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Upgrading your kitchen with a new waffle maker is always a happy time, isn’t it? To increase happiness and reduce the stress that people can face when choosing a new waffle maker (believe us, it can happen!).

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In this fun but very informative post, you won’t only find the ideal waffle maker that will be a great addition to your kitchen (and even a far better replacement than the previous maker you had), but you’re going to find best 5 categorized waffle makers that will make your decision a lot easier.

Which waffle maker are you? Give this quick article a read and let us know in the comments below!

Fanciest Waffle Maker – Dash Waffle Bowl Maker

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Are you ready to make waffles to another level and surprise your family and closest ones? Dash does exactly that by creating a waffle bowl maker that will surprise you and exceed your expectations.

More than Waffles

Even though you can technically make waffles with Dash waffle bowl maker, the fun doesn’t stop there. You will be able to make waffle bowls which are going to be a new sweet treat in your family that you will be able to use with ice cream, sundaes, or even make chicken & waffles.

Quick & Easy

Once you unpack this waffle bowl maker and you plug it in – you’re ready to go! It heats up pretty quickly, and you’re ready to bake your first bowl waffle in 2 minutes.

The waffles we made were evenly cooked and were really consistent.

Compact & Lightweight

Making bowl waffles at home is fun, but taking your waffle maker with you anywhere you go is a lot more fun. You don’t need to feel judged if you’ve thought of taking your waffle maker to your friend’s house.

That’s exactly what a waffle maker is for!

Most Eco-Friendly Waffle Maker – Euro Cuisine Waffle Maker

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You’re a waffle addict but you’d love to save some money on the bill and eat healthily? Say no more, Euro Cuisine waffle maker is eco-friendly that takes the user to another level.

PTFE and PFOA Free

Nobody likes their waffles sticking, but is it worth risking the health for a bit of comfort? Definitely not, but with Euro Cuisine waffle maker, you get PTFE and PFOA free coating that will still offer incredible smoothness to your waffle making experience.

Eco-Friendly Plates

With Euro Cuisine waffle maker, even plates are eco-friendly. Thanks to the removable plates that feature the next-generation coating which isn’t harmful at all – you will be able to enjoy your waffles, but not only because of the good taste but also because you’ll be worry-free.

Adjustable Temperature Control

And for everyone who’s looking to save some money on the bill, you’ll love the adjustable temperature control. It won’t only give you a lot more control over your waffles but will save you energy while you enjoy making your favorite waffles.

Best Low-Cost Waffle Maker – Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

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If you’re looking for quality waffles yet you are on a tight budget – look no further than Hamilton Beach waffle maker.

Adjustable Browning Control

Even though this is one of the most budget waffle makers, it still features amazing features such as adjustable browning control.

You will be able to make your personalized and favorite crispy waffles in just minutes.

Easy to Clean

The part everyone hates after enjoying delicious waffles is cleaning. With Hamilton Beach Belgian waffle maker, you won’t worry about cleaning the mess.

Why? Because there won’t be any mess. Nonstick waffle plates are super simple to clean and it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes.

Power ON and Ready Lights

Some of the most convenient features of this low-price waffle maker are power on and ready lights which are very helpful.

You will always know when the waffle maker is on, but also when your waffle is ready!

Most Innovative Waffle Maker – George Foreman Waffle Maker

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When you’re looking for a combination of technology and convenience, you’ll find George Foreman to be the most innovative waffle maker that can do a lot more than just make waffles.

7-in-1 Functions

Not only this waffle maker can make incredible waffles, but it can grill, broil, bake, make paninis, and do top melt.

Ceramic Grill Plates

Forget about coatings and enjoy true ceramic grill plates that will provide a longer lifespan, will never stick, and will be super easy to clean afterward.

Variable Temperature and Adjustable Hinge

Precision is the most important part of your cooking experience (yes, even waffle making), and that’s why this waffle maker features a variable temperature setting.

Also, you will be able to adjust the hinge which is especially useful when you’re cooking meat.

Most Stylish Waffle Maker – Dash Mini Waffle Maker

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Even though this is a mini waffle maker, it’s mighty – and you’re about to find out why!

More than Waffles

Other than making waffles, this fancy waffle maker will help you make eggs, cookies, pancakes, and even grilled cheese or stir fry.

We told you it’s mighty!

Quick & Easy to Use

Once you unpack and plug in this waffle maker, all you have to do is simply wait for the indicator light to turn off and you’re ready to make your perfect waffles!

Makes a Perfect Gift

Not only this is a mighty waffle maker, but it’s versatile, and most of all – it is very stylish. You can choose from 6 different colors which makes it a perfect gift for various occasions.

Whether it’s a wedding you’re attending or simply celebrating your friend’s new home – this is always going to fit perfectly into any kitchen!


We know. It’s really hard to choose one out of these 5 waffle makers, but you have to be true with yourself and go for the one that you like the most.

Sometimes it’s the style but sometimes it’s functions – whatever it is, you will find that these waffle makers are well-categorized to make your decision a lot easier.

If it’s not a secret, which waffle maker are you? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Cover photo from Flickr by Eric Hunt

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