Best Mini Waffle Maker

Best Mini Waffle Maker

Waffles area great go to breakfast for many of us on weekend mornings.

But sometimes, large Belgian waffles are just too big. Or your kids want a few little waffles instead of one big one.

For these occasions – a mini waffle maker is the PERFECT appliance to have.

They make tiny waffles that kids love and that are easy to be creative with if you’re making fun deserts or experimenting with your breakfast.

Don’t let the small size of these mini waffle makers fool you. They’re all high quality kitchen appliances that are durable and will crank out waffles for years to come.

What is a mini waffle maker?

A waffle maker bakes different types of waffles, they can be American/Classic style, Belgian, cookie, or thin.

Mini waffle makers bake waffles that are the same (along with the same ingredients) but are of miniature size.

These mini waffles irons are just like any normal waffle iron except the only difference is the size of waffle.

There are plenty of great waffle makers for kids,but your kids might like a mini waffle maker, not because of the shape of the waffle but because of the size.

Benefits of a mini waffle maker

Not only are mini waffle makers easy to use, they’re also easy to store (because tiny waffle makers make tiny waffles!).

They’re also fun to experiment recipes with. If you google around for recipes or look at Pinterest, you’ll see TONS of cool mini waffle dessert recipes.

Best Mini Waffle Maker

Let’s get down to business.

Hands down, the best mini waffle maker is the Dash Mini Belgian Waffle Maker.

As a reminder – read here to see the difference between Belgian waffles and regular waffles.

Dash Mini Belgian Waffle Maker

Click to Buy at Amazon

Click on the link above to buy this mini waffle maker on Amazon. Mini waffle makers come with a mini price tag, so you can’t really go wrong!

To read our in depth review on this appliance, read our Dash Mini Belgian Waffle Maker review.

This is a sleek, lightweight, compact, and inexpensive high quality waffle maker that you crank out as many waffles as you need.

It features one large indicator light at the top and includes a recipe book along with free access to an online recipe database.

Best of all, it has nonstick coating so as long as your recipe has some fat in in (like oil or butter), won’t have to worry about sticky waffles!

Some of the other favorite mini waffle makers

My favorite mini waffle maker is the Dash (by far!). Still, there are many other good ones on the markets. Some of these others are below.

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Click to Buy at Amazon

This is a true “stovetop waffle iron” by Nordic Ware. The advantage of it is that it makes numerous mini waffles at the same time while on the stove top.

The cast aluminum is nonstick, so you shouldn’t have any trouble taking out these delicious little waffles.


  • Cast aluminum
  • Non-stick finish
  • Makes seven waffles at once
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced


  • Cast aluminum tends to stick if you’re not careful

VillaWare Professional V2006 UNO Petite Heart 3 Waffler

Click to Buy at Amazon

Would you love to quickly make tiny heart shaped waffles?

If so then this waffle maker may be for you.

It makes three heart shaped mini waffles in just a few minutes.

The plates are removable for easy clean up and it also offers an indicator light and temperature control.


  • Electric waffle maker- just plug in and go
  • Bakes in just three minutes
  • Includes 7 temperature settings
  • Nonstick grid saves you sticking!
  • Indicator light
  • 1-year warranty


  • Extremely expensive!

Disney DCM-9 Mickey Waffle Maker

Click to Buy at Amazon

This little waffle iron is perfect if you have kids who love waffles. It’s even better if you have kids who love Mickey Mouse.

This little Mickey waffle maker features nonstick grids, a power light to indicate when it’s on, and a very inexpensive price tag!

I think it’s inexpensive enough that it’s worth a shot. Let me know if you buy it and what you think.


  • Bakes fast!
  • Non-Stick Baking Plate
  • Illuminated Power Light
  • Convenient Cord Wrap
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet


  • No temperature control
  • The baking plate is not removable

Babycakes Mini Waffle Stick Maker

Click to Buy at Amazon

Although these aren’t strictly mini waffles, we still thought it was worth a mention.

These are mini waffle sticks that can be eaten on a plate or with your hands.

The advantage of using your hands is that you can dunk them in sauce. It could be jelly, nutella, syrup, or anything. You’re only limited by your creativity.

This mini waffle maker features a nonstick plate, latching handle to make sure it stays closed, and the ability to bake four little waffle sticks at a time.


  • Non-Stick Baking Plates
  • Make Four Waffle Sticks
  • Power Indicator Light
  • Latching Handle and Non-Skid Rubber Feet
  • Convenient Cord Wrap


  • The plates are not removable
  • No temperature control

Wrapping up the Best Mini Waffle Maker

All of the mini waffle makers reviewed here (except one) are really reasonably priced.

You can pick up one of these waffle makers from Amazon and it will make waffles for you every weekend for a long time to come.

Best of all, your family will love having these mini waffles to eat.

Did you see a high quality waffle maker that caught your eye?

Not sure yet? Check out this cool little video about the Dash Mini Waffle Maker!

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