The Best Bread Mix for your Bread Machine


Looking for the best bread machine mixes? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve found this article, it means that you’ve probably bought a great bread machine not so long ago and the bread mix recipe that came with it wasn’t so good. Or you’re looking for some new and innovative bread machine mixes.

Hopefully you purchased one of the highest rated bread makers.

Even if your bread machine came with instructions for bread machine mixes and you followed them, you might be wondering if there’s a better way to bake bread. After all, those generic bread machine mixes all pretty much taste the same, just ok.

First, you might have to adjust the ingredients inside the machine because your dough might be either too dry or too wet – and this might happen even if you follow the recommended recipe!

So, again, it’s no wonder you’re looking for a new recipe. Let’s cut to the chase and show you some of the best bread machine mixes we’ve found online.

Bread Mix or Bread Mix™?

You probably already know what we’re referring to. Even before starting to think of, or search for the best ingredients you can use to create the perfect mix, you are presented with two options.

Naturally, you can make your own mix, adding and removing certain ingredients by your liking, as well as buying the natural ones; or you could just buy a pre-made mix that comes with various ways to attract people, like special types of ingredients that are nut-free, soy-free and so on and so forth.

Looking for Bread Machine Box Mixes?

Sometimes you just need to bake some bread! And baking bread already takes time, so why would you want to take EXTRA time fumbling with a bread recipe?

If you’re looking to just buy the mix – go for it! I would recommend that you do both, if you kind. Buy some mix to keep in your pantry and when you want fresh bread but don’t want to take the time to “build” it, then use the pre-made mix.

Krusteaz Mix Bread Sourdough 14 Ounce (2 Pack)
  • Krusteaz Bread Mix Classic Sourdough 14 oz (Pack of 2)

If you’re looking to “build” the mix. Keep reading.

You can do it!

Of course, what we recommend is that you make your own bread machine mix.

First of all, by doing so, you’ll be able to find out the optimal bread machine mix quantity that can be put into your machine.

Most of the commercialized bread maker mixes are made for the whole range of bread machines – and this is not necessarily a good thing.

And, on top of it all, you can make what type of bread you want – vegan, gluten-free, wheat flour, white bread – while also making sure that the ingredients you use are what you actually look for.

But, in the end, the choice remains yours – still, we assure you that you will get better results if you get used to using your own bread machine mix.

The Best Bread Mixes

Now that we’ve ruled out the types of mixes you can find out there, let’s move on to the actual bread machine mixes.

We will describe one mix that we’ve found online and had pretty good reviews and then move on to another that we experienced with and found out it’s working good enough.

Of course, the bread machine mixes we will present to you are just a base for the bread machine mix that you will be making. Feel free to play around these recipes and find the best for you and your bread machine.

Bread Mix Number One

For the first mix, we’ll assume that you’ll be using a small bread machine (like this one) – you can adjust the ingredients accordingly, so don’t worry about the volume of the ingredients.

You’ll start with 2/3 cups of lukewarm water. All of the ingredients should be kept at room temperature – however, when it comes to the liquids you are going to use in your bread machine mix, they should be at around 80 degrees F. The same applies for the ¼ cups of lukewarm milk.

Then, you’ll need 2 tablespoons of butter and 2 and a half cups of all-purpose flour.

Of course, you can choose to use special bread flour as it might yield better results – but you will experience with types of flour you like or prefer having in your bread and see which one fits your taste, and your machine the best.

All that is left for this mix are the 5 teaspoons of sugar, the 1 ¼ teaspoons of salt and the one teaspoon of either instant or active dry yeast.

The first few times, you should add the ingredients in the order they are specified by the bread machine’s manufacturer. However, if you think you might improve the way your bread is baked, you could change the order or the way of mixing – if your machine allows so.

Bread Mix Number Two

Now, for the next mix, we’ll start with one cup of warm water – which, in this case, has a recommended temperature of 110 degrees F, which is a bit higher than the usual of 80 degrees, but it shouldn’t cause any problems.

However, if you end up with your bread having a mushroom shape, then it means that the water was too warm indeed and you should lower its temperature before starting to mix the ingredients.

Then, you’ll have to add 2 tablespoons of white sugar, and one package of bread machine yeast. Yup, you can easily find a yeast that’s specially made for bread machines out there. Just be sure that it is one that fits your needs.

Also, you will need ¼ cups of vegetable oil, one teaspoon of salt and 3 cups of bread flour. As you can see, for this mix, we recommend using bread flour, as the results are a little bit more satisfying.

When it comes to the order you should add the ingredients in, you will first have to add the yeast, water, and sugar in the container of the machine. You will then idle for about 10 minutes while the yeast dissolves and foams. Before selecting your preferred setting, you will add the salt, oil, and flour to the now dissolved yeast.

These are two of the best bread mixes we could come up with that will deliver what you need and are also basic ingredients. They’re not something too extraordinary and do not feature any additional ingredients – such as chips, flakes, chocolate bits, nuts and so on – but those are meant to be tested and added after a couple of trials.

Of course, you can go wild and crazy with your bread machine mix after finding the one that fits your machine the best and that bakes a good, solid loaf of bread that you actually enjoy.

Just buy it already!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with just buying your preferred bread mix for your favorite bread machine.

This one is one of our favorites!

Krusteaz Mix Bread Sourdough 14 Ounce (2 Pack)
  • Krusteaz Bread Mix Classic Sourdough 14 oz (Pack of 2)

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  1. Just got a gluten free bread machine for a Christmas present, can I use pre mixed gluten free bread mix in my machine, or do I have to make it from scratch.

    • Hi Stephen,

      You can use any bread mix you like, either homemade or pre-made. There are a lot of great Gluten Free or Grain Free pre-made mixes available on Amazon.


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