Air Fryer Buying Guide: Everything to Know


Finding the right air fryer for the job is undoubtedly the foremost thing you have to do if you are to enjoy great outcomes of an air fryer and have your awesome recipes turn out incredibly good. How possible is this without access to a great air fryer buying guide of this kind?

Our goal in the conversations that follow endeavor to shed more light on the air fryer and all that pertains to it. It among others explores the benefits of this appliance, how to choose one for yourself, and the size options you might explore when attempting to make a choice.

By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly what to look out for and how to find a great bargain!

Benefits of an Air Fryer


Below are the leading benefits of a typical air fryer:

Less oil

The number one benefit of this appliance is the fact that it consumes less oil to impact an entire recipe. Many of them as a matter of fact consume a whopping 70-90% less fat. We can never over-ebemphasize the importance of low fat to the health of the heart and the body on the whole.

Faster cooking

These appliances generally take limited time to conclude the cooking undertakings. By choosing to work with them, you get to enjoy the privilege of not having to wait for too long to have your recipes ready. Get hold of them in moments and circumstances that call for speedy operations.

Safer to use

They are packed with loads of safety features like voltage surge protection, thermostats and are also cool to the touch. By using them, you are less likely to encounter hazardous circumstances like electric shocks, voltage surges, burns, and scalds. All these give you ultimate confidence while cooking your meals.

Silent operations

Apart from being safer, these appliances are also silent. They are less likely to produce excess noise which may imperil the safety and the comfort of those who reside in the same rooms as them. Count on it hence if your area is naturally sensitive to the risks of excess noise.

Variable recipes

Using this appliance, you may handle and impact various kinds of recipes. This stems from its ability to tackle many kinds of cooking methods like baking, drying, dehydration, and deep-frying. Some of the recipes you may make using them are cakes, French fries, potatoes, bread, and breakfast sandwiches.


Over and above prepping many kinds of recipes, you may also handle more than one recipe at a time. This is given the ability of the air fryer to accommodate many food items and work on them simultaneously. They hence go a long way in cutting down the time you would otherwise waste.

Easy to clean

One outstanding characteristic of this appliance is that it does not stick the food particles in the course of food preparation as many other alternatives ordinarily do. With it at your fingertips, you are sure to say goodbye to those long and daunting efforts of cleanliness that other users have to put in.

Heat and energy-efficiency

Considering that they take a shorter time to prep the recipes and also consume less oil, these appliances are both heat and energy-efficient. If you want to strip off your utility expenses by a considerable margin, you have no choice but to crane your neck on them.

No mess

We have stated time and again that these appliances expend less soil to prep the recipes they impact. Because of this, they are similarly less likely to leave behind a huge oily mess that typifies other like-minded appliances. This also goes a long way to vouch for their cleanliness.

Limited attention

Most of its controls and operations are automated and are designed to work independently of your own input and attention. The sum total of these adds to limited attention on your part and the likelihood that you shall conclude your cooking tasks with as limited degree of attention as can be.

Cool to the touch

In closing, these appliances are also cool to the touch as they rarely overheat even when used for a longer duration of time. On the strength of this, they are safer even for the smaller children or those who lack any necessary expertise or prior experience with regards to operating them.

How to Choose an Air Fryer


In this segment of our air fryer buying guide, we look into the factors you ought to consider to choose an air fryer:

Cooking capacity

This refers to the amount or quantity of food that you have in mind. It is designated in quarts or ounces. Needless to say, a great appliance for the job has to be able to prepare the volume of food you desire. That is to prevent you from having to spend too much time prepping bulky recipes.

Power rating

The ‘power rating’ is the amount of electrical power that the gadget consumes versus the power output that it ultimately generates to prep your recipes. Power input is designated in Volts (V) while the output is in Watts (W). A great appliance for the job has to consume less power but at the same time yield forth a greater power output.

Temperature range

Each recipe requires some range of temperature to be appropriately handled and impacted. It is necessary hence that the appliance you have in mind be able to meet this need appropriately well. That is only possible if you assess your energy requirements first before proceeding to hunt for a pick.

Controls VS expertise

To engage these items, you must make use of the controls that they have to bring about. It is not uncommon for these controls to be too sophisticated and incomprehensible. You do not want this to happen. That is why you must assess your expertise and settle for an appliance you can conveniently engage.

Recipe types

What kinds of recipes would you wish to prep? We have already stated that different recipes demand different temperature ranges and other associated cooking resources. You must be sure thus that the appliance you are eyeing is indeed able to tackle your recipe of choice.

Planned cooking methods

There are many kinds of cooking methods. They include but are not limited to sautéing, steaming, boiling, frying, baking, simmering, and dehydrating. To be on the safe side, you need to make use of an appliance that is able to handle and many of these cooking methods as can be.


Many players are involved in the manufacture and distribution of these products. Not many of them are reliable or may serve you well though. That is why we insist on you prioritize the more elegant brands like Philips, Cosori, Cuisinart, Dash, Ninja, and Chefman. They are more likely to deliver exceptional performances to you.

The planned length of use

How long in total do you plan to use these appliances? Is it only for occasional use or could it be that you want to use them repeatedly for a prolonged length of time? If you have commercial plans, be sure to settle for a tougher and more enduring air fryer that is less likely to break apart too soon!

Power source

To operate, these items draw their power from varied sources. The exact choice on this basis depends mainly on the precise location where you would wish to use yours. Select the solar or gas-powered if you plan to use them remotely and the electrical ones if you desire prolonged indoor use.

Setup and installation

Some of these appliances may demand some assembly right before use. You must be mindful of this as well. As a way out of this, we ask you to insist only on those that are ready for use. Opt for those that require some assembly only if you have the necessary expertise and experience required to assemble the parts.

Price and warranty

Lastly, you should also consider the price and the warranty of the product you have in mind. A great appliance, needless to say, has to be cheaper and also backed by a comprehensive warranty. Check out the scope of the warranty as well to see to it that it is greatly inclusive.

What Size of an Air Fryer to Get?


These air fryers come in various sizes, you have to be mindful of their size options as well. The considerations below will help you to narrow your choice accordingly on this basis:

Volume of food

The volume of food you want to prep is perhaps the single most important consideration you ought to make. A great appliance on the basis of this consideration should be large and spacious enough to accommodate all the foods you would wish to prep at one go!


Recipes also differ markedly with regards to their sizes, shapes, and volumes. You have to bear this fact in mind as well when shopping for your air fryer of choice. A great air fryer has to be voluminous enough to accommodate the entire recipe at one go without demanding that you slice it in pieces.

Cooking methods

Intertwined with the above is the issue of the cooking methods. Air fryers that are able to tackle many kinds of cooking methods tend to be larger than those that are only suited for one or two cooking methods, and so on! Be sure though that your appliance is able to handle the exact cooking method you desire.


What kind of use would wish to devote the air fryer to? Is it home or commercial applications? For home use, you only need a small and compact appliance whose size is similarly smaller. The commercial applications however require larger and more spacious appliances owing to the higher volumes of foods prepped under those conditions.

Space availability

Ultimately, you will have to stash these appliances in your home. For this to happen well, you have to determine how much space you have at your disposal. Then, proceed to mark out the dimensions of the appliances you target. That way, there is naturally not going to be any commotions or strains as you utilize your spaces.

Financial resource endowment

There is a direct correlation between the size of the appliance and the actual costs thereof. A larger appliance generally costs a lot more to acquire than a smaller appliance. If you must choose a larger one, you have to be ready to spend too much to afford it.

Desired longevity of use

If you plan to use the appliances for a longer duration of time, you are better off with the larger appliances. They are more likely to accept upgrades, accommodate extras, and stay relevant for a longer length of time. In most instances, they are also stronger and more enduring of the spates of damages that may be thrown at them.

Care and maintenance

The same also goes for the care and maintenance issues. A larger appliance is likely to trap lots of dirt and hence demand extreme care and maintenance. Its smaller counterpart on the other hand is less likely to trap lots of dirt. Thus, it is likely to demand less care and attention from you.


Closely related to the intent is the setting of your desired use of the appliance. A larger installation like the schools and hospitals no doubt demand similarly larger appliances. Those in the typical home environments however demand only small and limited-sized appliances as the volumes of foods they prep, are also low.


Now that you have everything you need to learn how find the best air fryer that will fit your needs, it’s up to you to put this to use and take action.

We also reviewed some of the best air fryers on the market so you can help yourself out and simplify your search by having a list full of high-end quality air fryers that won’t let you down.

What is your favorite way of finding a new air fryer and why?

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