates Remove Your Waffle From the Nonstick Plates With No Sticking or Scraping; The Grids...
  • Adjustable Browning Control Cook Your Waffle Lighter or Darker, Just the Way You Want It
  • Stainless Steel Design Waffle IRON Wipes Down Easily and Has a Modern Look That Will Look Great on Your Countertop
  • Easy-Clean Grids and Drip Tray the Grids and Drip Tray Are Removable and Dishwasher-Safe for Simple Cleanup

Imagine baking restaurant-quality waffles without any mess or hassles when cleaning. It’s a remarkable experience, right? Now, the rotating waffle maker that will allow you to have such an exclusive experience is the Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker.

Available with an ultra-flip design, this it’s capable of baking both white and brown waffles thanks to its unique temperature control system. Its lightweight of 6.8 pounds and dimensions of 14.9×9.9×9.1 inches allow owners to assume control of the flipping feature to bake uniform waffles in five to eight minutes.

It has a large eight-inch baking plate, steel casing, and indicator lights that notify you when your waffles are ready.


  • Built-in temperature control

The Hamilton Beach has so many features, among them a built-in temperature control system that allows you to bake golden brown, hot, fluffy waffles in five to eight minutes.

  • 8-inch baking plate

Another feature that attracts customers is the eight-inch baking plate that allows you to prepare waffles large enough to feed the entire family.

  • Non-stick surface

Finally, it has cool, non-stick handles and interior plates/grids that make cleanup a breeze.


  • Available at an affordable price.
  • It has a light weight of 6.8 pounds.
  • Batter grid.
  • Waffle maker produces delicious golden waffles.
  • Non-stick rubberized handles give you a superb grip.
  • Built-in temperature control setting gives you a chance to bake golden brown fluffy waffles in a very short time.

Things to be aware of

  • Most customers have complained about the customer care service, stating that it’s not responsive.
  • Some customers have complained about the baking grids, stating that they don’t get as hot as expected.
  • A number of customers have complained about the size, stating that it’s too large to fit their small kitchens.

Bottom line

This Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker is a responsive product that lasts for a very long time IF maintained. Although several customers complained about some issues, their negative feedback is not enough to override the many benefits offered by this appliance.

Available with smart features for decent prices, it’s received a 4.5/5 star rating from 1,052 customers, making it an Amazon bestseller.

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Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker (Best Budget Waffle Maker)

Cuisinart WMR-CAP2 Round Classic Waffle Maker, Brushed Stainless
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: The round classic waffle maker is professional quality for home use, Bakes 1 large...
  • EASY TO USE: With dual indicator lights and a 5-setting browning control, you can choose your waffle’s specific...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Regulating thermostat with red and green “ready to bake/ready to eat” indicator lights,...
  • INCLUDED: Instruction manual and recipe book with several recipe’s to get you started
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies...

Next in this guide, we will review the Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker. Recognized for its ability to bake delicious, golden brown, crunchy waffles, this unit is unique and available at an affordable price.

This Cuisinart waffle maker has a brushed stainless casing that allows it to endure the test of time. The interior is non-stick for easy cleanup, and the five browning settings allow you to bake delicious American waffles in just five minutes.

The Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker is designed with special indicator lights that notify you when to commence baking as well as when the waffles are ready. Designed to suit most home setups, this best buy waffle maker is what every aspiring chef should look for.


  • Lightweight

At just 4.5 pounds, this Cuisinart waffle maker is very portable and easy to transfer from one point to another. Although the plates are non-detachable, the fact that they’re non-stick makes them very easy to clean.

  • Customizable setting

It comes with five different settings that allow you to adjust the browning controls to bake thick waffles with a light or a deep golden brown color.

  • Very safe

Finally, it comes with rubberized feet that keep it stable and safe when resting on the countertop. In addition, there are indicator lights at the face of this waffle maker designed to notify you when baking is done.


  • Stainless casing that’s easy to clean.
  • The lid is heavy enough to stay closed throughout the baking process even when the waffles enlarge.
  • The rubber feet are special and protect it from slipping and falling off the counter.
  • Weighs just 4.5 pounds and compact dimensions of 11×8.5×4 inches.


  • The grids are not deep, so pouring too much batter can lead to an overflow.
  • The handles are too short, making it difficult for you to hold especially when heat radiates from

Bottom line

The Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker is a high-quality appliance that bakes fresh golden brown waffles in a short time.

Available with smart features that include lightweight, rubber feet, five temperature settings, and indicator lights, this is the perfect choice for those looking to bake crispy style waffles to suit the entire family.

Read our in depth review on the Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker.

Black+Decker Belgian Waffle Maker

BLACK+DECKER Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel, WMB500,Silver
  • 7.25” Belgian-Style Waffles - Create classic 7.25” round Belgian-style waffles, the perfect size for one...
  • Nonstick Plates - Waffles slide out easily thanks to the nonstick plates, which are simple to clean
  • Cool-Touch Handle - The extended handle lets you safely open the waffle maker while it’s hot.
  • Ready Indicator Light - Shows when the waffle maker is preheated and ready to cook.
  • Vertical Storage - The space-saving design allows for vertical storage in the cabinet.

Black+Decker isn’t just for power tools! They happen to make some of the best kitchen appliances.

This Black+Decker Belgian Waffles Maker bakes in a traditional round style.

It has a brushed, chrome style exterior and nonstick plates that make for an easy cleanup. It also stands vertically for compact storage.


  • Nonstick coating

It’s nonstick coating will ensure an easy cleanup every time.

  • Deep waffle grids

Deep waffle grids means that you’ll have thick Belgian waffles and no missing batter.

  • Indicator lights

Indicator lights on a waffle maker means that you’ll know exactly what to do next. With this Black and Decker Waffle Maker, you’ll know when it’s time to cook!


  • Ready Indicator lights
  • Nonstick plates
  • Vertical storage
  • Handles always remain cool
  • Very reasonable price
  • Wrap around cord storage


  • Waffle maker is a little slow!
  • It’s feet allow it to slide slightly

Bottom line

The Black+Decker Belgian Waffle Maker is a workhorse kitchen appliance that will inexpensively crank out waffles for years to come.

It also usually comes in at under $20 on Amazon!

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George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

George Foreman GRP4842P Multi-Plate Evolve Grill With Ceramic Grilling Plates and...
  • 5 Servings - Everyone to the dinner table! The sizeable grilling surface lets you make five servings of...
  • Removable Plates - Easy cleanup is essential, and that’s what the removable grill plates are all about. Pop them...
  • Premium Ceramic Coating - Time for an upgrade! Ceramic is the key to our improved nonstick coating. It’s 5x more...
  • Versatility - Expand your food horizons! This Evolve model includes premium ceramic grill/Panini plates, a bake...
  • Digital Timer and Temperature Controls - Perfect heat is the secret ingredient. The digital controls give you...

We reviewed the George Foreman GRP4842P Evolve Grill. Designed with three-in-one capabilities, this is a waffle maker removable plates and has the ability to bake and cook a variety of different meals for 90 minutes, thanks to a high-temperature range of 500°F or 260°C.

The various meals this unit is capable of cooking include chicken, fish, vegetables, and sandwiches. In addition to that, this waffle maker has a LED light indicator as well as several control settings in the center to ensure that everything runs safe and smooth.

Last but not least, the George Foreman GRP4842P Evolve Grill has ceramic-coated plates that are completely removable and dishwasher safe.


  • Ceramic coating

The first unique feature of the George Foreman GRP4842P Evolve Grill is the advanced ceramic coating that provides a layer of non-stick protection for easy cleanup of this appliance.

  • Removable plates

The plates of this waffle maker are completely removable and easy to clean. According to most customers, dishwashing is very easy, especially when you’re using warm water.

  • Three-in-one grill

Last but not least, this waffle maker has a special grill system that allows you to cook a variety of different meals that include burgers, veggies, steak, and chicken.


  • Versatile and capable of cooking a variety of different meals without any hassles.
  • Cord storage.
  • Batter channel keeps things clean.
  • Cooks two waffles at a time.
  • Removable plates are dishwasher safe and very easy to clean.
  • 500°F temperature range allows all kitchen enthusiasts to cook their meals in a very short time.
  • Advanced ceramic coating protects this waffle maker from any damage.

Things to be aware of

  • Some customers have complained about the ceramic coating, stating that after using the plates for several months, the coating started peeling off into the food.
  • This waffle maker only heats food at the center and not on the sides.

Bottom line

The George Foreman GRP4842P Evolve Grill is a versatile waffle maker that does exactly what it was designed to do. Although there was some criticism this unit, most customers have given it positive feedback because of its responsiveness, performance, and durability.

This waffle maker produces different types of meals all at the same time, the George Foreman Evolve Grill is what every waffle enthusiast should look up to in this New Year.

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Useful UH CI194 Old Fashioned Cast Iron Stove Top Waffle Maker

Useful UH-CI194 Old Fashioned Cast Iron Stove Top Waffle Iron
  • Stovetop or campfire Use
  • Bakes delicate, crisp waffles, Compact, easy store design
  • New and improved! Interlocking hinges separate for quicker preheating and easier cleaning. Deep pockets capture...
  • hand wash Clean with Water and Stiff Brush

This Old Fashioned Stove Top Waffle Iron really does live up to it’s name. It’s useful!

This is a campfire or fire pit ready cookware that can make waffles s’mores galore, or any other creative camping dessert, breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack that you desire.

It also comes pre-seasoned and ready to go!


  • Cast iron is healthy!

It provides a TON of health benefits, plus it will last for YEARS!

  • No electricity required

There’s no electricity required for old school cookware. Take it anywhere.


  • Comes seasoned and ready to use
  • Campfire, stovetop, grill, and fire pit ready

Things to be aware of

  • It’s on the smaller side – definitely will not feed your family!
  • Short handle makes it difficult to cook with on an open fire

Bottom line

There are a lot of health benefits to using cast iron, and this pan makes it easy to get those health benefits while eating delicious waffles. It also receives great customer reviews on Amazon.

Read our review on all things Cast iron along with this Old Fashioned Waffle Iron.

Marvel Captain America Waffle Maker

Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Waffle Maker, Blue
  • Bakes 1 Waffle (approximately 6")
  • Power & Ready Light Indicators
  • Nonstick Baking Plates
  • Convenient Cord Wrap
  • 760 Watts of Power

Why would anyone want a Captain America Waffle Maker that makes waffles in the shape of Cap’s shield? Because Captain America is awesome, that’s why!

The fact is, though, this isn’t just a novelty or gift waffle maker. This is a serious waffle maker that is high quality, durable, and cranks out delicious waffles.


  • Unique design

Lets just say that this is the deciding factor on if someone wants this waffle maker. The fact that you can eat Captain America’s shield is awesome!

  • Nonstick coating

This waffle maker comes with a surprisingly easy to clean waffle grid. Food particles just come right off.


  • Feet grips really well, the appliance won’t slide
  • Really attractive and cool looking machine
  • Weighs just under 3 pounds
  • Captain America!

Things to be aware of

  • No on/off switch, basically you plug it in to turn on and unplug to turn off

Bottom line

This Captain America Waffle Maker has 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon and cooks 7 inch diameter waffles in just under 3 minutes. This is a good looking waffle maker that will bake you awesome Cap shield waffles!

Read our in depth review on the Captain America Shield Waffle Maker.

Euro Cuisine Eco-Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker Review

Euro Cuisine WM520 Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker - PTFE and PFOA Free Non...
  • PTFE and PFOA Free Non Stick Plates
  • Eco Friendly plates
  • Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Vertical Storage
  • Durable Chrome Exterior

The Euro Cuisine Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker is a stainless steel, non-Teflon waffle maker. Although it doesn’t use Teflon, it does have it’s own special nonstick coating to ensure that cleanup is a breeze.

It has LED lights and makes heart shaped waffles! This is cool because it’s a unique design not often seen.

This is the only non-Teflon waffle maker that makes heart shaped waffles.


  • Non-Teflon coating

This is a proprietary nonstick coating blend which is not made from Teflon. That means it’s PTFE and PFOA free.

  • Unique design

Heart shaped waffles are not common. Round and square are the most common shapes.

Last but


  • Heart shaped waffles
  • Nonstick plates
  • PTFE and PFOA free
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Vertical storage that saves space
  • Brushed chrome exterior is durable and looks good

Things to be aware of

  • This waffle maker gets REALLY HOT, so be careful
  • Waffles are smaller and thinner that regular waffles

Bottom line

The Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker is a high-quality appliance that makes heart-shaped waffles without using Teflon, which many people try to stay away from. I think you’ll love this appliance because of its unique design and safe, nonstick coating that will hold all of your favorite toppings.

You can read our in-depth review on the Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker.

NordicWare Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron

NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron
  • Interlocking hinges separate for quick preheating, slim profile takes up less space than an electric waffle maker
  • Non-electric waffler for use on gas, electric and ceramic stovetops
  • Fully submersible for easy cleaning, premium non-stick coating with a cooking surface of 7.1 x 7.1 inches
  • Made of cast aluminum for even heating, bakes delicate but crisp waffles
  • Made in USA with an imported handle

This NordicWare Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium waffle maker isn’t Cast Iron, it’s Cast Aluminum. That means it’s much lighter, easier to handle, and will never rust.

This piece of cookware doesn’t disappoint. It’s a high quality waffle iron that can make thick Belgian waffles with deep pockets.


  • Cast Aluminum

Cast Aluminum is light, easy to handle, heats up fast, and doesn’t have the chemicals that Teflon has.

  • No electricity required

No electricity means it’s campfire, fire pit, and even grill ready. Why only make burgers when you grill out? Go ahead and make some waffles, also.


  • Very light
  • Heat resistant plastic handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Batter channel.
  • No seasoning required
  • Built in drip tray

Things to be aware of

  • Contains PTFE – one of the chemicals found in Teflon

Bottom line

This is a durable, old school appliance that although isn’t cast iron, does have it’s own benefits.

Read our article on all things Cast Iron which also includes a review of this NordicWare Stovetop Waffle Iron.

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