Best Kitchen Items You Must Have


You might not even realize how many items and accessories you have in your kitchen until you need something you don’t have.

That’s why, in order to stay prepared, we’re featuring the best kitchen items you must have, whether you’re only getting started, you’re modernizing your kitchen, or you believe you are missing something important.

Below, you’ll find 8 of the best yet important items that should be found in every kitchen, so keep on browsing to find out what you’re missing!

What are Some of the Best Kitchen Items You Can’t Live Without?


Below are some of the kitchen items you just cannot do without:

Chef’s knife

A knife finds use in many common kitchen applications. You will need it to chop fruits, vegetables, and meat to the desired sizes. Not having sharp and ready knives of all types when you need them the most can really slow you down!

Mixing bowl

It is in the mixing bowl that you will mix the flour and ready it for the purpose of baking. The bowls are large enough to accommodate multiple ingredients as well. Wondering where you’ll mix your stuff in crucial moments is a situation you don’t want to find yourself in!


For you to fry pancakes, eggs, and sausages, you will definitely need the skillets. These are shallow and excellent conductors of heat. They do a great job, overall.

Cutting board

The cutting board provides the base upon which the foods to be handled are placed. It greatly facilitates the cutting process by making the surface hard enough for you to impact your recipes well.

Measuring spoons and cups

A typical food preparation exercise entails the measuring of the recipes and the ingredients that make them up. To do this, you will of course rely on the measuring spoons and cups.

Can opener

Lastly, the can opener is used to pop open the cans to retrieve the contents therein. The openers make the task of retrieving the contents of canned items easier and effortless.

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Items You Might Need


To choose the best kitchen items you might need, you need to factor in the following considerations:

Intended task or purpose

Different items are intended to play different roles. You have to see to it that the item you pick fits the role you have in mind. For instance, a chopping board is used to facilitate cutting and slicing while a frying pan is used for frying and so on.


You must ensure that the item you pick falls within your level of expertise. For that to happen, you have to ascertain your own expertise while seeking that very item. You do not want to tap into an item that is too complicated for you to effectively handle.


Needless to say, you must pick an appliance that is well within your range of affordability. That is only possible if you carry out some product comparisons from many dealers who sell them. Also, you ought to bargain so that you may acquire it at the lowest realistic price possible.

Recipes to be made

The kind of recipes you intend to make also has a role to play insofar as the kind of kitchen appliance you settle on is concerned. You, therefore, have to determine beforehand the kinds of foods you are intent on making hence before proceeding to find a suitable match.

Best Kitchen Items You Must Have

It is not enough for us to just list the kinds of kitchen items you must have. As a matter of wisdom, we have to go further and review a couple of them for you. In this segment of our conversation, we now list and review the leading items of many kinds for your consideration:

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Take this appliance and dedicate it to the task of chopping onions and vegetables. It comes in the shape of a spiral and is pretty awesome and chopping the fruits as well.

At its core is the impact-resistant ABS plastic makeup. Being hard, the makeup sees to it that the chopper stands to the rigors of the busy kitchen.

A series of four interchangeable blades exist for you to use to cut the recipes. They are made of stainless steel and are also sharper and very stable in the long run.

With its built-in chop lid, you are capable of cutting food directly in the collection tray. The lid negates the need for you to bring and utilize a cutting board and is this more convenient.

All its critical parts are made of 420 stainless steel that exhibits extreme razor-sharpness. Count on it to greatly facilitate the chopping of recipes into finer particles.


  • Its handle is soft and rubberized for maximum comfort
  • A non-skid base exudes maximum stability while slicing
  • Slices, chops, dices, and cuts at the same time


  • Quite weighty to the hands

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Love and want to make sandwiches? You have this appliance for the taking and subsequent use. It bears a timer and a set of automated features that greatly facilitate the attainment of this role.

This appliance greatly simplifies the task of making sandwiches. It does so in four easy steps that are easy to follow by even those who have never attempted it before.

With this appliance, it is possible for you to make two sandwiches at one go. This of course greatly cuts the time and the effort you would ordinarily expand in the process.

You can detach all its parts and components for the purpose of simplified cleanliness. Other than this, the parts are also dishwasher-safe and hence pretty convenient to clean up.

A countdown timer forms part and parcel of the appliance. Its role is to oversee the process of making sandwiches by setting the time to do so well in advance.


  • Beeps at the conclusion of the sandwich-making process
  • Accompanied by quick and easy recipes
  • Serves as a potentially great gift item


  • Quite complicated to a newbie

New OXO Good Grips 8-Piece POP Container Baking Set

This is the kitchen appliance to look up to for your matters of baking. It is wholly intended for the said purpose by virtue of comprising all the parts and components necessary for the job.

The appliance is by and large simpler to operationalize. All you have to do is to push the button to engage it at will. Its button also doubles as the handle for its lid.

This baking set is also accompanied by a host of convenient accessories that may extend its functionality. They attach neatly to the underside of the lids for smoother operations.

In its entirety, the construction of the appliance is dishwasher-safe. That makes it a lot easier to keep clean after a spate of use. This is definitely good news to you as it takes away the need for excess effort.

The set is also smaller and compact. As such, it is space efficient and takes up very little space on your part. Get your hands on it if you live in an area that is squeezed.


  • May be altered to fit any space
  • Its curved edges allow for smoother dispensing
  • The construction is devoid of the harmful BPA materials


  • Has a limited carrying capacity

Kitchen Utensil Set 24 Nylon and Stainless Steel Utensil Set

For your general cooking escapades, this is the appliance we would ask you to choose and use. It is made of heat-resistant materials and is thus very reliable in tackling that task.

All the items that make the setup are resistant to scratches. They are therefore more likely to retain their elegant looks while also discharging their bare minimum tasks.

Other than being scratch-free, the parts are also resistant to bacteria and stains. This stems from being derived from the best kinds of materials that are ordinarily sparkling and less inclined to dirt.

Unlike the other like-minded gadgets, this one does not absorb any odors. Instead, it retains its freshness for the longest time possible. That makes it great and awesome for professional cooking undertakings.

The cooking set comes in two color options for you to pick from. These are the funky red and the classic black. They are truly elegant to behold with naked eyes.


  • Does not stick the food while cooking
  • Accommodates many accessories that extend its coverage
  • Derived from high-quality parts and materials


  • A bit too clumsy to handle and keep

HappyTrends Kitchen Mat Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

The kitchen area has to be spik and spun always. You must use a rug to aid with the drying of the feet and the interior flooring. Pick this for a start in all that task.

At its base is the non-slip PVC material. This forms tight traction and grip with the otherwise slippery floor to maintain you in a state of firmness and less risk of falling off.

Other than the PVC bottom, the rug also bears a cushioned support for your added comfort. You may also use cushioning to massage your feet and relieve the stress that comes along.

A unique beveled edge also forms part and parcel of this rug. The edge acts to prevent slipping and tripping even when the floor is slippery or excessively wet.

On the whole, the rug comes about in an ergonomic design that sees it is convenient to handle and move along. As part and parcel of this, the rug is also extra soft to the feet and the skin.


  • Water-resistant and convenient to lay your feet on
  • Resists all forms of fatigue and stress
  • All the materials that make it up are safer


  • Some users have decried foul odor

KitchenIQ 0009, Black 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

In order that your knives may cut foods precisely, they need to be very sharp and prickly. This is only achievable if the knife sharpener is extensively used for the job.

The edge of the sharpener bears some grips that allow for smoother handling and engagement. This tight grip prevents the tip from dragging over the surfaces and slipping off.

Its blades proper are made of carbide. They provide quick setting capabilities which also go ahead to hone the blades of your knives exceedingly sharply.

At the base of the sharpener is some non-slip feature. This feature exists for added stability and effective controls. It also goes a long way in providing the stability your hands need to hone the blades fine.

A blade guide wraps up the list of the many elegant parts and features of this knife sharpener. It lets you direct your sharpening appropriately and in line with the measurements of the blades you tackle.


  • Polishes the blades finely
  • Tackles many kinds of blades and knives
  • Sharpens in two stages for maximum outcomes


  • Has limited use (used for sharpening alone)

Oil Sprayer

Dispensing the oil in precise amounts is not a task you can afford to tackle anyhow. You need to bring in an oil sprayer to aid with this. How about getting your hands on this for a start?

Its housing is made of 304 high-quality stainless steel that is strong and resilient to the common agents of damages. Count on it to take you longer and further than others may.

A large area press button exists to allow for simplified pressing and controls. With it, you may be sure to greatly engage the apparatus without too much delay or unnecessary hassles.

All in all, the apparatus does come about in an anti-skid design that works alongside the wave strips. The mix of these two enables smoother and unparalleled operations.

By and large, you may use the apparatus to dispense a variety of fluids like lime juice, lemons, soy sauce, vinegar, sunflower oil, and so on.


  • Yields forth higher returns on investments
  • Useful for many kinds of cooking tasks
  • Relatively simpler to handle


  • Lacks any aesthetic values


You know your cooking skills, needs, and kitchen the best so even though this is a list of the best and must-have kitchen items, you’ll never go wrong by getting all of these even if you already have some of them.

These items won’t only provide a smooth cooking experience, but they’ll also improve the way you follow recipes, how you cook, and how you manage your kitchen!

Which one of these kitchen items do you feel like you couldn’t do without? You can only pick one, so leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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