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9 Best Value Ovens To Buy

Buying an oven or any other kitchen appliances for that matter, on a budget, can be challenging. People don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars on appliances if they don’t have to.

Many consumers think that you need to spend a few thousand dollars to get a good electric range or oven that will perform better and last longer.

However, unless you are a professional chef, you probably won’t use a lot of the fancy features that come with modern ovens and electric ranges. Not only are these features unnecessary, but the prices also make your eyes water.

Most people just need an appliance that reliably puts food on the table. Fortunately, there are plenty of manufacturers who make ovens and ranges that do just that.

Electric ovens and ranges retail for anywhere between $400 and $4000, and the exciting thing is that actual price-to-performance differences between the products aren’t that significant.

Myths About Cheap Electric Ovens And Ranges

Let’s bust some myths about buying cheap electric ovens and ranges –  

Cheap Equals Crap

Most consumers are under the impression that (especially for home appliances) is it cheap? It’s probably crap. It might be true in some cases, but not always.

There are plenty of inexpensive stoves out there that are exceptionally high-quality, very reliable, and have excellent customer feedback.

All the ovens below we are going to discuss are some of the best in the market. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Cheap Means Ugly

Wrong! Are your impression of an expensive, high-quality, good-looking oven as a stainless steel one?

Then you’ll be glad to know that you can get good-quality, budget-friendly ovens in stainless steel. The only caveat is that the stainless steel option just costs a bit higher, but it’s often paltry. You only need to dish out an additional $70-$90, if that is fine with you.

Brands Don’t Sell At A Reasonable Price

Not true again! The market for electric ranges and ovens is incredibly competitive nowadays. So much so that the top kitchen appliance brands such as GE, Dandy, Samsung, Frigidaire, and others are selling stoves at a wide range of prices, including ovens for less than $600.

Cheap Stoves Don’t Have Many Features

It might be true to some extent, particularly when it comes to other appliances, but not with ranges of ovens. Yes, you heard it right. Some expensive ovens and stoves have 6 burners on gas ceramic, while the inexpensive models will typically have four burners on an electric stove with coils.

That doesn’t make a difference. However, almost half of the “cheaper” stoves include “self-clean” options and convection settings. And, sleek burners, which are now pretty standards on all stoves you see now.

Pro Buying Tip

Gas ovens cost more, so if your budget is low, we recommend you opt for electric options. It may work well for you, as gas stoves need to hook to a gas supply outlet—an additional cost to consider.

9 Affordable Ovens On The Market

These are the affordable gas and electric ranges and ovens we’ve found:

  1. Samsung NX58H5600SS
  2. GE JB655SKSS
  3. Kenmore 74133
  4. Premier 30″ White Gas Open Burner Range
  5. Bosch HGI8056UC 800 Series
  6. Cafe C2S950P2MS1
  8. Avanti ER24P3SG 24″ Range
  9. Frigidaire 30 Inch Black Freestanding Gas Range

1. Samsung Gas Range Oven

SAMSUNG NX58H9500WS Slide-In Gas Range with 5 Sealed Burners, 30-Inch, Stainless...
  • Slide-in Design - Get a Sleek, Built-in New Look for your Kitchen
  • 5.8 cu. ft. Large Capacity - Allows You to Cook Multiple Dishes at Once
  • Flexible Cooktop - Cook on 5 Specialized Burners Simultaneously

We like the Samsung, not because of its aesthetics, this 5.8 cubic ft., 5-burner gas range is designed to perform. This range not just looks and feels like a high-end range; it performs like one too. This range has a great design with stainless steel dials and a large digital display.

The dials have smooth turning, and the digital display makes it easy to monitor and check the oven temperature and cooking progress.

The grates are easy to clean, and there is an option to replace the middle grate with a custom griddle over the griddle burner.

The Samsung also preheats remarkably fast, making it ideal for baking and roasting. Overall a decent, and well-performing convection oven for its price.


  • Great design and performance
  • Nice features and build-quality


  • The pans don’t evenly get heated like some of the other ovens


GE Appliances JB655SKSS, Stainless Steel
  • GE 30" Electric Range Self Clean SS
  • Model Number: JB655SKSS
  • Item Package Dimension: 45.0" L x 40.0" W x 70.0" H
  • Item Package Weight: 220.0 lb

The JB655SKSS has a fast right front burner that can boil 6 cups of water in about 4 minutes, which is incredible if you ask me. In terms of boasting the fastest burner in its class, it is one of the best broilers that we’ve come across.

We were able to toast six slices of bread that were all equally browned without any uneven or over-burning spots—that is an amazing feat if you ask me! 

Overall, the GE JB655SKSS is a good buy for what it offers, and the customers like it.GE is one of the most trusted and reliable brands for cooking and kitchen appliances in the U.S. for some very impressive reasons.

It makes authentic, dependable products, and the GE JB655SKSS is no exception. This electric range is an excellent job for broiling and roasting tasks. However, if you’re a professional baker, you better look elsewhere. Why? It doesn’t bake evenly. For everything else, this is your best bet.


  • Great cooktop performance
  • The ideal electric range for roasting and broiling


  • The cooktop control layout needs improvement.
  • Poor baking performance

3. Kenmore Gas Range

Kenmore Elite 75353 5.5 cu. ft. Self Clean Dual Fuel Range in Stainless Steel,...
  • Item includes room of choice delivery, unboxing, item hook-up (including required parts) and free optional...
  • 5.5 cubic foot capacity oven with true convection for more even cooking
  • 5,000 BTU simmer burner and 10,000 BTU oval burner
  • Warming drawer keeps meals warm until dinner is ready to be served
  • 5 burner cooktop

The Kenmore is a pretty modest gas range, but it does pack some serious punch under the hood.  The Kenmore is a capable gas range with average to above-average cooking performance, including preheat time, water boil speed, and baking. This range also cooks any kind of meat, including pork loins, very evenly.

The Kenmore comes with a fifth cooktop burner, which is unusual at its price point, much to the delight of the customers. The build quality is remarkable-thanks to the oven’s stainless steel finish. However, we were disappointed that the manufacturer deliberately didn’t include a broiler pan.

The significant shortcomings of this capable gas range are the oven vents are located directly on the cooktop. So, if you’re someone who uses the oven and the cooktop at the same time, this is something you need to be aware of. Overall, the Kenmore is a solid pick if you’re looking for an oven that comes with a fifth cooktop burner without paying extra.


  • Decent cooking performance
  • Includes a fifth cooktop burner
  • Cooks meat evenly


  • Doesn’t include a broiler pan

4. Premier 30″ White Gas Open Burner Range

Premier BFK100OP 30" White Gas Open Burner Range
  • 4 - 9,100 BTU Burners
  • 3.9 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • Pull-Out Broiler
  • 4" Porcelain Backguard

If you’re looking for an open gas burner range in the low price range, the Premier 30″ White Gas Open Burner Range is one of the highly ranked in the market.

The Premier has a total capacity of 3.9 cubic feet and includes a pull-out broiler. If you like grilled items, this gas range has you covered. 

This oven has four cooktop burners with a total capacity of 9,100 BTU.

The Premier Gas Open Burner Range also happens to have a svelte design and is simple to operate and also clean, as said by customers.

The style of this oven is rather appealing, which is perfect given its price.

The reason why this gas range is a hit among customers is because of its inexpensive, yet attractive nature.

Overall, a significant gas open burner range that offers exceptionally high value and is above average in its performance.


  • Appealing design
  • Above-average performance
  • Inexpensive


  • Not much we can think of

5. Bosch HGI8056UC 800 Series

Bosch is synonymous with high-end ranges for decades, and the Bosch HGI8056UC is no exception.

The Bosch HGI8056UC is the successor to the Bosch HGI8054UC model. The new HGI8056UC has an improved design and excellent cooking features, which has been the tradition of the 800 Series for years.

The capacity of this oven is about 4.8 cubic feet and comes with five, four cooktop burners with a total capacity of 18,000 BTU.

In the looks department, the HGI8056UC is a keeper thanks to its heavy-duty metal knobs and gorgeous stainless steel finish.

There is an included warming drawer to keep the food warm. 

Overall, the Bosch HGI8056UC is a premium-looking gas range that is reliable with outstanding customer support.


  • Premium looks and feel
  • Great cooking features
  • Self-cleaning


  • Didn’t find any

6. Cafe C2S950P2MS1

GE Cafe : C2S980SEMSS 30 Free Standing Dual-Fuel Range w/5 Sealed Burners
  • Dual-Fuel
  • PreciseAir(TM) Convection System - Delivers even air and heat circulation for superior baking and ro
  • Extra-Large Oven Capacity - Provides a large oven interior ideal for cooking more items at once
  • Self-Clean Oven - Conveniently cleans the oven cavity without need of scrubbing
  • Deep Recessed Cooktop - Designed with a recessed surface to help contain spills and make cleaning ea

Although this is a brief Cafe c2s950p2ms1 review, you should give this oven a serious look. 

This is a different model than the more famous Cafe cgs750p2ms1 and cgs750p4mw2. Still, it’s well worth the price.

The Cafe is a manufacturer of high-end kitchen and home appliances, and the Cafe C2S950P2MS1 is one dual-fuel, slide-in oven that has an eye for style.

One of the significant advantages of owning slide-in ranges is – that the transition from cabinet to stovetop is a seamless motion.

It not only improved usability and reachability as the controls are positioned along with the front panel but also eliminates the need for a back panel.

The C2S950P2MS1 has an eye-catching exterior stainless steel finish. This capable six-burner cooktop comes with a cast-iron griddle built-in.

If you’re a techie, you’ll love this range as it has Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to control the oven. You can even monitor your cooking progress from anywhere using a smartphone or any smart device.

There is also a sleek LED panel that is cleverly programmed to disappear when it’s not in use visually.

Furthermore, this double-oven design provides enhanced flexibility while cooking. Overall, a world-class offering from the House of Cafe.

If you’re looking for sleek, and one of the best dual-fuel ranges in the market, we can’t recommend the Cafe C2S950P2MS1 enough.


  • Dual-fuel and double oven feature
  • Sleek design
  • Wi-Fi capability


  • Expensive


GE is one of the most trusted and reliable brands when it comes to home appliances, and the GE JBS60DKWW fits the bill perfectly.

This inexpensive electric range is one of the best value ovens in the market today. Even though the GE JBS60DKWW lacks some of the bells and whistles of similar electric ranges, consumers agree that it’s worth its price.

The JBS60DKWW is a 5.3 cubic-foot oven that is excellent for roasting and baking. Operating and cleaning this oven is also a breeze.

The cooktop is smooth and clutter-free and offers a ton of space. There is also a dual-ring burner as well. The left burner from the front has a separate “melt” setting. It’s useful for bakers as they can use this ‘setting’ to melt the baking chocolate without charring it.

The GE JBS60DKWW is also attractive. The white finish fits in with other white appliances you may have in your kitchen, and there is also a stainless steel finish model if you want one. Overall, a great and capable “back to basics” oven.


  • Average performance
  • Controls look cheap


  • Very Inexpensive

8. Avanti ER24P3SG 24″ Range

Avanti ERU240P3S ERU240 24" Electric Range Oven with Framed Glass Door, in Stainless...
  • 2.6 cu. ft. capacity
  • 24 inch freestanding electric range
  • 4 coil burners (three 6” and one 8”)
  • Coil burners have chrome reflector bowls and temperature safety sensors
  • Bake/broil oven with waist high broiling broiling pan included

The Avanti ER24P3SG Range is one of the low-cost, best budget ovens you can buy. But, it’s not as cheap as most of you are thinking, but it does offer great value as most owners are happy with this unit.

The Avanti ER24P3SG is an electric range with a transparent glass oven door with 8-inch coil burners and three 6-inch coil burners with porcelain reflector bowls.

There is a hot surface indicator to let know when the surface is not safe to touch, and a digital clock that displays the cooking timer.

Also, there is a storage drawer for additional storage space. Overall, The Avanti ER24P3SG provides excellent value for its price.


  • Inexpensive model
  • Above-average performance
  • Easy to use


  • According to the scale we measure, no cons found so far.

9. Frigidaire 30 Inch Black Freestanding Gas Range

Frigidaire Professional 30" Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Range
  • PowerPlus(R)2-in-1 Burner & Griddle: Ultimate cooking flexibility for endless meal options. Use the simmer burner...
  • PowerPlus(R) Convection: Powerful performance delivers consistent results. Evenly cooked dishes, every time, with...
  • PowerPlus(R) Temperature Probe: Ensures great results the first time. Set and monitor dish temperature with the...
  • PowerPlus(R) Burner: Quickly boil, saute, and sear foods at high heat with the PowerPlus(R) 18,000 BTU burner.
  • PowerPlus(R) Preheat: With PowerPlus(R) Preheat, your oven is ready in a few minutes for a powerful start to every...

The Frigidaire is another inexpensive stove with a color-coordinated oven door. The first thing most buyers of this low-cost value oven will notice is the large window that to check on the cooking without opening the oven door.

To sweeten the pot, this oven includes a timer and digitally controls the intuitive that is easy to use.

This oven also features a pullout broiler drawer located under the oven compartment, which features a ‘Low Simmer Burner’ for cooking at low, consistent temperatures.

Overall, this is one cheap stove that looks good and performs well, and most owners are delighted with this unit.


  • Satisfactory cooking performance
  • Appealing design
  • Inexpensive


  • Generic looks


Finding the perfect range that fits the bill is not easy, we already established that at the beginning.

What kind of range you choose depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a range. 

Are you looking for a gas or electric oven?

What suits best for your kitchen style?

Are standalone ranges more flexible and less expensive than slide-in units?

Whatever you’re searching for, if you want the best oven for your money, the above list of models is an excellent place for you to get started.

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