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What makes waffles unique is that you can’t make a good one without a waffle maker. It’s not like eggs or pancakes, you need an appliance if you want homemade, fresh waffles.

There are many waffle makers out there and it can be hard to choose one without knowing what exactly to look out for.

In this post, we’ll review one of the most innovative waffle makers on the market. It’s the Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker. You’ll learn about its features and benefits, and also why is it one of the most innovative and effective waffle makers on the market right now.

Chefman Waffle Maker Instructions and Features

Unique design

The design of the Chefman Waffle maker is patented and awarded winning.

It’s special because it has been designed to stop waffle batter leaking with the anti-leaking design to help you make your waffles mess-free.

One of the most annoying things about making waffles is the mess that it can bring. If you pour too much batter into your waffle iron, as it bakes, it expands and excess batter pours out of the sides. Some waffle makers have innovative overflow channels so that it doesn’t pour off of the sides. This Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker will leave you with no worries at all because you don’t need to be careful and think about the mess you might make.

How to use the Chefman Waffle Maker

This Chefman Waffle Maker has been designed to be simple to use no matter who’s using it.

It can be used by adults and children as well because it’s simple 3 step process when making waffles. All you have to do is twist the pour-spout into the base and pour batter using the measuring cup which comes included.

Then you’ll be able to watch the batter bubble up and enjoy the process! It’s very simple to use, and this design makes it easier than any other waffle iron.


Making your favorite waffles won’t take long, and will never leave you with a mess afterward.

You will be able to make waffles anytime you want, and the extra strong non-stick coating will make the cleanup way easier than you can imagine. It also means that there aren’t won’t be waffle batter stuck to the grids.

The included measuring cup makes the process easier and results in the perfect waffles every time you make them. Whenever you aren’t using the waffle maker, you will be able to easily store it away to save some space.

It’s great for people who don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen or those who just don’t want to leave their appliances laying around. It can be stored in a vertical position, so I am sure that you will find a perfect spot for storing the waffle maker when you don’t need it.

Club Chefman Recipes

If you already know your favorite recipe for the waffles, that’s amazing, but if you don’t – don’t be worried.

Buying this waffle maker gives you access to Club Chefman where you will find a bunch of recipes, videos, help from a chef, and even complete cookbooks.

Still aren’t sure about the value Club Chefman brings? Watch this brief video explaining its benefits.

It will give you the ability to test different recipes and find one you like the most. This Chefman Belgian waffle maker comes with a 1-year limited time warranty, so you will be covered if you experience any problems during the first year of use.


  • Unique design which will make the waffle making process mess-free
  • Simple to use with 3 steps of operation
  • Fast, convenient, and easy to use
  • Chefman Club with recipes, help, and cookbooks
  • 1-year limited time warranty to have you covered if you experience a problem
  • Very compact size, with ability to store it away in the vertical position
  • Measuring cup to help you make waffles perfect every time
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Perfect pour might not be so perfect when mixing in other ingredients such as fruit or chocolate chips

Chefman Waffle Maker w/No Overflow Design, Round Iron for Mess-Free Breakfast Best Small Appliance Innovation Award Winner, Measuring Cup & Cleaning Tool Included

Amazon Ranking

The best way to find out if one product is really worth it would be to read and watch some reviews, but also to pay attention to the Amazon ranking and what people say about it.

The magic of the internet is that you get the ability to find as much information about the product before eventually purchasing it, which can’t be done in a local store.

More than 50% of the users have given the Chefman Belgian waffle maker a five star rating, and they are absolutely happy with it. Some people have even compared it to more expensive and professional waffle makers, too.

Price of the waffle maker is in a good range, and it’s worth the money it costs. Even those who are on a tight budget will be able to afford it, and I am sure that they will be surprised at the quality.

Overall, the Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker has an Amazon ranking of 3.9/5 stars on over 120 Customer Reviews.


Chefman Belgian waffle maker has been given an award for the patented design which helps users to cook waffles with no mess at all. It’s the 2017 IHA Global Innovation Award winner. 

It’s designed to be very simple to use and it has been constructed in a way so that it gives you the ability to make your waffles perfect every time.

The speed of this waffle maker is amazing, and everyone will love the non-stick material, which makes the cleaning after cooking really easy.

Price was the thing that amazed me the most, because it’s really well priced, and it’s even better rated compared to some of the more expensive models. 

I would highly recommend the Chefman Belgian waffle maker to everyone who loves waffles and wants to make them without the fuss. It can be also a really unique and  inexpensive gift for someone form Cyber Monday or for Christmas. 

Receiving a waffle maker right before winter ensures that you can enjoy warm waffles on all of those chilly winter mornings.

Product Comparison

Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker VS Presto FlipSide Waffle Maker

When you compare Chefman Belgian waffle maker to the Presto FlipSide waffle maker, the first thing you will notice is the difference in the size.

The Chefman Belgian waffle maker is more compact than Presto waffle maker, and it can be stored even in a vertical position which might benefit people who don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen.

The other major difference where the Chefman wins is the material that’s used inside. The Chefman waffle iron uses non-stick coating which prevents your waffles sticking and it leaves you with no mess and easier cleaning process while the Presto waffle maker only has a ceramic coating which can be sticker than regular nonstick.

The last huge factor is the price. The Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker is a bit cheaper, and yet, in my opinion, has better features and is a more innovative waffle maker.

Chefman Belgian Waffle Maker VS Hamilton Beach Flip Waffle Maker

The design of the Chefman gives you easier access and no mess at all, while Hamilton has an old-fashioned flip system which might leave you with a little bit more mess and more cleaning afterward. As you flip it, waffle batter will likely drip out of the sides.

The last, but not the least important is the price, which is a huge difference. Chefman is better priced and more affordable than Hamilton, which is a huge benefit on top of all other benefits it provides.

Wrapping Up with the Chefman Volcano Waffle Maker

After comparing it to other waffle makers, you can get a clear picture of why the Chefman Belgian Volcano waffle maker is the best one on the market.

It’s worth it, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a great waffle maker for their home. In addition to that, this makes a great Cyber Monday, Birthday, or Christmas gift to anyone who loves waffles. 

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