Mueller Austria Multi-Function Toaster Oven Review

Mueller Austria MT-175 Review – Is this the Toaster Oven for You?

It can be daunting looking for the perfect toaster oven with so many out there.

That being said, it’s one thing to buy the top toaster oven on the market.

…it’s quite another to buy the toaster oven that is best for you and your specific situation. 

In other words, the highest-rated toaster oven might not be the best one for you.

Now, if you come across the Mueller Austria Toaster Oven MT-175, you might wonder if this is the toaster oven for you. 

Well, let’s find out. We’re taking an in-depth look at this toaster oven today. 

Here, we’ll look at:

  • Who is this toaster oven for?
  • What are its features?
  • What are its pros, cons, and common customer reviews?

This way, you’ll know exactly if it’s the toaster oven you’re looking for or not. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

Who Is the Mueller Austria Toaster Oven MT-175 For?

Mueller Toaster Oven with 30 Minute Timer - Toast - Bake - Broiler Settings,...
  • Space Saving – Our compact toaster oven has a spacious interior to hold a 9" personal pizza, 4 bread slices, 4...
  • Must-Haves – 3 knobs: Bake | Broil |Toast, and you can warm food. Set the temperature up to 450° F. Adjust the...
  • Easy to Clean – The crumb tray makes cleanup simple. Just open the tray out and dump the crumbs. Even Toast Shade...
  • Accessories – Our 1100 W toaster oven comes with a baking/broiling/drip pan and a wire rack. Choose from 2 rack...
  • Superior Quality With Mueller – We are here to offer you only the best quality products designed to make your...

We’ll tell you now, the Mueller Austria MT-175 isn’t the best in the industry. That goes to the likes of Panasonic and Breville. 

Still, it has become a big hit. 

The main reason is because of the price tag. 

For an affordable price, you get a decent toaster oven that does the job. 

Not only that, but the Mueller Austria MT-175 is also very easy to use. 

This is what especially appealed to toaster oven newbies in customer reviews. No more need to go through the manual a couple of times to get it right. 

The Mueller Austria MT-175 is great for both experienced and inexperienced users alike. 

What’s more, it’s a compact toaster oven that still manages to be a 4 slice toaster oven.

With dimensions of (L) 10.5″ (including the handle), (W) 14.75″, and (H) 9″, it can fit limited countertops or kitchen space. 

To estimate the interior, it can fit 4 slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza. This is good for singles, couples, or a small family. 

So this toaster oven is for people looking for a cheap, easy to use, compact toaster oven that does the job. 

Is that what you’re looking for? Then the Mueller Austria MT-175 might be for you!

Mueller Austria MT-175 Features

Sure, this 4 slice toaster oven is cheap, easy to use, and compact…

But what exactly does it offer?

Well, it’s a multi-function stainless steel countertop toaster oven.

There are 7 features:

  • Even toast technology
  • 3 cooking modes – bake, broil, toast
  • 3 crust options
  • Keep warm
  • Dual-position rack
  • Wide temperature range of 150 to 450 degrees F
  • Built-in timer

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Even Toast Technology

It’s so frustrating when toast comes out burnt at the top and soft at the bottom. Or, when there are cold bits in your heated meal. 

Unfortunately, a lot of toaster ovens have uneven heating problems.

This isn’t the case with Mueller Austria MT-175 though – all thanks to its even toasting technology.

This ensures optimized interior heat distribution by circulating the hot air.

You not only get the perfect toast; you get a fast heating toaster oven.

Since the heat is evenly distributed all around, it’s very quick to reach its max temperature.

Not to mention, since this toaster oven heats up quickly, you’ll use less energy.

So, not only does this act like a conventional oven but because it circulates hot air from its heating elements using convection technology, it’s also a countertop convection oven.

3 Cooking Functions

You won’t get a ton of cooking functions like some of the other toaster ovens out there.

However, the Mueller Austria MT-175 offers the 3 basic ones – bake, broil, toast.

These 3 functions are enough to cook a wide range of food without much effort, from cakes, meat, chicken nuggets, and even pizza.

And actually, there are four functions. In addition to bake, broil, and toast, there’s a keep food warm setting.

3 Crust Options

Like any good toaster, this 4 slice Mueller Toaster Oven will give you the option to select your own toast crust.

You have 3 options – light, medium, or dark.

The best part is that it’s incredibly easy!

All you have to do is place your bread in, turn the dial to your preferred crust, and wait.

There’s no more guesswork involved!

Keep Warm

This feature we particularly love.

If you’re in a habit of heating your meals then leaving it to do something else, then you’ll love it as well.


Simply because it keeps your meals warm for you. A bit of heat is left to ensure the meal doesn’t cool down.

This is great as you won’t have to reheat the meal over again.

Dual-Position Rack

Then, there’s the dual-position rack.

If you need more space for, say, a taller oven pan, you can lower the rack position so it can fit inside.

Not only that, but you can also customize heat output with this feature.

Need more heat at the bottom? Just lower the rack!

Wide Temperature Range

For such a small toaster oven, it’s amazing how high its temperature range can reach. I mean, you can go from 150°F (85°C) to 450°F (230°C)!

it can go that high because of the 1100 watts of power that it packs! Baking, broiling, toasting will all be done super fast because of its power and its natural convection toaster feature.

What’s also great is that it shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. So whatever unit you use, you’ll be able to get the exact temperature you need.

If we could describe this 4 slice toaster oven, it’ll be “small and mighty”.

Built-In Timer

And, of course, the built-in timer.

You can set the time up to 30 minutes long.

What’s nice is that it uses a dial, making it very easy to reach any time mark with one go.

This is so much better than a button that requires you to click 30 times for 30 minutes. That’s too inconvenient and time-consuming. 

The Pros and Cons of the Mueller Austria MT-175

Yes, the Mueller Austria MT-175 4 slice toaster oven is cheap, easy to use, compact, and offers a wide selection of features…

But what do users have to say about it?

In this section, we’ll talk about the positive reviews (the pros) and the negative reviews (the cons).

This will help you know what you can really expect.


  • One thing that users noticed right away was the quality of this Mueller toaster oven. They were satisfied that it was able to stand the test of time, despite being a compact counter top oven (saves your kitchen counter space). 
  • This trusty machine comes with a 2-year warranty!
  • Many customer reviews had high praise for the recipe booklet that comes with so many different types of food to cook. 
  • This stainless steel toaster oven is very attractive.
  • The 30-minute timer that includes toast settings works very well.
  • The baking pan and the removable crumb tray are very convenient.
  • It’s affordable! The Mueller Austria MT-175 is a bang for the buck!


  • Some didn’t like that the crumb tray and baking pan were complicated to remove.
  • Others say that the door doesn’t shut tightly enough, causing some heating problems.
  • Some customer reviews said that just weren’t happy about the Mueller 4 slice toaster oven. It was a general it-could-have-been-made-better situation. 

Is the Mueller Austria Toaster Oven For You?

Now that we’ve taken an in-depth look at the Mueller Austria MT-175, it’s time to answer the question…

Is this toaster oven for you?

You’re the only one who can answer that.

Yes, it’s not one of the best toaster ovens on the market.

But if you’re looking for a cheap, easy to use, multi-featured toaster oven with high customer reviews that does the job, then IT IS FOR YOU!


To summarize…

  • The Mueller Austria Toaster Oven MT-175 is very affordable
  • This toaster oven can fit 4-slices of toast or a 9” pizza.
  • This toaster oven comes with many features – even toast technology, 3 cooking functions, 3 crust options, keep warm, dual-position rack, wide temperature range, and built-in timer.
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • It comes with a recipe booklet
  • Has decent build-quality
  • Looks very attractive with stainless steel
  • It has a large window for a pretty big oven, especially considering its compact design

So what will it be?

Will you be the new Mueller Austria MT-175 user?

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  1. Good to maybe mention that it is PFOA and PTFE Free, right. Is it also BPA Free
    Too. If that is the case, why is the bake pan that comes with it a non stick???
    Very nice looking toaster oven.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Good catch! That was a typo. The baking pan isn’t non-stick. It’s just a plain metal baking pan that you’ll have to line with aluminum foil or parchment paper if you want to bake in it.

      It is a beautiful kitchen appliance. One that you won’t mind leaving out on your counter!


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