Best Non Stick Ceramic Frying Pan


Are You Looking for the Best Non Stick Ceramic Frying Pan? Look No Further!

Non stick is one of the best & most revolutionary upgrades we could’ve ever ask for when it comes down to the cookware sets. If you have ever had the chance to experience the best non stick ceramic frying pan – you would know exactly the benefits we’re talking about.

Even though non stick coatings are super helpful and make a huge difference in the way we cook and clean with our pans. However, there’s a huge responsibility to find a quality non stick coating that won’t be a hazard to our health.

We are all aware of the controversies that surrounded some of the first types of non stick coatings. At the moment, ceramic non stick coatings are the best of the best, and below, you won’t only find its benefits – but we’ll also review some of the best non stick ceramic frying pans that we had the chance to test out!

Blue Diamond Cookware Triple Steel Diamond-Infused Ceramic Nonstick, Frying Pan,...
  • Metal utensil safe, Blue Diamond’s diamond-infused coating is 5x harder and 10x longer lasting than traditional...
  • Diamonds are 4x more conductive than copper, so Blue Diamond heats faster and cleans up easier
  • Toxin-Free: Free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium
  • Three-layer stainless steel body delivers even heating and incredible durability
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600°F

Benefits of Non Stick Ceramic Frying Pans

When it comes down to ceramic cookware, especially the frying pans – you’ll notice the differences in cooking immediately.

These differences include anything from better heat retention, easier ability to clean the pans after cooking (and get that grease off with ease), and they introduce many health benefits.

Ceramic non stick coating is made without any chemicals so they’re 100% chemical-free which makes them a lot healthier than other coating types.

It was until, fairly recently, that companies stopped using PFOA coatings which were pretty hazardous to our health.

Exposure to toxic chemicals is never good and putting unhealthy coatings in high-temperature conditions is a formula for a disaster.

On the other hand, ceramic non stick coating doesn’t absorb food flavor so the food you cook will have a better taste, will be less dry, and will basically provide better circulation, flavors, and aroma.

Why is Ceramic Cookware More Expensive?


If ceramic cookware is a lot healthier, how come it’s oftentimes more expensive than Teflon coated cookware?

Like with anything in this world, healthier stuff will always come with a bigger price but it will be a lot better justified in the long run.

Therefore, when health is involved, it’s a lot better to pay the price and look at it as a long-term investment.

Ceramic coating is a lot harder to apply (which also makes it easier to chip), and it comes in a couple of different types.

Therefore, you’ll also be able to find a relatively cheaper ceramically coated cookware, but also, you’ll be able to find budget-breaking ceramic cookware sets that are intended for professionals.

The main types of the ceramic coating are:

  • So-Gel Technology
  • Thermolon
  • Titanium Reinforced Interior
  • Nano Ceramic Nonstick Coating
  • Diamond Technology
  • Swiss Diamond Technology

As you can notice, they’re also listed in order from the cheapest/entry types to the best of the best when it comes down to the technology.

The difference between all of these types is in the texture, application process, and benefits that are a direct result of that.

Best Non Stick Ceramic Frying Pan

With so many types of ceramic coating, so many different brands, so many different frying pans – it’s pretty hard to make a choice.

However, to make things easier for you – we tested and reviewed 9 of the best non stick ceramic frying pans on the market that is suitable for all budgets.

T-Fal Initiatives Non Stick Ceramic Coating Fry Pan

T-Fal is one of the most known manufacturers of non-stick coating that has been used for ages now, but it’s great to see that they’re keeping up with the technology and that they’re also producing their own non-stick ceramic coatings for frying pans.

As we all know, the great side to this is the overall decent quality that is very affordable for almost every household.

Right here, we have a really well-made frying pan that features a non-stick ceramic coating that is scratch-resistant, has anti-stains technology implemented, and is suitable for the dishwasher.

As you can imagine, the cleaning is a breeze, but you’ll even notice the difference in cooking. No matter how high temperatures are, this T-Fal frying pan with a ceramic coating offers even heat distribution and reliable cooking results.

The cooking surface can heat up to 570 degrees Fahrenheit and you can even use them in the oven up to the temperatures of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finding a ceramic coating that’s scratch resistant at this price point is definitely hard and it’s great to see quality T-Fal products that are based to improve health aspects.

Blue Diamond Triple Steel Diamond-Infused Ceramic Frying Pan

Diamond Technology is often the type of technology we find to be out of most budgets, however, Blue Diamond is one of the companies that keeps producing budget-friendly diamond-infused products.

These two frying pans come infused with a diamond ceramic coating so if you’re looking for the strongest pan out there – this is the right choice.

Diamond-infused coating is five times harder and can last ten times longer than the traditional non-stick coating types.

Also, it offers a lot of better conductivity than copper. You’ll notice this especially when you heat the pans for the first time. They take a lot less time to fully heat up and yet they also hold heat for longer.

Whether you decide to clean the pans on your own or just shove them in the dishwasher, you won’t have to worry about a single thing as they’re suitable for dishwasher and they can withstand temperatures of up to 600 F.

What we like the most about these pans besides the diamond-infused ceramic coating are the handles. They’re ergonomically shaped and offer a secure and comfortable grip that will make you feel like you’re holding a top-level frying pan.

GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Covered Frypan

This frypan from GreenPan comes with a Thermolon coated ceramic non-stick that’s as healthy as other ceramic coatings and yet it offers a tough anodized body.

The big benefit is the scratch-resistant feature but also the reinsurance to know that the coating will remain healthy (and won’t release fumes) even if you accidentally overheat the pan.

GreenPan made this frypan for everyday demands and even though it’s not one of the cheapest pans on the market – we have to mention that it also includes the top lid.

The lid glass is very durable and it won’t break under temperatures of up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and yet it allows great food monitoring.

Even though the pan is oven and broiler safe up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, we have to note that this frypan is not suitable for dishwasher and it has to be hand-washed.

However, we believe that this shouldn’t be a problem as washing this frypan will only take minutes. Even grease flies off easily thanks to the ceramic coating.

Handles seem simple at first as they’re made from stainless steel, but they’re really well shaped which makes them fit in both big or small hands while providing a great grip.

Blue Diamond Ceramic Non Stick Frypan

If you’re looking to get one of the most affordable yet quality frypans on the market – Blue Diamond is the company you should aim for (and that’s why you’ll see plenty of their products in this article).

When you’re in a need of a frypan with a ceramic coating for everyday cooking, this frypan from Blue Diamond seems like the strongest choice out there.

It features diamond infused coating which improves heat induction and just makes these pans one of the strongest ones on the market. This coating is so good that Blue Diamond lets its customers know that they don’t need to stay away from metal utensils.

Having a coating that won’t peel off, will handle high temperatures well, will be healthy, and will even improve the taste of the food is really well worth the price.

It’s really great to see a brand that’s pushing out quality products that don’t cost a fortune and yet do so much for people all around the world. Therefore, even if you’re not an everyday cook, this is still one of the best choices out there that won’t make you pay the price for even the smallest mistakes you might make.

GreenLife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan

When you’re looking for a healthy frying pan, provides all the benefits of ceramic non stick coating, and yet looks so good that it will give a bright contrast to everything in your kitchen – GreenLife has a great set of two frying pans for you.

GreenLife creates a healthy ceramic non stick coating that they derive from the sand. This makes their products with ceramic coating very affordable yet very quality and safe. Even though they’re derived from sand – this type of ceramic coating doesn’t feature any chemicals, doesn’t release fumes, and it can withstand high temperatures with no problem.

The metal used for the production of these pans is actually made out of recycled aluminum which is then reinforced with a wobble-free base that doesn’t only give better strength but also ensures even heat.

If you’re someone who likes living green and doing everything you can to save our Earth, you’ll actually be helping by purchasing products from GreenLife.

What we like the most about these two frying pans that come in a set is the rivetless design that helps a lot when it comes down to cleaning since grease can’t build up anywhere.

We should also note that these pans are suitable for all stove types except the induction.

Blue Diamond Ceramic Non Stick Open Frypan

We’ve looked, and believe us – there’s just no better open frypan with a ceramic non stick coating for the price of this one that’s manufactured by Blue Diamond.

This is one of the most affordable frypans from Blue Diamond, and yet you still get plenty for the price you pay.

It’s an open frypan that’s coated with a diamond-infused ceramic coating for best performance and healthier food, and the strongest design.

Heat induction is a big one with this type of frypan as it takes very little time to properly heat up and once it’s heated up, the heat induction is very even across the frypan.

The coating itself is 5 times harder and 10 times more durable which means that you will be able to use metal utensils without having to worry about scratching off the ceramic coating.

If you thought the price point is the greatest thing about this frying pan – you were wrong as it offers a lot more, including the ability to be used with all types of stovetops except induction stovetops.

GreenPan Rio Healthy Ceramic Non Stick Frypan

GreenPan isn’t all about the pretty cookware (even though it’s a big plus), yet they’re also all about providing the healthiest, qualities, and most affordable cookware on the market.

Most customers don’t even know that they’re actually doing a good deed by purchasing GreenPan fry pans as the base is made from recycled aluminum which is reinforced to provide the needed results for even the most demanding chefs.

When it comes down to the coating, this fry pan is specially coated with a ceramic coating by diamond infusion.

As a result, this frying pan offers incredible heat conduction, heavy-gauge construction, durability, reliability, and convenience.

GreenPan added a special touch to the handle by creating a bakelite handle that is cool and yet allows total control with the help of a comfortable and tight grip suitable for all hand types.

You can probably guess how effortless it is to clean the interior of the pan thanks to the diamond-infused ceramic coating, but what you might now know is that this frypan is safe for all types of stovetops which is a big advantage.

Considering the price point, GreenPan continues to amaze us with some of the best products for the price you can afford on the market. They might not be a great fit for every cook, but if they are – you’re definitely in luck having the GreenPan on your side!

Blue Diamond Triple Steel Diamond-Infused Ceramic Non Stick Frying Pan

If you love cooking with steel cookware and you would like a frying pan that combines steel with a ceramic coating – this is exactly what you might want to have as a part of your set.

This Blue Diamond frying pan is made out of three layers of steel which doesn’t only deliver incredible durability, but it ensures the evenest heating you can expect from a steel frying pan.

Not only this frying pan is about four times more conductive than copper frying pans – but it also features a diamond-infused ceramic non stick coating.

Heating up faster, even heating during the cooking, non stick surface, juicier food, and easy cleaning are just some of the benefits this frying pan has to offer.

We’re a big fan of Blue Diamond handles because this company never misses even the slightest detail and that definitely shows in the way they create their handles.

Blue Diamond produces stacking handles that stay cool and keep everything comfortable both on and off the stove.

The price is somewhere in the mid-range, but with the value, this pan has to offer (especially considering it’s made from triple-steel material), it’s definitely worth the price.

Copper Pan Non Stick Ceramic Frying Pan with Lid

If copper is your favorite material type – this last pick we have is ideal for your needs. This frying pan comes from Copper Pan and it’s made out of, you guessed it – copper.

However, what’s interesting about it is the combination of copper and ceramic non stick coating. This combination offers ultra non stick features which make this perfect for cooking with grease. Not only the grease will slide off when you clean the pan – but it’ll heat up evenly even at the lightest temperatures.

Even though copper isn’t steel – you will still benefit from a relatively heavy-duty design that will maximize the heat and leave you without burnt hands!

The tempered glass lid is also included and considering the price point – this combination really pays off as you’ll get a valuable frying pan that will last for a long.

Things worth noting is that this frying pan is suitable for all stovetops (even including the induction top) and that it’s 100% dishwasher safe. Even though cleaning is a breeze – you won’t have to worry about it.


We can’t tell which one of these is the best non stick ceramic frying pan. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages and while one choice might work well for one person, it might not be the best choice for the other person.

What’s most important is that all of these frying pans come from quality companies, feature ceramic non stick coating, and they deliver a lot of value for a very minimal price – making these the best investment you can make to improve your cooking.

If you don’t have a preference and you’re just looking for a quality frying pan – we are 100% sure that you won’t regret purchasing any of the picks we tested and reviewed.

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