7 Bread Maker Reviews [2022 Shopping Guide]

Best bread makers

Bread makers are far more popular than ever before, and even if you aren’t a big fan of baking your own bread – you’ll want to have one bread maker on the side since it can definitely become useful.

No matter the occasion, what bread makers offer nowadays for the price they cost – they’re far more valuable than they have ever been before.

And with the amount of competition available, the market is full of quality bread makers for a really reasonable price. If you’ve missed our ultimate guide on bread makers – you’ll love finding a few more models in this post where we expand reviews on some of the top models from the best companies out there.

Needless to say, by the end of the post, you’ll definitely have a clear choice for your needs, and no matter which model you go for, any of these best bread makers will do a wonderful job.

Best 7 Bread Makers

Zojirushi Virtuoso Home Bakery Bread Maker

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If you’re looking to upgrade your game and take it to the next level, Zojirushi Virtuoso has also taken a step forward by creating a home bakery breadmaker which is a great combination of a personal and a commercial bread maker.

This way, you get a compact and pretty versatile breadmaker that you can use at home with features and abilities of a commercial breadmaker which can be seen in a bakery or a shop.

Rectangular Shaped Loaf

As you can tell from the shape of this breadmaker, you can be able to bake a rectangular shaped loaf that weights up to 2 pounds.

It’s a large and traditional styled loaf which is perfect for large families and gatherings, but also for medium-sized families as well.

Quick Baking & Dual Kneading Blades

Even though you can bake a 2-pound loaf, the quick baking feature will save you a lot of time and will help you get your bread ready in no time.

If you are in a hurry, using a quick baking feature will help you get the bread from the maker to the table ready under 2 hours.

What’s interesting about this bread maker is that it uses dual kneading blades that are able to knead the dough thoroughly which is going just another reason for quality and evenly baked bread – no matter its size.

Even Baking

What’s so special about this Zojirushi bread maker model isn’t that it’s only a mix between a commercial and personal bread maker, but it’s the additional heater that is placed on the lid.

Such placement offers even baking throughout the whole baking cycle which will give the bread a nice and even color.

Breville Custom Loaf Bread Maker

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Breville is also one of the most known manufacturers in the world of Kitchen Appliances, especially bread makers – and yet from all their models, this one is really special.

It’s because it features a custom loaf feature and an automatic fruit and nut dispenser which just improve the use of a bread maker and take it to the next level.

Unique Collapsible Kneading Paddle

What’s so special about this model are the kneading paddles which aren’t introduced as usual kneading paddles.

Kneading paddle in this models comes as a collapsible paddle which is still as efficient and can thoroughly mix ingredients.

The difference is that it then collapses before the bake phase. This helps minimize the hole at the base of the baked loaf, which might not be noticed by a lot of people, but we’re sure that intermediate users will know what we’re talking about.

Automatic Dispenser

Other than a very unique collapsible kneading paddle, what’s so special about the kneading process of this model is the automatic dispenser.

The role of an automatic dispenser is to release the ingredients at the right phase of the kneading in order to evenly incorporate it within the dough.

This creates a huge difference than adding the ingredients by hand.

Smart LCD Screen

The smart LCD screen is very good looking and it displays over 13 automatic settings and 3 crust color settings and 4 loaf sizes.

It’s very easy to use, displays the most important information and helps with the process from the beginning until the end.

46 Recipes

If you’re ready to take this bread baker to the next level and fully use it to its maximum, then you’ll be pleased to find out that Breville included 46 step-by-step recipes with this bread maker.

Whether this is your first bread maker or you’re an experienced bread maker – you’ll have a clear choice between 46 recipes which also include some of the basic bread types such as whole wheat, gluten-free, crusty loaf, dough, and many others.

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Bread Maker

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Everyone who’s new to bread baking will love Hamilton Beach HomeBaker machine. It’s one of the easiest to use, simplest bread makers to use, and yet the most efficient ones on the market.

Considering the price, it’s a bread maker that offers the most value for beginners, but also intermediate users who don’t have many requirements.

12 Settings

One of the greatest things other than 12 settings provided by Hamilton Beach is that this bread maker is made with nutrition in mind.

And other than settings for French bread, bread without yeast, whole grain, and many other bread types – it offers gluten-free bread type which is quite important for most people.

2 Loaf Sizes

Even though this is one of the most compact bread makers on the market, it still offers two loaf sizes to choose between.

You can choose between 1.5 lb and 2 lb loaf, and additionally, you can choose between 3 crust settings which are light, medium, and dark crust setting.

Large Display with Timer

As said earlier, this is a pretty compact bread maker, and while other bread makers of this size usually come only with button commands – Hamilton Beach was able to add a pretty decent LCD screen.

Such display allows users to select the cycle, curst, loaf size, and even take advantage of the delay timer to begin the baking process later.

KBS Automatic Bread Maker

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KBS is maybe not very well known brand in the world of bread machines, but if you ever had a chance to try bread made in any of their bread makers – you’ll know that their makers make mouth-watering bread.

High-End Features

For the price it costs, we were surprised to see how KBS managed to put some really high-end features in this bread maker.

For example, it includes built-in microprocessor monitors and it can even adjust the heat to for proper enzymatic reactions.

KBS even went a step further to patent their own heaters to generate rapid heat in a pan and yet still get an even heat distribution.

Customizable Preferences

Since it features some high-end features, it also includes 17 different programs that allow everyone to customize their preferences to get their own personalized bread.

It can bake a 2 lb loaf which is perfect for families, where you get to choose between 3 crust settings and 17 cycles which also includes gluten-free bread.

These settings aren’t only useful in creating the preferred bread, but also enjoy and eat healthy bread without preservatives or trans fats.

Easy Operation

There are only 6 simple buttons and a decent LCD display that will allow you easy and user-friendly operation, no matter if you’re using a bread maker for the first time, or you’re a seasoned baker.

You will always have a clear view of the baking process thanks to the LCD display and you can even use a 15 hours delay timer to bake bread on special occasions and accommodate it into your lifestyle.

Read our in depth review here.

Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Bread Maker

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When you’re ready to take the bread baking to another level and equip yourself with an appropriate maker to match your set of skills and requirements – there’s no better way than Zojirushi.

10 Pre-Programmed Settings

What would Supreme bread maker be without pre-programmed settings, right? Not only you will get 10 pre-programmed settings with Zojirushi Home Bakery bread maker, but you will also get 3 crust shade controls for adjustment, and a 13-hour delay timer.

There are only 6 buttons, but a decently-sized LCD display is there to help out. You can find the settings, adjust every single setting, and even track the baking progress.

Large Viewing Window

What is very rare to find with the bread makers is the viewing window, and if that’s exactly what you’re looking for – luckily for you, this bread maker comes with a large viewing window.

If you’re an old-school person who loves keeping an actual eye on the bread and you don’t rely on the display – this is exactly what you’re looking for.

Additional Accessories

How many times did you want to bake something yet only to realize you’re missing an accessory or something that would help you speed up or improve the process?

You won’t have any of those problems with this bread maker. That’s because you will get measuring spoon, measuring cup, user’s manual, and even a bunch of recipes which are made for this bread maker.

Aicok Automatic Programmable Bread Maker


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Aicok is just another manufacturer that does a really great job at creating a bread maker that will serve almost everyone and fit almost every need.

If you’re looking for an automatic yet programmable bread maker that is easy to use – look no further.

19 Settings

Pre-programmed settings are a must when it comes to bread makers, and luckily, this bread maker has every single setting you can think of.

Other than 19 pre-programmed bread type settings you can choose from, you will also be able to choose between 3 crust settings and even help yourself with a quick-baking cycle feature.

When you’re in a hurry, this feature will help you get your bread on the table in just 2 hours.

Timer and Keep-Warm Functions

While most bread makers come with a timer of only about a few hours, we were surprised to use this bread maker since its timer can be used up to 15 hours.

This gives great versatility and is very convenient to have in some situations. After all, who doesn’t like to wake up to a smell of a freshly baked bread?

Additionally, you will also be able to keep your bread warm with the help of programmed keep-warm function that can be set up to an hour.

Automatic Dispenser

If your favorite bread type comes with nuts or fruit, the automatic dispenser will prove to be very useful in your case.

This bread maker features an automatic fruit & nut dispenser that will dispense the ingredients at the right time during the kneading phase in order to evenly incorporate it into the dough.

Results are fascinating and far better than manually dispensing the ingredients.

Aicok Bread Maker

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If you find your needs to be hard to satisfy, this is one of the best Aicok bread makers on the market which will be able to help you for sure.

Not only it provides more options and adjustments, but it can offer a larger loaf for the biggest families and gatherings out there.

Large LCD Display

At first glance on the large LCD display, you might think that there’s a lot going on. However, after you get used to this bread maker which has only an OK and start/stop button, you’ll find it super-easy to get the process going.

Everything you will ever need is going to be displayed on the LCD screen and even though it might look complicated at first, you’ll be able to get the process started with only a few clicks.

Quick Baking

As the previous Aicok bread maker, this one includes the quick baking feature that is able to prepare bread in about 2 hours.

If you combine it with an integrated timer that works up to 13 hours ahead, you will truly be able to get the most out of this bread maker.

25 Programs

If you don’t eat some of the usual bread types, you will most likely find the exact bread type you’re looking in this bread maker.

From a traditional rectangular shaped 2-pound loaf, you’ll choose between the variations of healthy course settings that even include salt-free and sugar-free bread types.


Whatever your needs and whatever your favorite bread type is – these are some of the best bread makers you’re looking at and the chances that they will be able to help you out bake the perfect bread for your family are high.

What you will have to do is go through every single one of them and choose the one you like the most & find it the best fit for your needs.

No matter which bread maker you go for – you won’t be mistaken. And considering the various range of prices these bread makers sell for – you’ll always get an incredible value for the price you pay.


Cover photo from Flickr by Alan Levine

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