Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker Review

Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker Review

I’m sitting here thinking of all the reasons why someone would want to buy a waffle maker, and there are many. You love waffles, you want to recreate meals you experience in restaurants or recipes you see online. Maybe you have a special diet but want to continue enjoying the foods you love.

But why would you want to buy a Captain America waffle maker?

Easy, you love Captain America! Well, not only is this an attractive waffle maker, but it’s also affordable, sturdy, and functional as well. All of these features come with the Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker.

If you are a fan of Marvel comics and/or Captain America, then this waffle maker will have a place in your kitchen. The funnest part of this waffle maker is that it’s plate is designed in such a way that it imprints Captain America’s shield on your waffles!

This is a perfect waffle iron for your kids or loved ones who are Captain America fans. Although it’s a Marvel Comics themed kitchen appliance, don’t let the theme fool you. This is still a high quality appliance that does its job!

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The Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Shield Waffle Maker is not just an attractive looking and easy to use waffle maker, but offers a host of features as well.

  • Eating a waffle of Captain America’s shield is awesome!
  • The waffle baking plates are coated with nonstick covering and therefore the waffles will not stick to the plate
  • Nonstick coating also means these plates are easy to clean
  • You can bake one Belgian Style 6-inch waffle at a time
  • There are power on and ready light indicators on the appliance
  • The power cord of the waffle iron can be conveniently wrapped around the appliance
  • Shipping weight is 3.3 pounds


  • Feet grips on the surface so that the machine doesn’t slide anywhere
  • Waffles will not stick onto the nonstick waffle making plate
  • The shield waffle looks attractive and thick
  • Well insulated so that you can touch the machine when it is in use
  • Weighs just under 3 pounds
  • Did I mention that Captain America is awesome?


  • No on/off switch, therefore the power cord have to be disconnected after use

Amazon Ranking

This Captain America Belgian Waffle Maker boasts an impressive 4.7/5 stars on over 140 Customer Reviews on Amazon.

Captain American Belgian Waffle Maker FAQs

Q: How long to cook a waffle?

A: It takes approximately 3 minutes to cook. The indicator light will let you know when it’s ready.

Q: How big is the waffle?

A: The waffle is approximately 7 inches in diameter and .5 inches thick.

Q: Are the plates removable?

A: No, if you’re looking for removable plates, look at this waffle maker with removable plates.

Q: Can it be used in Europe?

A: It comes with an American style plug. However, with an adapter and convertor, it can be used in Europe.

Q: Is it 220v or 110v?

A: It is a 110 voltage appliance

Q: How much batter is used for each waffle?

A: It will take some trial and error to determine exactly how much batter to use. Keep in mind that batter expands when it heats up.

In Conclusion

The Marvel MVA-278 Captain America Shield Belgian Waffle Maker is an attractive looking, simple, and easy to use waffle maker that can bake Captain America waffles in no time. Also, with no extra switches or buttons, the machine is very simple to use.

The Captain America waffle maker is compact in size and can therefore be stored easily. The iconic star symbol you make using this waffle maker will drive your kids (whether little or big) to enjoy their breakfast, no matter what kinds of waffles you make.

Whether dessert waffles, paleo waffles, protein waffles, or vegan waffles, making these waffles in the shape of Captain America’s Shield means a fun breakfast, not matter the ingredients!

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