Can you put wax paper in the oven?

Can you put wax paper in the oven?

No! You should not use wax paper in the oven.

Can you put wax paper in the oven is an often asked question.

Although traditionally, many people have used wax paper in the oven for baking, there are some risks involved in doing that.

Wax paper contains a thin coating of petroleum that melts and ignites easily when exposed to high temperatures.

If wax paper is left in high heat, it’ll melt. If it touches a flame source, it can ignite and catch fire.

Even if your wax paper doesn’t catch fire, it can melt and alter the taste and texture of your food.

If you’re going to be cooking in the oven, and you have a choice between wax paper and parchment paper, it’s better to choose parchment paper.

Is wax paper oven-safe?

Not really.

Wax paper is oven safe at lower temperatures, however, when you’re baking, it’s usually at a high enough temperature that you wouldn’t want to use wax paper.

Wax paper is moisture resistant and doesn’t leave an altering flavor on your baked goods when used in low heat or no heat situations.

So it’s great to place dry ingredients on as you’re putting together your recipe, but once it goes in the oven, you should not use wax paper to cook with it.

Wax paper might make it seem like it’s a great non-stick paper to line baking sheets or to make a cake with.

However, the problem with using wax paper is that it melts.

If you’re cooking at a temperature lower than 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then it is safe to use wax paper in the oven.

But anything above that and it could be dangerous.

If wax paper is left in high heat, it’ll melt. If it touches a flame source, it can ignite and start a small fire.

What is wax paper?

Wax paper is one of the kitchen papers most used to line pans and bake with.

Although many have used it in recipes and foods throughout the years, it doesn’t hold up well in high temperatures.

Wax paper was made famous by the Reynolds Company in 1927.

The Reynolds Company is also responsible for making Reynolds Wrap and Aluminum foil household items.

Wax paper is also used in arts and crafts, photography, and is also used to wrap things such as razor blades.

Tell me the difference between wax and parchment paper?

Wax paper and parchment paper may seem like the same thing, but there are significant differences.

Wax paper has a layer of wax on it that makes it good for short-term storage, but not for longer-term storage, and definitely not good for baking.

Parchment paper is a non-stick paper that can withstand high temperatures and isn’t made with any type of wax.

What is parchment paper?

Parchment paper is a type of paper that is resistant to grease and moisture. This makes it perfect for use in the oven, as it won’t cause food to stick to the pan or baking sheet.

It’s also used primarily for baking food in the oven or covering a pan, though it can be used in no-heat situations as well.

Parchment paper is a special kind of paper that is treated with silicone. This makes it nonstick and heatproof. It also helps with cleanup because food doesn’t stick to it.

Parchment paper is available in both bleached (white) and unbleached (brown) versions.

Parchment paper is available at most supermarkets in the baking section. There are also precut sheets and rounds of parchment paper at baking-supply stores.

In the end, you should only use parchment paper for your baking if you want to avoid any possible damage from wax paper.

Can I use parchment paper instead of wax paper in the oven?


Parchment paper should be your go-to kitchen paper for baked goods.

It still offers a non-stick surface just like waxed paper, except that it will resist heat much better than wax paper.

Is Parchment Paper the same as wax paper?

No, they’re not the same.

Parchment paper is paper with a silicone coating which makes it nonstick and extremely heat resistant.

However, if a piece of it directly touches the heating element in your oven, it will quickly ignite and turn to ashes.

Although it might seem scary when it happens, it will quickly go out and cause no damage.

This is much more preferable to what burning wax paper might cause. Not only in your oven but in your recipes.

As a comparison, remember that if wax paper is exposed to high heat in the oven, it might start a fire or at least completely melt.

What can I use if I don’t have parchment paper to bake cookies with?

If you’re about to bake cookies and you find yourself without any parchment paper, then there are some alternatives that you can use..

And although these alternatives are not great choices, they might be better than not baking cookies at all!

Wax Paper

Wait? Is wax paper oven-safe? No, it is not oven safe or heat resistant in temperatures over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are some recipes that call for baking at 350 degrees. For those, I think that using wax paper in the oven would be fine.

On the other hand, remember to not put wax paper in the oven if you’re going above 350.

The wax coating on it will melt right into your cookie dough!

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is heat resistant, oven-safe, and might be a good alternative to parchment paper.

It’s definitely a better choice than wax paper for high heat cooking and baking.

You can use it to line pans or cookie sheets and it won’t catch fire in the oven as wax paper would.

However, do not put it in the microwave!

Using aluminum foil in the microwave is extremely dangerous and will cause a fire!

Never use paper grocery bags

It’s never a good idea to use a bag or product in your oven and on your food that is not designed and made for that purpose.

Paper grocery store bags are not created to be used in high heat or a cooking environment. They’re coated with ink inside of the paper that turns toxic in food when heated.

At best, it’ll ruin your cake.

At worst, it’ll catch fire in your oven.

The only thing you can use these bags for is to carry your food or wrap food.

Silpat Baking Mat

A silpat baking mat costs a great deal more than regular kitchen papers.

They’re made with silicone and are heat resistant, highly flexible, and are safe to use with all kinds of food in the oven.

Although they’re expensive and not ideal, they’re still better to use than wax paper.

Oil or Fat

If you’re getting ready to make a cake and don’t have parchment papers anywhere to be found, can you use grease or oil to make it nonstick?


You can line your baking pan with butter or oil in order to prevent your dough or food from sticking.

My favorite oil to use is Avocado oil. You can find it in liquid form or as a spray. It has a high smoke point and doesn’t alter the taste of whatever you’re cooking.

My favorite brand of Avocado oil is Chosen foods. It can be found in any major grocery store or in Costco.

And yes, cooking in the oven with aluminum foil is still better than using wax paper!

Wrapping up – Can you put wax paper in the oven?

So is wax paper oven-safe?

No, not over 350 degrees.

Wax paper has a wax coating that will melt and might start a fire in higher temperatures.

If I had a choice, I would never use wax paper instead of parchment paper for cooking, especially in the oven.

We hope that you found this article useful! Let us know what questions you have!

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