Oster XL Countertop Oven Review

Oster XL countertop oven

This article is a review of the Oster XL Countertop Oven

Oster is one of the world’s leading brands in the world of kitchen appliances, and countertop ovens are one of many products in their lineup that are definitely worth mentioning.

In this Oster XL Countertop Oven review, you’ll find everything you need to know about the oven, its benefits, how it can help you with your cooking skills, save you space, and everything else it offers.

If you’re in doubt whether you should go with the Oster XL countertop oven or something else, we hope that you’ll have a clear answer by the end of this review.

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Oster XL Countertop Oven Features

The Oster XL countertop oven is full of features that stand out and work in combination to offer ultimate versatility and reliability so you can cook anything and anytime, without having to worry about it in the back of your mind.

It’s one of the rare countertop ovens which advance in technology, making their use even better with the plenty of functions and pre-installed presets.

However, the interface is kept simple to provide the most reliable and convenient experience.

Convection Technology (Multilevel Cooking)

Oster XL countertop oven gives you the convenience of an oven right on your countertop, and what makes this oven as good as a standard-sized oven is the modern convection technology.

The newest convection technology allows a faster and even cooking and baking no matter the settings you choose and the duration of the process. It keeps the temperature very well and evenly distributes it throughout the compact yet roomy interior.

Along with convection technology, this oven features multilevel cooking that offers dual shelves for baking two food types at the same time, or simply when cooking or baking a large portion of food.

Digital Settings

Along with modern convection technology, Oster XL countertop oven features about 6+ different digital settings that are simple to use and are optimized to provide efficient results for different food types.

The digital settings available with this countertop oven are the following:

  • Toast
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Defrost
  • Warm
  • Pizza

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These features make the most common the usage of the countertop oven simple and straight to the point. All you have to do is place the food inside the oven, close the door, choose the digital setting, set the timer & temperature, and press start! It’s that simple.

Timer with a Shut-Off Feature

With a 90-minute timer that comes included in this countertop oven, you get to set the baking or cooking process, set the timer, and sit back & enjoy.

Once the time runs out, the countertop oven will shut off itself which is a very convenient feature you can use when you’re going to prepare the lunch and set it to be ready while you go to the store.

Easy to Use Interface

With only a few buttons that are clearly marked and even colored differently, there is a small yet very easily visible LCD display that makes the use of Oster XL countertop oven very easy.

There are 6 digital functions to choose from + a turbo convection feature, button for a time, temperature, and a clock. Along with that, stop and start buttons are located at the bottom.

Even if you have never used a countertop oven before, going through the manual instructions and testing the oven out for a few hours will make you feel like a pro!

Compact Oven – Large Interior

Even though this is a countertop oven which is very convenient, yet drastically smaller than a standard-sized oven – it still features a large interior for its dimensions.

The dimensions of the Oster XL countertop oven are -> 24 x 21.5 x 16.7 inches.

However, the extra large interior can accommodate two 16″ pizzas, family-sized roast, and even up to 14 slices of bread.

If you lack space in your kitchen, there is no better solution than Oster XL countertop oven.

Easy to Clean Interior

What’s great about such a compact countertop oven is that the cleaning experience is very positive. First of, the countertop oven is compact so and can be placed at the countertop which allows easier access.

Also, the whole interior is coated with a non-stick coating that will prevent the sticking and burning of the food at the bottom of the oven.

All you need is a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the interior, but make sure the countertop oven is unplugged and cooled down.

Includes Accessories

To get the most out of this brilliant countertop oven, Oster includes everything you would ever need to use this countertop oven straight out of the box.

What you will get included is 2 oven racks, baking pan, and even an integrated broiling rack. That’s basically everything you’ll need to make various meals inside this compact oven.

Another thing worth mentioning are the recipes that come included, so if you ever run out of ideas – you have plenty of recipes around.

Fresh Recipes

Full recipes

If you aren’t sure if you can use your recipes that you’ve previously used only with a standard-size oven, or if you are out of ideas yet are excited about testing this oven – Oster includes plenty of fresh recipes you can use.

Oster recipes

Oster recipes are optimized and crafted perfectly to match everything XL countertop oven has to offer so you get the best results possible without having to figure anything out – yet follow the recipes and use the suggested digital settings.


For a very affordable price, the Oster XL countertop oven sells for, it definitely offers a lot of value. From the build quality to the tech innovations that create a digital experience which helps perfect the results this oven offer is incredibly valuable.

It’s a quality countertop oven that can even replace a traditional oven, as long as it suits your needs.

If you happen to catch this countertop oven when it’s on a discount, we would definitely recommend you to grab the deal since it offers a lot of value for the price it sells. It’s also equipped with everything to get you to start cooking and baking straight out of the box.

If you aren’t sure if this oven is a great fit for your needs, learn how you could benefit from using a countertop oven before a purchase.

In case you don’t this countertop oven to be a right fit for your – here are plenty of countertop ovens you can have a look at.

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