Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove


Are You Looking for the Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove?

You might have upgraded to the new top stove and you’re all about taking care of it as much as possible. Therefore, you’ve been browsing and looking for the best cookware for an electric glass top stove which got you here.

The glass top stove looks really sleek, has its advantages, and it can make a big difference in the cooking style – but it needs a bit of extra care.


Glass tops can be easily scratched or harmed if they’re not taken care of properly. In this article, you won’t only find how to take care of your glass top stove – but you’ll also find some of the best cookware that is suitable for safe use with your glass top, so keep on reading!

Why Are Glass Top Stoves a Bit More Sensitive?


Since the top of these stoves is made of glass with the induction heaters right underneath – they tend to be easily damaged.

How can you damage a glass top stove? It often happens as an accident and trying to slide a heavy pot across the glass top is more than enough to cause it to crack under the pressure.

If it doesn’t crack – it can get scratched. When cooking, it’s important to pay attention and try not to spill anything over the glass top stove as it’s a lot harder to clean it once the food is burnt onto the top.

Another common mistake many people make is during the cleaning process. You have to be careful of your cleaning product choice as not every cleaning solution is good for the glass top stove.

Even though glass top stoves are very attractive and might make your kitchen look sleek – they require just a tiny bit of extra attention so they stay in the best shape possible.

What Type of Cookware Should You Use for Cooking With an Electric Glass Top Stove?


Electric glass top stoves operate a bit differently than other stove types and for this reason – it’s important to know the type of cookware that works the best for your stove.

Due to the electrical current that runs through the glass cooktop – not every cookware metal type works well on it.

The best cookware type you can get for glass top stoves is the stainless steel cookware. This material will prevent scratches on the surface thanks to the flat bottom, and it will offer a better cooking area thanks to its heat conductivity.

But when it comes down to the type of cookware material that shouldn’t be used on glass top stove, here’s the list:

  • Copper
  • Cast iron

You can use these but with precaution. If not, they can easily scratch your glass top surface, leave burnt marks, or just have poor heating characteristics which would make cooking difficult and the results might vary.

This is the information you’ve probably been told by the manufacturer or the seller of the glass top stove – but if not, this is very important to keep in mind when using your glass top stove!

Best Cookware for Electric Glass Top Stove

The best cookware for an electric glass top stove is definitely made from stainless steel, and down below – we’ll review some of the best cookware sets for anyone’s budget!

Duxtop Professional Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you’re looking for a professional stainless steel cookware set – Duxtop definitely beats all its competitors as it offers a great amount of value for the price it costs.

This is a 17-piece induction cookware set that is made out of food-grade stainless steel material for the best performance.

What we noticed from the first use is that thickness of this set is 18/10 which makes it a great heat conductor, it keeps the flavor during cooking, and it has a great balance.

Fast and even heating is guaranteed – but the flavor just turns out great. Within this set, you’ll get included:

  • Two saute pans with lids
  • Casserole with lid
  • Stockpot with lid
  • Saute pan with helper and lid
  • Fry pan
  • Boiler basket
  • Steam basket
  • Metal utensils

What we like the most about this cookware set is the heavy bottom that supports the durable construction. It will hold the base of your glass top well and it won’t slide away accidentally which removes the possibility for an accident.

The glass lid is made of top quality which makes monitoring a lot easier and in combination with comfortable riveted handles – these are just some of the benefits this cookware set has to offer.

The multifunctional 5 piece kitchen tool set is made of stainless steel as well, and while you have to be careful when placing it onto the glass top – you can freely use it with any piece within this cookware set.

Considering the price – you will get many pieces built at the same high-quality level that is suitable for professionals to cook at home and yet you won’t break the bank to equip your kitchen cookware set.

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Calphalon is known as one of the best manufacturers on the market when it comes down to stainless steel cookware sets and this cookware set isn’t different.

It’s a 10-piece cookware set that includes pots and pans made out of pure stainless steel material which is bonded with an aluminum base to provide fast and even heating and eliminate the potential glass top damage by sliding the base of the pan or pot across the top.

Not only these pots and pans are suitable for glass cookware tops, but they’re also suitable for the oven, broiler, and even dishwasher.

Inside this 10-piece cookware set, you’ll get included:

  • Two fry pans
  • Two saucepans with covers
  • Saute pan with cover
  • Stockpot with cover

What we personally love about each one of these pieces within the set is that they’re really made for cooks.

Fill lines make measuring very easy and simple (especially when you’re in a rush) but we’ve also noticed holes in the covers that line up well with pour spouts so even draining liquid is made simple without the need for an additional colander.

When it comes down to the handles, we really like the extra length that’s added to the handles as well as the secure grip they provide. But perhaps one of the best things is to know that they won’t get hot no matter the temperature you’re cooking at.

This prevents accidents and you’ll never walk away with a hand burn at all.

But are you ready to hear one of the best things about this cookware set and its brand? It’s the lifetime warranty that comes included for each piece within this cookware set.

This definitely backs up the quality of the Calphalon brand, but also the quality of the whole stainless steel cookware set.

Homi Chef Nickel Free Stainless Steel Cookware Set

When you’re looking for a stainless steel cookware set that is budget-friendly and yet a set that doesn’t compromise the quality – Homi Chef has something special to offer.

This is a 14-piece nickel-free cookware set made out of brushed stainless steel featuring clean lines along with a curvaceous shape.

Needless to say, this cookware set won’t only perform great since it’s made with 3-ply construction that’s only 4 mm thick yet it will also combine well with your kitchen and make it even more attractive.

Within this 14-piece cookware set, you’ll get included the following:

  • Stockpot with lid
  • Two saucepans with lids
  • Saute pan with lid
  • Frying pan
  • Cooking utensils

Homi Chef produces these pots and pans from a nickel-free material that is more resistant to corrosion, features no coating (which also results in no harmful chemicals use), and it even produces better heat inductivity.

With all these benefits, you can cook healthily, without having to worry about damaging your glass top, and yet you’ll also save 12-15% more energy during cooking.

We’ve noticed that every piece within this set offers consistent and even heat distribution, it has the ability to eliminate hotspots (but also dead spots), and yet it can achieve natural resistance.

Since there are no chemicals involved in the production of this cookware set – it’s dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze. But even if you decide to wash it by hand – you won’t be in a lot of trouble!

Cuisinart 77-11G Chef’s Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Cuisinart is one of the most known manufacturers of pots and pans, but also utensils and they never miss to amaze us with their stainless steel cookware set.

This is an 11-piece stainless steel cookware set that offers:

  • Three saucepans with covers
  • Saute pan with cover
  • Non-stick skillet
  • Skillet with cover
  • Steamer insert

Even though Cuisinart doesn’t provide kitchen utensils within the 77-11G cookware set, we really like how the whole set shines and acts as a mirror as long as you keep it clean.

Such a mirror finish won’t only make your kitchen look more attractive, but it’ll look great shining the reflection of your attractive glass top stove.

We’re really surprised by the quality of this cookware set as the base of every piece within the set is made with an encapsulated type of base that heats up very quickly, can hold heat for a long, spreads the heat evenly, and doesn’t react with food or flavors.

Covers are made of tempered glass which also ensures that the glass doesn’t spread if they ever fall and break which is another great safety feature produced into this set.

Another great safety feature is the cool grip handle that provides extra support, comfortable grip, and balance when lifting or pouring.

All handles are riveted for extra strength but they’re also made to stay cool at all times so you won’t have to worry about picking up the pots and pans when cooking at high temperatures.

Considering the price of the set and everything that comes within the set, the price point is really great. But once you consider all the value and quality you benefit from during cooking – this makes a great mid-range investment that won’t disappoint!

Calphalon Simply Pots and Pans Cookware Set

If you’re not the biggest fan of stainless steel, the second-best type of cookware set you can get for your glass top stove is aluminum.

Calphalon Simply is a 10-piece cookware set that is made of hard-anodized aluminum material which comes in a very attractive & sleek black matte finish.

In the set, you’ll get included:

  • Two fry pans
  • Two-quart saucepans with covers
  • Saucepan with cover
  • Stockpot with cover

The specifics of a hard-anodized aluminum cookware set is durability and great resistance to corrosion and warping.

Every piece within this set is a double-layered and durable non-stick interior that prevents food from sticking, but it also makes cleaning a breeze whether you use a dishwasher or wash it by hand.

Handles aren’t only long but they’re also coated with silicone which improves the grip and makes it impossible to burn your hands or fingers when using the pots and pans at high temperatures.

Glass lids that come included are tempered so even in the case of an accident, they won’t shatter like other types of lids would be.

If you know Calphalon brand well, you’d know that they always back their products with a great warranty. This cookware set is backed up by a 10-year warranty. Considering the price, this is a real gem.

Yet another thing we should mention is that every piece within this set is oven-safe up to 400 Fahrenheit degrees. Going from the stovetop to the oven is never going to be a hassle again!

Even though this cookware set isn’t suitable for dishwasher – hand-wash won’t be an issue thanks to the super-neat non-stick coating that makes sticking nearly impossible.

Duxtop Professional Stainless Steel Induction Cookware Set

When you need to replace all of your cookware – then a big set that includes a lot of pieces is all you need. Getting this at a reasonable price can be a hard thing to do.

However, Duxtop offers a professional-quality stainless steel induction cookware set that is very affordable, and yet its quality isn’t compromised.

Every piece within this set is made of 18/10 stainless steel material which helps bring out even more flavor from the food. We’re a big fan of heavy-bottom cookware such as this one as it helps bring better balance, heat conductivity, but it’s also proven that this type of cookware can last longer.

When it comes to design, Duxtop really nailed it well with this one. This cookware set features a very classic straight-sided design that even includes a no-drip feature.

In this 19-piece cookware set, you’ll get:

  • Two saucepans with lids
  • Casserole with lid
  • Stockpot with lid
  • Saute pan with helper and lid
  • Two fry pans
  • Boiler basket
  • Steam basket
  • Stainless steel utensils

Every piece within this set will feel sturdy to touch and you’ll love riveted and comfortable handles that won’t ever burn your hands as you grab the pots and pans during high-temperature cooking.

Glass lids are made of tempered glass which helps have full visibility during the cooking process – but you won’t have to worry about them breaking since they’re made with the help of high-quality technology.

Also having multiple kitchen utensils that match the whole set included is another benefit as you won’t have to spend more time finding suitable utensils for your new cookware set!

Calphalon Premier Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

If you’re not on a very tight budget and you’re looking for the top quality out there – Calphalon never disappoints.

This Premier stainless steel cookware set features 9 pieces combining pots and pans. Even though kitchen utensils are not included – the set is really worth the price.

Every piece within this cookware set is made of durable 3-ply stainless steel material. You’ll definitely notice the cooking benefits as every piece within this set has the ability to sear, brown, and saur evenly no matter the food you’re cooking.

In this 9-piece stainless steel cookware set, you’ll get:

  • Two fry pans
  • Saucepan with cover
  • Saute pan with cover
  • Stockpot with cover

Another great benefit of these pots and pans is that they’re oven safe up to 450 Fahrenheit degrees and you can use them with any type of stovetop, along with the glass top stove, of course.

When you’re done cooking delicious food, cleaning won’t be the part that we all dread as every piece within this cookware set is suitable for the dishwasher.

But even if you decided to wash it by hand – you’d notice that even grease slides off and you won’t ever find yourself scrubbing and potentially damaging these pots and pans.

One of our favorite features is the stay-cool handle that is featured on every piece within the set and it provides safety as well as a calm mind in heated-up cooking situations.

Even though this set doesn’t include many pieces and you won’t get kitchen utensils – every piece within this set is totally worth the price as it offers an incredible value that will only improve your cooking, improve the food flavor, but also save your glass top stove.

Cooks Standard Professional Stainless Steel Cookware Set

We all have our preference and if you’re really into the quality of stainless steel cookware yet you’re looking for a smaller set that won’t end up breaking your bank – Cooks Standard has a great set to offer.

Their set includes 8 pieces which we consider to be the most used pieces within any bigger set so you’re really getting a great deal for the price it costs.

Every piece within the set is made of brushed stainless steel material with an aluminum disc layered bottom.

This special bottom improves the heat distribution (evens it out throughout the bottom) but it also prevents hot spots.

Therefore, you won’t have to deal with burnt food on specific spots or blame your stovetop for this. Instead, your food will have more flavor and cleaning will always be a breeze.

In this 8-piece brushed stainless steel cookware set, you’ll get:

  • Two saucepans with lids
  • Stockpot with lid
  • Deep saute pan with lid

Every piece within the set is dishwasher safe so you won’t have to worry about clean-up but if you ever end up washing the dishes yourself, you’ll experience the true power of stainless steel inner coating that makes even grease come off easily.

Lids are made of high-quality and they keep heat and moisture inside the pots and pans which also benefits the flavor of the food.

One of the benefits we’ve noticed, and we’re sure you’ll notice as well during the first use are the handles. Every handle on these pots and pans is a stainless steel riveted handle that offers durability. You won’t ever have to worry about the handlebar slipping out of your hand or getting burnt as you pick it up during cooking as they stay cool at all times.

Concord Stainless Steel Cookware (Parini Edition)

Being on a budget has never been nice, but if you are thinking that you can’t find a decent & quality stainless steel cookware set, you’re wrong!

Concord offers a great 7-piece stainless steel cookware set that offers the most needed pots and pans so you can start cooking on your glass top stove right away.

The whole set is made of high polished stainless steel material and within this 7-piece set, you’ll get:

  • Dutch oven with lid
  • Two saucepans with glass lids
  • Fry pan

What surprised us to see at this price point is the 3-ply bottom with an aluminum center. This improves the balance of the pots and pans, but it also improves heat conductivity and it can also offer faster heating.

Combine this with quality glass lids that come in the set and you’ll be able to cook delicious food full of flavors.

You’ll be surprised that every piece within this set is both dishwasher and oven safe so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up or finding cookware pieces for cooking in the oven.

Considering the price, the value that this cookware set has to offer is definitely high and yet it doesn’t compromise the quality of a single piece within this set. It’s very easy to notice that Concord didn’t cut any corners and yet they brought up really decent cookware set that doesn’t break the bank.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Cookware Set

If you don’t like any of the sets we’ve reviewed or you can’t make a choice – AmazonBasics never fails to surprise us with a quality product.

Even though Amazon labels this type of product series as Basics, this cookware set is far from basic.

This is a 15-piece stainless steel cookware set that includes:

  • Fry pan
  • Two saucepans
  • Steamer with lid
  • Slotted turner
  • Saute pan with lid
  • Stock pot with lid
  • Stainless steel utensils

Each piece within this set is made from 18/10 stainless steel material that has aluminum core bottoms to distribute heat evenly and quickly so you are ready to start cooking even before you know it.

We are a big fan of the mirror finish which will give your kitchen a clean look combined with a very modern yet classic design.

This cookware set is completely free of BPA and other chemicals and even though it doesn’t feature any type of coating – the inner part is also made of stainless steel which makes cleaning simple and efficient.

Amazon ensured that this cookware set is very versatile by making it suitable for all types of stovetops but also ensuring that you can pop in any of these pieces in the oven (up to the temperature of 500 Fahrenheit degrees).

Every cookware piece within this set also comes with riveted stainless steel handles that always stay cool and are cool to touch during stovetop preparations. They’re also ergonomically shaped to fit almost everyone’s hand so you’ll never have to worry about quality or fit when handling full pots and pans in heated up cooking situations.

Glass lids are made of tempered material so they won’t break very easily. They feature a small hole in each glass lid to offer a way for steam to escape and ensure tasty and flavorful food.

From our perspective, the price is well justified as this cookware set provides decent quality and value. However, if you’re not a big fan of AmazonBasics products, you can still get pretty decent cookware set from other brands at this price point.


You might have been unaware of the ideal cookware type for glass top stoves – but we did all the homework for you and there’s no doubt that you’ll find the best cookware for electric glass top stove in this article.

It’s not really hard to find decent stainless steel cookware set for a reasonable price. If you’re doubting whether the change is worth it – believe us, you’ll love the benefits when you cook your first meal.

How many pieces should a cookware set have for you to consider?

We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to leave comments below, ask questions, or share this post to help others in their search!

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