What is The Best Rum for Rum Cake?

What is The Best Rum for Rum Cake?

Rum cake wouldn’t be an actual rum cake without rum, right? But would you believe us if we told you that no matter how good of a recipe you have for a rum cake, the quality of the cake will still be determined by the quality of the rum?

In this post, you won’t only find the best rum to make your rum cake recipe even better, but you’ll find everything there is to know about rum cake in general.

From the best rum brands & places to buy it to the percentage of rum in a rum cake and other info that will help you improve the overall taste of your rum cake.

Best Rum Brands for Baking Cakes

Bacardi Gold rum
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As mentioned earlier, a rum can either make or break the rum cake and that’s why it’s important to find a rum that tastes really good and yet improves the cake overall.

We think that by scoping out and going for some of the best rum brands out there, you are able to get the best rum brand out there. Even though there are many rum brands that aren’t as known as others yet are still very good, we believe that you can’t go wrong by going for some of the most well respected brands in the world.

Therefore, here are a few brands that are known for their quality rum which is also suitable for baking.

  • Bacardi Oakheart
  • Goslings and Pussers
  • Captain Morgan
  • Sailor Jerry
  • Bacardi Gold
  • Myer’s
  • Cruzan Blackstrap
  • Brugal Gold

Now, all of these brands produce a quality rum that’s suitable for baking, therefore, it’s all about testing out and choosing the one you like the most.

Where to Buy Rum for Baking?

Rum cake
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Depending on your location, it might be a hit and miss going to your local store looking for some of the most known brands since most of them come from the United States.

And if you’re living outside of the US, there’s still a pretty good chance to find the most famous brands. But if you don’t, you shouldn’t give up and settle for any other rum brand.

Especially, never settle for a generic rum that comes as the store’s own labeled brand. That’s how you get the worst out of the worst rum that will definitely drag your recipe down.

With the increase in online shopping, it’s not strange to buy kitchen products and can you guess which place is full of the best rum for cakes? It’s Amazon.

Amazon is very quick with the delivery, no matter where you live, and you get plenty of options just a few clicks away.

What Else is a Rum Cake Called?

Golden rum cake
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With the number of ingredients we have available today, there are many variations and recipes of a rum cake that even some of the recipes have gone a step further to change or modify the name of a rum cake.

Therefore, we have a Black Cake which has two names (the second name is Caribbean Rum Soaked Fruit Cake) which is exactly what a rum cake is, just with a little bit extras.

Some of the variations of a rum cake that are known are definitely a Golden Rum Cake, Rum Baba, Rum-Soaked Cake, Tortuga Rum Cake, and a few others.

There are even rum cakes named after the rum brand used such as Bacardi Rum Cake. If you’re using a Bacardi rum, we highly recommend you following the suitable recipe then.

Therefore, if you come across a cake that uses a rum as their main ingredient yet isn’t called a rum cake, you’ll easily know what’s going on.

Does Rum Cake Have Rum In It & And Can You Get Drunk?

When people ask whether a rum cake has a rum in it, they actually mean whether the actual drinking rum is used or if there’s a specially processed rum for food use.

While we aren’t sure about the processed rum for food use, we are sure that the actual drinking rum is used 90% of the time. Not every rum will be a great fit though. We find dark rum to be the best for baking a rum cake.

What’s great is that there are different types of dark rum which offer a different taste and you’ll find anything from a very rich rum to light & subtle rum.

The rum cake definitely has a rum in it, and if you’re wondering if you can get drunk eating plenty of rum cake – the answer is yes! The rumors about alcohol getting neutralized are just a myth and a baked rum cake still has enough rum in it to make you drunk. But you have to eat A LOT of cake to get there!

Does Rum Cake Need to be Refrigerated?

Usually, only whipped cream and custard-like fillings are refrigerated. However, cakes that only consist of butter along with some other ingredients don’t need to be refrigerated.

Rum cake doesn’t need to be refrigerated for a few reasons. Actually, rum cake is considered to be one of the best choices since it can sit for some time thanks to the sugar and rum that increase its shelf life.

There’s one more thing you should remember. A glaze is much less likely to be damaged than frosting, so you can feel free to leave rum cake out of your fridge and still be confident about it.

But if you like cold cake, there is no reason to not put the rum cake inside a fridge for a few hours.


Not only the rum cake can sit on a shelf for some time and still be as good as it was the first day, but it’s a brilliant cake thanks to rum which definitely adds up.

If you used any rum you could come across, you’ll be positively surprised when you pay attention to the rum brand you use. We can’t stress enough the fact that rum can either make or break your rum cake.

We’ve listed a few of very well known rum brands that will help you with your choice, and all you have to do is find one that you like the most.

Hopefully, additional questions we answered will bring some clarity and make your next rum cake the best one so far!

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