8 Best Pancake Makers

In a hurry? Our top choice as the best overall non-stick pancake maker is the Cuisinart WAF Belgian Waffle Maker and Pancake Maker Combo. Its versatility and durability make it a no-brainer!

Looking for the best pancake maker on the market? Look no further!

Pancakes have been a main part of classic breakfasts for hundreds of years. And who doesn’t love to wake up to the smell of hot fresh pancakes, topped with a slice of melting butter, berries, powdered sugar, and if you’re like me, chocolate chips?

The term flat as a pancake originated in the 1600s, but let’s be honest, no one likes pancakes that are flat. Fluffy, airy, light pancakes taste 100% better than dense, flat ones.

How do you make fluffy pancakes?

It comes down to the batter you’re cooking with, and the tools you’re using. Once you’ve got the recipe down, it’s time to find a pancake maker.

Pancake makers are essential if you want to up your breakfast game this year.

They’ll allow you to start making pancakes that are evenly sized, shaped, and cooked to perfection. Cooking pancakes in a regular pan, or on a griddle can easily lead to more difficulty, oversized pancakes, and uneven cooking.

Here we’ll compare the best pancake makers and you’ll be on your way to better breakfasts!

But before we get started, we want to let you know what the difference is between pancakes and waffles. This is a longtime debate, and some of our recommended products can make both!

Pancakes and Waffles Are Cooked Differently

The biggest difference between pancakes and waffles Is the way they’re cooked. Pancakes are cooked on a flat surface, usually an electric griddle with non-stick coating, while waffles are cooked with a grid pattern, probably also with non-stick coating.

That may not seem like a big difference, but it affects the way they taste, even if you use the same batter mix. Pancakes are cooked with less surface area, so they are fluffier and less caramelized. While waffles are cooked to be crispier and crunchier on the outside, while chewy on the inside.

Pancake Mix vs Waffle Mix

You can use the same mix for pancakes and waffles, but many chefs say they add different things to each. Both batters include base ingredients: flour, eggs, butter sugar, and baking powder.

To make delicious and fluffy pancakes, it’s recommended to add some whipped egg whites to the batter. And to give waffles their crispness, and caramelization, add some extra butter and sugar.

So now that we’ve talked about some of the differences between waffles and pancakes, let’s get right into the best pancake makers!

8 Best Pancake Makers of all kinds

Here we’ll give a brief overview of all types of pancake makers. From Belgian waffle maker pancake maker combos to pancake makers that also make crepes, even pancake makers that also make arepas!

From cast aluminum to non-stick removable plates. There are all kinds of kitchen appliances that you can cook pancakes one. So let’s get started!

1 – Dash DMS001SL Mini Maker

DASH 8” Express Electric Round Griddle for for Pancakes, Cookies, Burgers,...
  • MORE THAN PANCAKES: Make eggs, cookies, pancakes, grilled cheese, even stir fry, burgers and quesadillas without...
  • COMPACT plus PORTABLE: 8” Express Electric Round Griddle takes up minimal counter space and is a MUST-HAVE for...
  • QUICK plus EASY: Simply plug it in and wait for indicator light to turn off; it heats up in mere minutes The dual...
  • PERFECT GIFT: The perfect wedding or new home gift Its small size takes up little counter space, and its sleek...
  • INCLUDES: Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty, the 760 watt DASH 8” Express Round Griddle includes anti-slip...

This mini pancake maker is small but mighty! And it’s an Amazon bestseller. The Dash Mini Maker is a great pancake maker if you want to make mini pancakes. You can also use it to cook eggs, a breakfast sandwich, and even a cookie for dessert.

What We Love: We love that the Mini Maker is small. It has a 4-inch electric round griddle as a non-stick cooking space, so it won’t take up counter space, and it heats up quickly! It’s perfect for cooking pancakes for your kids.

Ease of Use- the Mini Maker electric round pancake maker is super easy to use. Plug it in and wait for the indicator light to turn off. It also heats from both nonstick surfaces, so there’s no need to worry about flipping your pancakes.

What Could Be Better: Cleanup could be improved. You can’t remove the cooking surface, or put it in the dishwasher. We found it best to wipe the Mini Maker off with a paper towel when you’re done cooking, and it’s cooled down.

2 – StarBlue Mini Pancake Maker

Arepa Maker and Mini Pancake Maker by StarBlue with FREE Arepa Recipes eBook - Quick...
  • ✔️ NON-STICK AREPA MAKER: Our Arepa maker is designed to ease the everyday Arepa making task for users,...
  • ✔️ TEMPERATURE VARIATING KNOB - Starblue Arepa maker is a convenient and distinctive device with temperature...
  • ✔️ EASY TO CLEAN - Starblue Arepa Maker is very easy to clean, it doesn’t require any disassembling or...
  • ✔️ 5 ROUND AND TOASTY AREPAS - Our Arepa maker has the capacity to make 5 Arepas at a time, it a quick device...
  • ✔️ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – StarBlue offer an astonishing 100% money back guarantee in 2 months. If for any...

This mini electric pancake maker can cook up to 6 mini pancakes in just a few minutes. You will also get a recipe book for making Arepas- a staple in Latin America, which are almost as delicious as pancakes!

What We Love: This electric pancake maker is easy to use and cooks 6 perfectly cooked mini pancakes at once.

We love that this pancake maker can also be stored upright and you can easily wrap the cord around the back to save space in your cabinet. The cooking surface has great nonstick surfaces and we found it easy to clean when it’s still slightly warm.

What Could Be Better: The biggest downside to this pancake maker is its small size. Your pancakes will be around 3-3.5″, so you may need to make a few batches, but they will be nice and fluffy!

3 – KUTIME Emoji Smiley Face Pancake Pan

No products found.

This pancake maker electric round griddle adds some fun and uniqueness to your cooking. The pancake pan will cook 7 pancakes with different emojis on each one. Your kids will love these!

What We Love: This is the best pancake pan if you’re looking to make breakfast more fun! You can start your day with a smile with an Emoji Smiley face pancake.

This pancake pan is easy to clean and cooks 7 unique pancakes on a non-stick surface at once.

What Could Be Better: The main difficulty we found was trying to flip the pancakes. A tiny pancake spatula will come in handy, but your pancakes will be mostly cooked without flipping thanks to the smaller size.

4 – Nutrichef 12-Inch Electric Crepe Maker/Pancake Maker

Electric Griddle Crepe Maker Cooktop - Nonstick 12 Inch Aluminum Hot Plate with LED...
  • QUICK & EASY BREAKFAST: Creating perfect & delicious crepes & blintzes for the whole family is easier with this...
  • COMPACT & CONVENIENT DESIGN: This heavy duty hot plate cooking machine is small enough to make storage & travel...
  • EASY TO USE: Make evenly cooked crepes all the time. This portable crepe maker has adjustable temperature controls...
  • SPREADER & SPATULA INCLUDED: To make breakfast preparation a lost easier & simple, the griddle pan comes with a...
  • WIDE COOKING SURFACE: Making a big crepe or preparing breakfast all at once is possible with this 12 inch electric...

Have you ever made crepes before? If not, this is your opportunity to start! Crepes are simply thin pancakes that can be eaten alone, or you can roll up just about anything and enjoy a meal.

This crepe maker is quiet, affordable and comes with everything you need to get started.

What We Love: This crepe maker is perfect for beginners who haven’t made a crepe before, you don’t need any experience to make a tasty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It’s very affordable without compromising on quality. This crepe maker is also the perfect size, with 12 inches of cooking space. The temperature control knob will also make sure you don’t burn your breakfast.

What Could Be Better: The tools for spreading the batter and flipping your crepes aren’t the best quality, so we suggest getting some nicer ones if you love cooking crepes.

5 – Health and Home No Edge Pancake and Crepe Maker

Health and Home No Edge Crepe Maker - 13 Inch Crepe Maker & Electric Griddle -...
  • Powerful 1000 watt heating element help heat fast and make crepes quickly.
  • Moderate 13 inches non-stick coating plate for convenient cleaning and suitable for pancakes and crepe makers and...
  • Three temperature control knob work very well to make sure your don't burn your crepes.
  • Red and green indicator light tell you when cooking plate has reached desired temperature.
  • Add free Spreader and 12-inch Spatula on this item to help spread batter.If you find the pancake tool damaged or...

This crepe maker is a bit pricier, but we think it’s a great purchase. It heats up quickly and allows you the perfect 13″ surface to cook a crepe or make pancakes. The temperature knob gives you full control so you won’t burn your food.

What We Love: The design is aesthetic and if any batter drips off the edge, it doesn’t get on the cooker. The handles also allow you to move it around without touching the hot surface.

And the red and green indicator lights let you know when the plate is at your desired temperature.

What Could Be Better: The cooking surface doesn’t have an edge, which can make cooking, cleaning, and flipping much easier. But this can also be a little messier if you accidentally pour too much batter.

6 – CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe

Multi Baker Deluxe- Electric Appliance with Temperature Control, 3 Interchangeable...
  • Multi Baker- Deluxe cooker with 3 interchangeable skillets. Electric appliance with temperature control.
  • Takoyaki Maker- Use for meatballs, cake pops and much more
  • Grilling, Baking or Dessert Making- Delicious treats all with one versatile appliance
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Makes for a great gift or present for those who love cooking and baking! Top selling gift!

This CucinaPro electric cooker is perfect for pancakes and much more! It comes with interchangeable cooking plates that can be used for a variety of food, including cake-pops, cookies, bacon, eggs, and of course- to make pancakes!

What We Love: We love that you can cook a variety of food with ease and the temperature control knob can be adjusted to cook anything.

The removable cooking plates are dishwasher safe and make cleanup a breeze. The possibilities are endless! You can use a flat surface, or one with four circles to cook perfectly round pancakes.

What Could Be Better: This cooker heats up fast, so make sure you don’t burn your food.

7 – Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Waffle Maker and Pancake Maker Combo

Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates, Brushed Stainless
  • SUPERIOR FUNCTION: The square classic waffle and pancake maker is professional quality for home use. Bakes 1-large...
  • EASY TO USE: 6-setting adjustable browning control with audible alert you can choose your waffle’s specific cook...
  • MUST-HAVE FEATURES: Red and green “ready to bake/ready to eat” indicator lights. You’ve also got 1-inch deep...
  • INCLUDED: Instruction manual and recipe book with several recipe’s to get you started
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and questions surrounding warranty policies...

This Cuisinart pancake and waffle maker combo appliance is a necessity for cooking your perfect breakfast!

The Pancake vs Waffle debate won’t end anytime soon, so why not make both! Its nonstick surface and non-stick cooking plates make it easy to use and easy to clean, has 6 temperature settings, and can be stored upright to save space.

The brushed stainless steel makes this pancake maker fit right in on your kitchen countertop.

Features We Love: The Cuisinart comes with interchangeable and dishwasher-safe pancake and waffle maker plates. But our favorite part is the audible Ready to Bake, and Ready to Eat alerts. When you’re busy in the kitchen, you may not notice a green indicator light, so hearing the beep alert is a lifesaver!

And with a 36″ power cord, you can cook anywhere on your counter. This appliance has high customer reviews and although the removable plates have a non-stick coating on them, the nonstick surface will heat up hot enough to cook pretty much whatever you want on it!

What Could Be Better: The biggest downside here is the higher price tag. Yes, it is durable but the price is way above what we would normally pay for a kitchen appliance.

It also is not a compact size at all! This non-stick waffle maker with an electric griddle will take up some prime real estate on your kitchen counter.

Overall: This is a well-built kitchen appliance that will last you a long time and fill many of your cooking needs!

8 – Cucina Animal Mini Waffle and Pancake Maker

Animal Mini Waffle Maker - Make 7 Different Shaped Pancakes - Includes a Cat Dog...
  • Animal Pancake Pan- 7 unique and fun shapes inlcuding a cat, dog, reindeer, tiger and bear!
  • Non-stick Pancake Maker- perfectly shaped animal face pancakes in minutes
  • Pan Cake Griddle will lighten up your mornings and add a smile to your breakfast
  • Pancake and Flapjack Cooker- Delicious breakfast with a twist- Makes for a great Christmas gift for kids and...
  • Delicious Waffle Maker Iron- The most creative waffler you'll ever use, and your kids will love it, too!

This fun pancake cooker makes 7 different animal shaped pancakes. They come out nicely cooked and fluffy- perfect for you and your kids. Your pancakes will have the perfect amount of crisp on the outside, and fluffiness on the inside.

What We Love: This pancake maker is simple to use and fun! If you’re tired of making the typical breakfast then you need this.

This cooker is very easy to use and can make your breakfast fun again. This pancake maker is easy to clean, so you can make breakfast and start the rest of your day

What Could Be Better: We noticed that sometimes the mix doesn’t rise enough, so you may need to do a quick flip to get the top fully cooked.

Choosing The Best Pancake Maker

Now the choice is up to you! When it comes to buying the best pancake maker, it will depend on your wants and needs. Some of the best pancake makers can cook a lot more than just pancakes.

Buying a pancake and waffle maker combo will be the best choice if you love both. And many pancake makers can be used to cook eggs, bacon, and breakfast sandwiches.

It’s also important to consider how much space you have available.

If you don’t have a ton of space, there are great makers like the Dash Mini, or you can cook multiple pancakes with a machine like the Cuisinart WAF, which is brushed stainless steel to match your other appliances.

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