Highest Rated Kitchen Appliances in 2023


If you still feel like you don’t have everything you would need in your kitchen, you could find yourself shopping for new kitchen appliances frequently. But finding highest rated kitchen appliances that won’t necesserily break your bank can be tricky.

And if that’s what you’re trying to do, you’re in the right place! Down below, you’ll find some of the highest rated kitchen appliances in 2022 that won’t break the bank and yet will make a great addition to any kitchen countertop.

While the reviewed appliances are versatile, the chances are you’ll find at least one or two appliances that will change the way you cook, so keep on reading!

How We Chose the Highest Rated Kitchen Appliances


Finding the highest rated kitchen appliances isn’t always easy, but if you know what to look for and where to look for it, it can actually be very simple.

The best place to look is on Amazon since you can search for anything and yet set the items to display by the most and the best customer reviews.

Of course, on top of that, you also need to know the brands in various appliance categories and even check out each option to ensure that it is a better fit than what competitors can provide.

We did the hard work for you so you only need to check out our review list below of some of the best kitchen appliances that could make a huge change to the way you cook in your kitchen, but also be a great addition if you feel like you’re missing something in your kitchen.

Price-wise, all of these appliances are fairly affordable, and yet quality wasn’t sacrificed in the process, so you get the best of both worlds which is just one more advantage you can get from reading this post until the end!

Highest Rated Kitchen Appliances in 2022


With so many different kitchen appliances, we chose some of the appliances that would work the best for the most average kitchen and for the average food lover who enjoys prepping their food for every meal they cook so you can find a versatile selection of only the highest rated appliances.

Ninja Foodi 6-in-1 Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi is a 6 in 1 air fryer that can replace at least two or three appliances that you occasionally use. Its main functions include air boil, air fry, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and bake so you can literally do almost anything with only this one appliance.

What’s even better yet is that Ninja Foodi has two separate baskets (each is XL size) which allow you to cook 2 foods at the same time which can save time and eliminate back-to-back cooking.

On top of these main features, Ninja Foodi also includes two important and unique features Smart Finish and Match Cook. Smart Finish can help you cook two different foods and yet have them finish at the same time while Match Cook can help you copy zone settings so you can take advantage of the full capacity of the baskets.

With an 8-quart being the maximum capacity, you can fit mains and sides at the same time and make a quick meal. This means that you can fit up to 4 lbs of chicken wings or French fries, for example, which is enough for a family meal.

Cleaning is super simple and easy and yet you get to cook food with less fat (up to 75% less fat) which also makes the cleaning process easier, but it even helps you enjoy much healthier meals while staying away from oil!

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill

If you’re a grill master and yet you hate bad weather, Ninja came up with a way to bring grilling inside and even better yet, combine it with air fry technology.

Therefore, this Ninja Foodi indoor grill is equipped with an outdoor grilling power that’s available right at your kitchen countertop. With that being said, you can expect sears, sizzles, and fry crisps from this indoor grill since it relies on one of the latest air frying technologies.

The technology mentioned is the Cyclonic Grilling technology which can use 500 Fahrenheit cyclonic air to fry, char grill, and cooks food without losing any flavors.

However, one of the best features is that you can pop in frozen food and grill it to your preference in less than 25 minutes.

Of course, just like any other air fryer, this indoor grill helps you grill with 75% less fat thanks to the deep frying, which doesn’t only provide healthier meals, but also ensures less mess to clean.

KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Whenever you’re trying to bake, mixing is one of the things you can’t skip, and yet if you are over the handheld mixers that might not get the job done the way you need them, then KitchenAid Artisan tilt-head stand mixer might be a great addition on your kitchen countertop.

While handheld mixers can get the job done, they definitely can’t get the job done like this tilt-head stand mixer. KitchenAid Artisan mixer has a 59-point planetary mixing action which means that in one rotation, it touches on 59 different points in the mixture.

Therefore, comprehensive mixing is guaranteed, and depending on the choice of a mixing accessory, you can definitely thoroughly incorporate ingredients.

This mixer also comes with 12 attachments so you can literally mix anything, shred a block of cheese, make fusilli pasta from scratch, or more.

With a 10-speed slider, you’ll always be in control from stirring very slowly to whipping very fast. And lastly, but not least important is the fact that the KitchenAid Artisan mixer is available in over 20 colors so you can definitely fit this mixer into your kitchen design without it standing out.

Ninja Foodi SharkNinja Pressure Cooker & Canner

Ninja Foodi is highly innovative and the SharkNinja is a pressure cooker and canner that easily replaces the traditional cooking pot. Not only does it replaces it, but it also reinvents it in a much more efficient way.

This pressure cooker is based on TenderCrisp Technology which ensures the best pressure cooking and air frying in one pot at the same time.

Therefore, with this cooker, you can transform the toughest ingredients into flavorful and juicy food, and this even means that you can cook from frozen to crispy in less than 20 minutes and still have as much flavor.

Even though it’s just one pot, you can also air fry food, broil, roast, and even caramelize food to perfection. All of this while the food remains juicy and crisp without drying out in the process.

There is no limit or restriction on what you can cook with this pressure cooker, and yet you can almost make any meal you have in mind since you can cook ingredients such as proteins, grains, veggies, all at the same time.

Zojirushi Neuro Rice Cooker

If you love eating rice and it’s almost a part of every meal you make, then having a rice cooker available can save you a lot of time, speed things up, and make your meals a lot better.

This rice cooker utilizes Fuzzy Logic technology which helps adjust to the rice and ensure the best cooking temperature and time required to cook the rice to perfection.

It’s a 10-cup cooker that can also warm rice, and there are a number of cooking options that can help you cook your rice perfectly for the type of meal you need. The cooking options include regular, sushi, softer, or harder, so you can even cook rice to your preference.

You can keep an eye on all settings and the cooking progress on a small LCD, yet when the cooking cycle is finished, you will be notified by a beep indicator.

Along with the rice cooker, you will get useful accessories such as measuring cups, rice spoon, rice spoon holder, and even recipes.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill

If you’re looking for a quality yet affordable way to grill indoors, Blackstone’s tabletop grill is a perfect solution.

This tabletop grill integrates two H-style burners that can produce up to 24,000 BTUs of heat across a 361 sq. inch cooking surface. The cooking surface is made of heavy-duty material that can easily withstand the heat and yet provide a great cooking surface for any type of food.

Both heat zones are separately controllable so you can set the right temperature for two different types of food and manage them efficiently at once.

One of the greatest features of meat cooking is an integrated grease management system which keeps the cooking surface clean and makes cleaning the grill a lot easier.

What’s also great about this grill’s design is that it includes rubber feet that are adjustable to height so if a countertop isn’t even, you can easily correct it so your grill is stable.

Keep in mind that you will need a 1 lb propane bottle, but a 20 lb propane bottle can also work as long as you also have a bulk tank hose adapter.

Price-wise, this grill is very affordably priced, and yet it does a really good job, whether you’re looking to grill occasionally or almost every weekend.

Breville Smart 4-Slice Waffle Maker

We live in a modern age where kitchen appliances are getting smart features and additions that can help an average user take better advantage of the appliance.

This is a smart 4-slice waffle maker from Breville which comes with an LCD and a couple of smart features that most users miss when using a standard waffle maker.

Breville featured a stainless steel housing with die-cast aluminum cooking plates that helps provide even heat distribution so every waffle you make is crispy golden.

When you close the top lid, an integrated smart timer automatically starts and you can check out the time left on the LCD so every waffle turns out exactly the same.

Even though this is a smart waffle maker with some additions to it, it only has two buttons and two knobs that allow you to use the power menu, choose a type of a waffle, crispness, and there’s even a button to add a bit more time to the timer if you don’t think the waffle is done.

Dreo Pro Max Air Fryer 11-in-1

The most popular and highest rated kitchen appliances are definitely versatile multicookers and air fryers such as this one.

Dreo Pro Max air fryer is a modern, digital, and versatile 11-in-1 air fryer that can also serve as an oven cooker. From its minimalistic yet attractive design that features a touchscreen and a visible window that is ergonomically shaped so you can check your food from different angles. Not having to draw the basked out means that you won’t mess up the temperature during cooking so your food will be cooked a lot more consistently than before.

The integrated frying system has the ability to run like an oven-grade temperature control system which means that the temperature will adjust itself during the cooking process. When it comes down to food, this will ensure a better tasting food that is tinder on the inside and yet crispy on the outside.

Not only will the food come out better, but you will also spend 30% less time cooking since the air circulation inside the basket can get your food ready with less fuss.

With adjustable temperature between 100F to 450F and 5 cooking modes (with 6 presets), you can cook almost anything that comes to your mind, from roasting a steak, drying fruit to even making yogurt.


It’s not a coincidence that some of the highest rated kitchen appliances are also a modernized and improved version of an appliance or a combination of more than one appliance.

If you feel like you’re missing something in your kitchen, each one of these appliances can make a huge difference. Not only do they bring convenience to your kitchen, but they are also made to improve the way your food turns out.

Even though you have plenty of choices, if you need more than one appliance, all-in-one appliances are a hot pick that will definitely fit everyone’s needs.

Which one of these highest rated kitchen appliances is your favorite and why?

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