Aicok Bread Maker Review

Aicok Automatic Bread maker

All about the Aicok Bread Maker!

There are two simple pleasures of life that I cherish when I wake up in the morning—warm, delicious, freshly-made waffles drizzled with maple syrup and a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread.

The latter is my favorite. But, unless you’re a baker, it’s almost impossible to taste warm, freshly made bread in the morning.

However, that can all change if you have an automatic bread maker like the one here, which we will be reviewing shortly.

It’s the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker.  Baking with modern automatic bread makers is the fastest and easiest way to get fresh bread to your dining table.

Currently, you will find different types of automatic bread machines on the market. Besides bread, some of these bread makers are also able to prepare other types of food such as pasta, pizza dough, sweet bread, french bread, whole wheat bread, and other foods.

Anyways, if you’re looking at making homemade bread with a compact, durable, and intelligently designed bread maker, we think you should check out the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker

Here’s why:

Aicok Bread Maker – Everything you need to know

Before we get into the details let’s highlight some of the main features of this particular bread maker, so you’ll get a glimpse of why you should buy this bread machine over other brands.

Aicok Automatic Bread Maker includes 19 multi-function programs which will help you make almost any kind of bread you can imagine. The types of bread this particular bread maker can bake include quick bread, sweet bread, French, jam, yogurt, cake, whole grain, etc.  You can also create gluten-free cakes in the Aicok bread maker.

What’s bread without crust? The Aicok Automatic Bread Maker has settings for light, medium, or dark crusts. Setting the texture of your crust is also simple. You only need to set your crust setting before the bread making starts. You can bake 1.1, 1.7, and 2.2 lbs of bread with the Aicok.

Many of us like to have fruits, raisins, chocolate chips, or nuts in our bread.

Well, with the Aicok Bread Machine, you can do that easily. The bread maker comes with a fruit and nut dispenser, which automatically releases the ingredients at the right moment.

The manufacturers also included a convenient viewing window, so that you can see your added ingredients tricking down on the dough. The included LCD display panel displays the remaining time.

Other important settings are the 15-hour Timer, Memory, and 1-hour Automatic Warm-keeping Function. The 15-hour timing function enables you to prepare your bread 15 hours in advance. This means that you can set the timer 1 5 hours or a day before, and when you wake up in the morning, your bread will be ready for breakfast.

Even better, this bread maker will keep the bread warm for 60 minutes. The 15-minute power interruption recovery functionality ensures the bread stays fresh every time.

The Aicok Automatic Bread Maker has an elegant, modern design and is made of metal.

The bread maker weighs a little over 12 lbs and is around 11 inches high. So, we think storing this appliance won’t be an issue whether it’s on your kitchen countertop or kitchen cabinets.

And last but not least, the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker comes with 2 year of warranty, which covers all the parts and accessories.

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Aicok Pros

  • 19 different programs
  • Fruit and nut dispenser and view window
  • Large capacity and different flavors
  • 15 Hour Timer
  • 1 Hour Automatic Warm-Keeping Function
  • 2 years warranty for parts and accessories
  • Digital LCD screen with indicator light
  • Stainless steel body and
  • The top cover is made of glass
  • The bread pan inside is non-stick, making it easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe

Aicok Cons

  • Some consumers may find the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker kind of bulky

Aicok Product Rating

The Aicok Automatic Bread Maker scores 5/5 stars on its customer reviews.

Aicok Product FAQs

Just how tall is this bread maker?

Answer: The Aicok Automatic Bread Maker is around 11 1/2” in height.

Is the bread pan Teflon?

Answer: Yes, it is Teflon.

Does this have a dough cycle?

Answer: Yes it does.

Does this bread maker include a jam setting?

Answer: Yes, it has a jam setting along with 19 other settings.

Is the paddle or stir rod made of metal?

Answer: Yes, the kneading rod is metal.

Is this bread pan safe to clean in a dishwasher?

Answer: Yes, this bread pan is dishwasher safe. Just make sure that you let it cool completely before washing.

Does the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker include a bread recipe book?

Answer: Unfortunately no, but you can look for bread recipes on the internet. Whether you want to make sticky rice, pizza, yeast bread, gluten-free bread, or any other type of homemade bread, the Aicok bread maker is a greate option.

Can this bread machine bake a rectangular loaf of bread?

Answer: No, the bread made in this maker isn’t fully rectangular like the ones in the supermarket, but it does almost look rectangular.

What is the minimum baking time?

Answer: Almost 3 hours.

Are replacement parts available?

Answer: No.

Does this Aicok Bread Maker come with an instruction manual?

Answer: Yes, this Bread machine comes with an instruction manual.

Aicok Bread Machine – The Homemade Bread King?

Is this Aicok bread machine the top bread machine for the at-home baker? Although there are many bread makers on the market, this Aicok bread machine is especially well suited for a new baker.

With its non-stick bread pan, its fruit and nut mixer, its measuring spoon (and cup), and its ability in making dough of different types, this Aicok bread machine will not disappoint.

Aicok bread maker reviews – Final Thoughts

Overall, the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker is a reliable option as a bread maker. The Aicok has 19 programs, that make gluten-free bread, whole jam bread, yogurt, chocolate chip bread, and many more.

We found that the bread machine pan is also larger than many other bread makers. You can make up to 2-pound loaves with this bread maker.

Other useful functions like the 1-hour automatic warm feature, 15-hour timer, digital LCD display, detachable lid, and a viewing window, only makes the product more compelling. We are also surprised that the bread maker isn’t priced very high at all.

If you love baking, but don’t want to spend too much, then we think the Aicok Automatic Bread Maker is the perfect machine for you.

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