How to Use a Countertop Oven or Toaster Oven

How to use a countertop oven

Need some tips on using a countertop oven or a toaster oven? 

Countertop ovens and toaster ovens aren’t only convenient for quick baking, they’re useful for a variety of foods and tasks. There are many different sizes, shapes, and models of countertop and toaster ovens.

They’re very easy to use and also very easy to clean and maintain. Their simplicity is similar to a standard conventional oven, and therefore, the usage is also similar.

However, there are some differences and features which might make some things different. There is also a number of brands and different manufacturers so countertop ovens and toaster ovens differ from model to model.

In case you’ve never had any experience with countertop ovens, don’t sweat it. You don’t need to be a scientist to bake your favorite meal.

That’s why, in this article, you’ll be able to learn the basics of how to use countertop oven or toaster oven along with some tips and tricks. We will also mention things you shouldn’t do for your own safety, so stay tuned!

Before You Start Using a Countertop Oven

In order to get the most out of your countertop oven or toaster oven, I’d highly recommend you to put yourself in learning mode when you get it!

Read the manual and become familiar with all of its settings.

That way, you will get everything you’ve paid for. Also, you’ll help yourself in a long run. Knowing all the features and how to use them is important.

While countertop ovens and many toaster ovens are similar to standard ovens, there are some key things that are different, and while they might take you some time to get used to it, it’s nothing you should worry about.

Also, there is one thing that most people aren’t sure about. The question is can traditional recipes be used for a countertop oven?

The answer is yes, however, there is a but.

Yes, but you will need to convert and adjust some things to make sure you get it right using the countertop oven or toaster oven. That’s why it’s important to get to understand your countertop oven and feel comfortable using it to the fullest.

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How to Use Countertop Oven or Toaster Oven

Countertop ovens and toaster ovens are great for many different things. However, to get the most out of it and to be on the safe side, you’ll have to adapt to using one.

While switching from a standard traditional oven to a countertop oven can be a bit confusing, it won’t take a long time before you realize the simplicity of countertop ovens.

Get to Know Your Countertop Oven First

If you’re using a countertop oven for the first time, it’s important to learn the difference between a standard oven and a countertop or toaster oven.

While a standard oven has heating elements usually located at the top and bottom, the countertop oven features both heating elements and an air fan that blows hot air.

By blowing hot air that circulates over the food, the countertop oven offers faster and more evenly cooked food.

Learn the Settings

You might have noticed this yourself, but in case you didn’t, cooking times and temperatures are reduced in a countertop oven or toaster oven.

That’s because countertop ovens cook food more quickly and therefore, recipes you decide to use should be adjusted to the temperature and baking time.

I’d always recommend you lower the temperature since countertop ovens also have the heated air that circulates around as well.

Ready for Use

Now when you understand how a countertop oven or toaster oven works, and how the settings go so far, you’re probably excited to bake your first meal.

When you’re ready, you should start by placing the countertop or toaster oven at the most convenient place in your kitchen. Since countertop ovens don’t require a lot of space, they’re easily placeable on any countertop. After placing it, the next obvious step would be plugging it in.

Then the next step would be to place the food in the countertop oven. You can place it either on a safe plate or any surface or also directly on the rack or a pan that comes with it.

Most modern countertop ovens come with timers, and that’s what you should set next. However, keep in mind that countertop ovens are smaller and cook food faster and more evenly. Therefore, less time is necessary. Until you get the feeling for a countertop oven, I’d recommend you to check the food occasionally during the baking process.

After the food is baked properly, you’ll have to remove it. Always use safety protection so you don’t burn your hands. The size of a countertop or toaster oven might make you feel comfortable around it, however, the same rules apply just like for the standard oven.

You definitely don’t want to touch it while it’s hot and you want to use gloves or a towel when getting food out of it.

Clean Up & Maintenance

After you’ve successfully baked your meal, you should always do a quick clean-up. It’s a common thing that there is food that spills during the baking process.

But before cleaning your countertop oven or toaster oven, you should unplug it and wait for it to cool down. For cleaning the interior of a countertop oven, I’d recommend you use a damp soft cloth or a sponge.

Cleaning your countertop oven on a regular basis will make sure that it’s always clean and ready for the next use.

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Using a Countertop Oven or Toaster Oven

One of the things that most people do is that they cover the food during the cooking process.

I wouldn’t recommend that. Nor most manufacturers do from what I’ve seen. I think that’s mostly due to the heated air that circulates so there’s no reason to cover the food.

But here’s one piece of advice from my personal experience. Baking cakes and bread tend to go very well in a countertop oven or toaster oven. I guess it’s because of the dry heat which makes it different in a standard oven. However, It’s important that you test your favorite recipe a few times before you really need it!

Wrapping Up with How to use a Countertop or Toaster Oven

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One more thing, if you don’t get a manual or any type of instructions, you should look up one online or contact the manufacturer or seller. 

What are your experiences with using a Countertop Oven or Toaster Oven?

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