Chef Contos

Are you looking for unbiased and unbought reviews of kitchen appliances that you’re considering buying? You’ve come to the right place! At Easy Kitchen Appliances, our hope is to bring you reviews of cool kitchen appliances that will make your life easy!

Although this is a Kitchen Appliances site, I’m no kitchen master. 

Actually, quite the opposite. I’m a kitchen rookie!

However, I love technology and I love food. I decided to start Easy Kitchen Appliances to share what I’ve learned in the kitchen. 

We never accept money or a free product for a favorable review. And since we’re recommending and not selling, you can be honest with our reviews and not have a conflict of interest. 

Since we’re always looking to improve content and reader experience here, we have some exciting news to share.

Brief History of

In 2021, the Easy Kitchen Appliance team acquired this domain and incorporated it into its website and content. 

The domain brand has a long history of helping others enjoy delicious food using simple ingredients and straightforward techniques. 

This partnership brings authority to Easy Kitchen Appliances and also allows the brand to live in a community where people love food and love making things easy!

Easy Kitchen Appliances readers are loyal and curious lovers of food. We believe they’ll love the brand as much as we do.

In addition to the domain, Chef Gabrielle Contos, who is an experienced Pastry Chef, joined the Easy Kitchen Appliances team earlier this year. We now have the privilege of having an experienced Pastry Chef on the team. 

Chef Gabrielle Contos currently lives and works in South Florida, however, she develops recipes, edits articles, and vets all food-related articles written here on Easy Kitchen Appliances. 

We’re excited about Chef Gabrielle Contos being on the team and about what the brand brings to the Easy Kitchen Appliances brand and team. 

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