Best Camping Waffle Iron

Looking for a top-of-the-line camping waffle iron?

Are you an outdoors lover?

Do you love to go camping with family and friends?

If you already know how much fun camping can be, you also know how delicious a great breakfast or dessert can be when you eat it outdoors by the fire.

This is where your trusty cast iron camping waffle iron comes in.

You’re outside miles from home, away from air conditioning and the other comforts of your kitchen.

So, your electric waffle makers will be of no use!

Only your high-quality, non-stick, heavyweight, cast iron or aluminum waffle iron with the heat-protected handle will do!

In this article, we’re going to review some of these exact outdoor waffle makers that are available for purchase on Amazon.

Before we get started talking about waffle irons that can be used over a campfire, I want to share with you the best campfire waffle iron.

The Coleman Waffle Iron – Best Campfire Waffle Iron

The Coleman Waffle Iron is the best waffle iron that can be used over a fire or a stovetop.

This is a high-quality camping cast iron waffle maker that has high customer ratings and is specifically designed to be used outdoors over a campfire.

Coleman Waffle Iron
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping cooking supplies cookware
  • Another quality Coleman product

Coleman Waffle Iron Pros

  • Design is for a campfire or grill
  • Dimensions are 8.8 x 6.9 x 1.6 inches
  • 2.13 pounds
  • Inexpensive – great add on product on Amazon
  • 3.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon
  • Not your average waffle cookware!
  • Buy on Amazon and you can easily return it
  • No dangerous non-stick coating

Coleman Waffle Iron Cons

  • Doesn’t work well on an electric stovetop
  • Handle could be longer
  • Handle gets really hot

What’s the difference between a stovetop waffle iron and a camping waffle iron?

There’s no difference.

Both waffle irons contain no Teflon or other non-stick coating so they’re perfectly safe for your waffle batter.

They’ll usually make a thin classic type of waffle but some will make what we would consider a Belgian waffle.

It’s high-quality cookware that can last for ages and can be used to make delicious waffles over a campfire, a gas stovetop, or even an electric stovetop.

They don’t come with removable plates but they’re really easy to clean if you get in the habit of coating the plates with nonstick spray, oil, or butter before using them.

Your camp breakfast doesn’t have to be limited to trail mix and some fruit.

With a little preparation and a cast iron waffle iron, you can prepare a perfect Belgian waffle over the campfire for your friends and family.

How do I use a stovetop waffle iron?

It’s actually pretty simple to use. Also, before electric cooking appliances were common, cast iron waffle irons were the standard and were used on stoves, open fires, on the grill, and on wood stoves.

Most of this type of cookware is designed with a grill or campfire in mind, so they have long handles with a cover to keep the surface of the handle cool to the touch.

First, you should prepare your batter. For pre-made waffle mixes, I prefer the Krusteaz Belgian Waffle Mix.

Krusteaz Waffle Mix

It’s delicious, easy to make, and is pretty versatile. I’ve used it in numerous waffle makers and it always cooks fast and delicious.

Second, grease your waffle iron and heat it up! It’ll also help if your waffle mix contains plenty of fat.

Third, pour your waffle batter into the waffle iron.

Be careful not to pour too much, batter expands when heated and then will spill.

Fourth, put on the stovetop or fire and cook.

You’ll have to time this manually. Mark when you start and then at about the 2-minute time, flip over and give it another minute or so.

Finally, when it’s done then pull it away from the heat source and open it up.

Use waffle tongs or a fork to take it off of the waffle iron. If you used enough fat, it’ll easily come off.


How do you use a Nordic Ware waffle iron?

The best NordicWare Waffle Iron is the 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Waffle Iron. It’s an old fashioned Belgian waffle iron that will make four deep pocket square waffles at a time.

Simply preheat the cast aluminum waffle iron on a gas or electric stove, first one side and then the other. Pour in the batter, close the cookware, and then cook for one minute, then flip and cook for two more minutes.

The waffle iron has stay cool plastic handles but they’re not very long, so it’s really more suited to a grill or stovetop rather than a campfire in the wild outdoors.

NordicWare 15040 Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgium Waffle Iron
  • Interlocking hinges separate for quick preheating, slim profile takes up less space than an electric waffle maker
  • Non-electric waffler for use on gas, electric and ceramic stovetops
  • Fully submersible for easy cleaning, premium non-stick coating with a cooking surface of 7.1 x 7.1 inches
  • Made of cast aluminum for even heating, bakes delicate but crisp waffles
  • Made in USA with an imported handle

NordicWare Waffle Iron Pros

  • Customer Warranty
  • High quality product
  • Cooking surface – 7 by 7 inches
  • Item weight – 2.7 pounds

NordicWare Waffle Iron Cons

  • It tends to stick over time
  • its short handle makes it ideal for a gas stove top, but not for a campfire

Can you use a cast iron waffle maker on an electric stove?

Of course! There’s nothing preventing you from using a cast iron waffle maker or a cast iron pan on an electric stove. Just one thing to remember, though. This is heavy duty cookware.

A cast iron waffle iron will easily crack or damage your stove top if you drop it or place it on the stove top a little too aggressively.

Wrapping up – Best Camping waffle iron for outdoor use

I hope you enjoyed our article and review on a couple of the best campfire waffle irons.

There are many benefits to a campfire waffle iron. They’re easy to use, no electricity required, they tend to be inexpensive, and they’ll last a lifetime.

Still, it’s definitely not for everyone. Many of us prefer electric waffle makers that we can just plug in and get our waffle 2-3 minutes later.

All that to say, there are many people who do go outdoors and want to give their family delicious waffles in the morning. For those people, the search is over. The products they need are the ones we refer to in this article.

Have any questions? Or looking for more info on some of the best rated waffle makers? Ask in the comments below.

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