KBS Automatic Bread Machine Review

KBS Automatic Bread Machine Review

Not breaking your bank yet acquiring an efficient and reliable bread machine might seem like an impossible thing to do – but with a brand such as KBS, you will be able to get an automatic bread machine full of advanced features for a really affordable price.

Even though you don’t need a lot of money, you’ll need some space since KBS Automatic bread machine isn’t the most compact bread maker, but it’s definitely a reliable one that has plenty to offer.

And we believe that if you read this article until the end, you’ll make up your mind to make the best decision you definitely won’t regret!

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Highlighted Features

If we had to describe KBS bread machine with only a few words, we’d say it’s a bulky, simple, and efficient bread maker. With that being said, it’s ideal for anyone from beginners who’re just getting into the bread baking to advanced bread makers who’ve utilized hundreds of recipes so far.

19 Automatic Programs

With a simple touch of a few digital buttons, you can choose between 19 automatic programs that will help you achieve 19 different bakes and dough programs.

These settings include quick bread, french bread, whole-wheat, jam, even yogurt, and most importantly – gluten free.

There are a lot more settings which are ideal for experienced bread makers who are looking to take the potential of KBS bread maker to its fullest.

Have no idea what type of bread you’d like to eat this morning? Feel free to choose any bread type from the pre-installed programs by KBS.

Timer Features

Not only this bread maker includes a delay timer but it includes a timer you can set before leaving for work (or going to bed), a 15-hour delay timer, 1-hour automatic keep-warm function, and even a 15-minute power interruption recovery.

These timers are proven to be useful when you’re trying to get the perfect timing and end up waking up with a freshly baked loaf waiting for you in the morning.

Coming home from work? No problem, KBS automatic bread machine will be able to wait for you with a freshly baked loaf too.

Enhanced Design

Even though some people might call this design simple, basic, or even unattractive – it’s actually really brilliant.

The design has been created with cooking in mind, and therefore, this design enhances the cooking capabilities of this bread maker.

It can adjust the heat for proper enzymatic reactions, includes patented heaters, and ensures a rapid and even heat in the pan. Of course, you might not be able to see all of that – but it’s a gem hidden inside.

Build Quality

What we really liked about the KBS automatic bread machine is the high build quality that can be noticed even by the first sight. Once you get your hands to the machine, you’ll feel a premium design-build that speaks highly for the reliability and performance.

Inside, a 4.5/R high rotating speed ensures through kneading power, and if you combine it with a non-stick ceramic pan coating – you’ll enjoy the interior as much as you enjoy the exterior of this bread maker.

Dispenser Use

To make things interesting, KBS added an automatic fruit and nut dispenser that does all the work instead of you. And the best thing about this dispenser is that it dispenses the ingredients at the right time without requiring you having to do a single thing.

The dispenser is detachable and it releases the ingredients at the optimum time while you can have a look at its operation through a convenient window.

Convenient Viewing Window

Other than an LCD display that will show a clear countdown during the baking process, what you’ll like the most is the viewing window which is highly convenient.

Who doesn’t like to have a look at the baking process from the start to the finish, right? Tempered glass is being placed at the perfect spot to let users have a great viewing angle and it blends well with the rest of the exterior.

This way, you’ll always be able to have an eye on your favorite bread loaf, and even pay attention to the baking process when you’re using new recipes.

Impressive Customer Service

If anything goes wrong or you need any help, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the KBS support. Whether you reach out to them by the phone, email, or even via message – they are always responding in a reasonable time and are full of solutions.

Strict quality management ensures that their products are always up to their standards and that’s just one of many reasons they provide a 2-year warranty with most of their products, including this automatic bread machine.

Included Recipes

We were amazed by the number of recipes we’ve received with the KBS automatic bread machine. There are literally about 300 recipes included which will guide you through the simplest bread types you probably already know (in this case, they’re being perfectly optimized for KBS bread maker), and even some of the recipes you’ve never even thought of.

This will leave you full of ideas and unlimited creativity where you can bake a different bread for every day of the year, and almost eat different bread type for a whole year.

Amazon Rating

KBS Automatic bread machine has a rating of 4.3 stars on over 348 customer reviews on Amazon. Another great thing is that this bread maker is eligible for Amazon Prime.


Shopping on a budget isn’t fun, but what’s fun is getting a great deal by purchasing a next-level bread maker for a very reasonable price.

If we consider everything KBS Automatic bread maker features, it’s easy to notice how the value exceeds the price this bread maker sells for. Therefore, you’re definitely getting a great deal, and if you find this bread maker to be a great fit for your kitchen and your needs – we highly recommend you purchase it.

You’re definitely not going to regret making this decision, yet you will enjoy years of various freshly baked bread loaves!

KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine, 2LB 17-in-1 Programmable XL Bread Maker with...
  • 【2 LB Large Capacity & 17 Customized Automatic Programs】KBS Bread Maker has settings for light, medium or dark...
  • 【Intelligent Fruit and Nut Dispenser & Patented Non-stick Ceramic Pan】The detachable fruit nut dispenser...
  • 【Intuitive Digital Touch Panel Control & 15H Timer, 1H Automatic Warm-keeping Function】Intuitive touch-pad...
  • 【Sleek Stainless Steel Design for Healthy Freshly Baked Bread at Home】Attractive sleek stainless steel design...
  • 【ETL Approved Durable Quality and 300 Free Recipes】KBS Bread Machine comes with 2-Year Warranty for all parts...

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