Best Waffle Cone Makers

Best Waffle Cone Makers

In this article, we’ll review the top three waffle cone makers sold on Amazon. Waffle cones are ice cream cones that have a slight waffle shape. Homemade waffle cones not only taste better than those bought at the grocery store, but they’re likely better for you. I say that they’re likely better for you because you get to decide what the ingredients are!

At Easy Kitchen Appliances, we not only advocate for appliances that make your life easy, but also for appliances that will likely make your life healthier also. If you’re looking for a great waffle cone recipe, check out

1. Chef’s Choice 838 Waffle Cone Express Waffle Cone Maker

This Chef’s Choice waffle cone maker makes sugar cones in about 2 minutes. Additionally, with the included cone rolling tool, you can form perfect cones every time. There are “baking” and “ready” light indicators to keep you informed of the baking process. There is a color-setting option to control the browning and instant temperature recovery for continuous baking. Also, the non-stick coating doesn’t allow any batter to stick on to the waffle plates and makes the cleaning process easy. In addition to all of that, this waffle cone maker comes with a recipe book that gives you some great ideas on how to prepare homemade waffle cones.


4.1 out of 5 stars on over 250 reviews


  • Built-in cord storage for convenient storing while not in use
  • Makes sugar cones in about two minutes
  • Cone-rolling form and recipes included
  • Instant temperature recovery; color-selection control
  • Nonstick waffle plates measure 7 inches in diameter
  • 8-3/4-Inches wide, 3-1/4 inches high, and 10 inches deep


  • Non-stick surface requires extra special attention while cleaning

2. Chef’s Choice 839 Krumkake Express Waffle Cone Maker

Not only can you make delicious waffle cones with this Chef’s Choice waffle cone maker, but it has a cool artistic design that will come out on your waffle cones. It also comes with a cone roller that will shape them and with it’s nonstick coating, it’ll come off easy every time. It’s light indicators will let you know when baking starts and when it finishes. Finally, this appliance comes with a recipe book that will start you on the path of waffle cone success!


4.6 out of 5 stars on over 250 customer reviews


  • Decorative baking surface
  • Cone roller and recipe book are included
  • Includes cone rolling form and recipes
  • Ideal for 6″ or smaller KrumKakes
  • Instant temperature recovery—always ready to bake
  • Convenient “baking” and “ready” lights
  • Color Select controls—golden to brown
  • Non-stick baking surface, easy release coating
  • Easy clean overflow channel
  • Space saving upright storage
  • 1050 watts


  • Non-stick surface requires gentle cleaning because can be easily scratched
  • Sometimes cooks unevenly

3. Cucina Pro Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker- Homemade Ice Cream Waffle cones in Minutes

This Cucina Pro waffle cone and bowl maker is unique because not only does it make waffle cones, it also makes bowls. It comes with accessories to easily make both. It’s nonstick coating makes peeling the waffle cone off a cinch and it’s indicator lights make it easy to know when it starts baking and when its ready to be eaten.


4 out of 5 stars on only 30 reviews


  • Waffle Cone and Bowl Maker lets you make homemade ice cream cones in minutes!
  • 100% Non-stick waffle plate – ONLY maker that includes a patent-pending Bowl Press
  • Enjoy ice cream with delicious waffle cones or make your own icecream bowls
  • Great Kitchen Houseware Appliance Gift for Mom or Dad
  • Easy to use and easy to clean with full instructions- great Father’s Day Gift or Mother’s Day Present


  • A few people reported that their appliances were defective
    • It’s important to note that Amazon has an incredibly generous exchange policy

A few more fun Waffle Cone Accessories to add to your collection

Wilton 2105-4820 Cupcake Cone Baking Rack

This Wilton cone baking rack allows you to quickly crank out ice cream cones without worrying about how you’re going to hold them up! Just place them on this rack and then when you’re done backing, you can fill them with ice cream and toppings.

Fox Run 4509 Cannoli Forms, Tin-Plated Steel, Set of 4

Thought a waffle cone maker limited you to waffle cones only? No Way! Get your Cannoli on with this Fox Run Cannoli forms. Bake your waffle cone but then instead of using the waffle cone roller, use the cannoli roller instead and then fill it up!

Norpro Grip-EZ Grab and Lift Silicone Tongs

Never burn your fingers again! Use these silicone waffle iron tongs to take out your waffle cones, waffles, or even toast. Save your fingers but please understand that these are little tongs and are not designed for large quantities of food. They’re specifically designed to remove a waffle or waffle cone without scratching the nonstick surface.

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