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In a hurry? Our top choice for the best countertop convection oven is the Luby Large Toaster Oven with Convection and French Doors. Its durability, large size, and price point make it our top choice!

Looking for the best countertop convection oven on the market? Look no further!

With the number of countertop convection ovens available on the market, it’s hard to make a decision, especially when you don’t know how to find a quality convection oven.

But with the number of benefits they provide, it’s hard to ignore a quality change that convection oven provides.

Since countertop ovens have been around for quite some time now – you have most likely seen a couple of different types.

It’s important to find a suitable countertop convection oven to fit your needs – and that’s why you can find best-categorized countertop ovens inside this post.

Top 6 Best Countertop Convection Ovens

Tabletop Convection Oven – Classic Cuisine Quart

Tabletop is a different type of convection oven (isn’t the most regular shape & size), but it’s ideal for people who are looking for compactness, ease of use, and a bit easier approach to the commands.

Classic Cuisine is a quality brand that features a very versatile choice of convection ovens so you can sit back, relax, and find a desired convection oven type. If you’re looking for a tabletop convection oven – Quart is the right choice you should be looking for.

Faster Performance

Even though Classic Cuisine Quart convection oven features a pretty compact design, it’s really powerful since it provides about 1200 watts of power.

This gives it a faster performance than most convection ovens, including the tabletop type ovens. Therefore, you get to cook your lunch 50% faster than you would in a regular oven or any other type of convection oven.

This is hard to beat and we are in no doubt that this is one of the best selling features of this specific model.

Energy Efficient

Along with the extra power that allows you to cook your meals 50 times faster, we were amazed at the energy efficiency it provides at such high power output.

This convection oven is 75% more energy efficient than other countertop convection oven we’ve compared this oven to.

Separate Dials

Using this countertop oven is fairly simple with two separate dials located at the top of the convection oven.

You get two buttons to choose temperature and cooking time. The process is very simple, and there are even a couple of lights which indicate power and heat to simplify the cooking process.

Timer & Thermostat

With a timer up to 60 minutes and a thermostat that can be set anywhere between 125 to 250 degrees, you get plenty of options to cook different meals of your choice.

Accessories Included

To get started straight out of the box, you will receive everything you require – from dual racks, extender ring, frying pan, and even a lid holder along with the detachable power plug and a couple of other accessories.

Small Convection Oven – KitchenAid 12″ Digital Oven

If you’re looking for a small and compact oven yet you’re still looking for a powerful & smart digital oven – the best pick is the for the money (and space).

Even-Heat Technology

Since this is a “smart” digital countertop oven, you shouldn’t mistake its compactness for weakness. It’s a small but mighty convection oven which introduces plenty of useful features.

One of the most useful features is the Even-Heat Technology which provides consistent heat that ensures positive results throughout the baking cycle for quality results.

You don’t have to worry about the position of the pan or anything like this – yet you just have to sit back and relax while this oven does its job.

Versatile Baking

Even though this is a small & compact oven – you still get to experience the versatility of a regular oven. Meaning, you can bake almost anything inside this oven – from pizza or simply broiling a side dish to keeping your already cooked food warm and even toasting the bread.

The choice is yours and is all up to the level of your creativity.

9 Pre-Programmed Functions

To help you understand the levels of your creativity and possibilities, this countertop oven comes included with 9 pre-programmed functions that help you with the baking process.

These settings include:

  • Bagel
  • Cookie
  • Toast
  • Pizza
  • Bake
  • Reheat
  • Keep-Warm
  • Asado Roast

120-Minute Timer

Along with the number of quality pre-programmed functions, you can help yourself with a 120-minute timer that will remind you when the dish is ready or will simply give you plenty of time to prepare the necessary ingredients your recipe requires.

Accessories Included

With this small but mighty convection oven, you receive 12″ non-stick multipurpose pan, broiling rack, cooling rack, and even a non-stick drip tray.

Oster Convection Countertop Oven – Oster French

Oster is one of the best brands when it comes down to convection ovens – and if you’re looking for one of Oster ovens, we highly recommend Oster French countertop convection oven.

Single Door Design

Oster is one of the first brands to feature a very unique single door design to convection ovens. It’s a design which makes the use of a convection oven a bit easier and safer (considering the heat levels).

You can pull and open both doors with one hand which is convenient, even when just checking on your baking progress.

Turbo Convection Baking

One of the best technologies used to produce this convection oven is the Turbo Baking feature. This feature allows the convection oven to bake faster (up to 50% faster) and to brown more evenly – which is a great advantage to have.

If you’re looking for a “smart” convection oven – there is no better choice than Oster, especially when you consider the digital commands with a smart LCD display.

Two Racks

This countertop oven features an extra-large interior which features two racks to provide maximum cooking flexibility.

Therefore, you can choose to slowly cook your food at different temperatures for an adjustable time (of up to 6 hours).

Timer with Signal

Oster French convection countertop oven features a 90-minute timer that signals you whenever your meal is ready, but it also turns off the oven automatically.

You can set the baking process and do anything else in the meanwhile – without having to worry about turning the oven off.

Portable Convection Oven – Rosewill Infrared Halogen

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Convection ovens offer far better compactness while offering the regular oven features – but if you’re going an extra mile and you’re looking for a portable convection oven, there is no better choice than Rosewill Infrared Halogen convection oven.

Cooking Capacity

Even though this is a fairly portable convection oven, it still features a decent capacity of up to 12L. However, this can even be extended up to 17L with the help of S.S. extender ring that comes included with the oven.

Temperature Range

What is surprisingly great is the temperature range which isn’t compromised and therefore, you get to experience the full temperature range anywhere between 149 to 482 degrees F.

This gives you the ability to cook any dish you would be able to cook in a regular oven or any other convection oven.

Fast & Reliable

Since this is a pretty portable convection oven, it is packed with plenty of power to provide a fast and reliable cooking experience.

Therefore, you get to cook up to 50% faster with the help of 75% more energy efficiency, which is a clear win-win situation.

Halogen Heating & Convection System

We believe that this countertop oven wouldn’t be as fast and reliable without its convenient Halogen heating technology.

It’s a powerful compact technology that even brings circulated air evenly around the oven to ensure the best cooking results.

User-Friendly Digital Functions

Rosewill convection oven features two small digital displays alongside with 13 compact buttons. These displays and buttons ensure a very simple and user-friendly interface that anyone can use – whether you’re a beginner or a bit more experienced cook.

Simply choose the right cooking function, set the right temperature, help yourself with the timer, put all the ingredients inside – and you’re ready to go.

Largest Countertop Convection Oven – Luby Extra-Large Oven

Convection ovens bring compact and reliable solutions for homeowners who would like to make a switch from regular ovens – however, if you still care about the size, we highly recommend Luby extra-large countertop oven.

Extra-Large Interior

This is considered to be one of the largest convection ovens, featuring a large 55 liters interior which offers plenty of room for toasting up to 18 slices of bread.

You can also bake a 14-inch pizza, roast a 20-lb turkey, or even bake a nice large cake.

Our favorite option is to comfortably fit up to 24 cup muffin trays. You will never regret going for a convection oven and kicking out the regular oven out of your kitchen.

Temperature Selectors

That’s right, this oven features two separate temperature selectors that allow users to have precise control over the temperature during the baking process.

Temperature selectors operate on easy-to-use knobs that allow you to adjust the temperature for the upper and lower rack. This also increases the versatility which really goes well with the extra-large interior this oven features.

Simple Controls

This extra-large convection oven is operated with only 3 large & easy-to-use knobs. All you have to do is set the temperature for each rack and set the timer.

It’s one of the simplest convection ovens we’ve ever seen and that’s why this oven is ideal for even the most recent cooking beginners.

60-Minute Timer

A 60-minute timer is easily operated and set with the help of an easy-to-use knob which also features a “stay-on” feature.

Stay-on feature allows you to keep food warm until you serve it or even heat up already cooked food.

Rapid Heating

Don’t mind the large interior of this oven since it features a Rapid Heating technology that can quickly heat up the oven – which is ideal for cooking chips, baking cookies, or frying French fries.

Mini Convection Oven – Wolf Gourmet


When you aren’t sure whether you would like to get a large convection oven or the smallest possible convection oven – the ideal choice is a mini convection oven such as the Wolf Gourment oven.

6 Cooking Modes

For this mini countertop convection oven, we were surprised with the 6 cooking modes it provides.

You get to do anything from baking, roasting, broiling, warming the food, or making a couple of toasts.

Temperature Probe

One of the most unique features ever seen in a countertop oven is the integrated temperature probe. This means you won’t need an external probe and yet you’ll always have one ready for use right inside the convection oven.

This probe will help you cook your meat to perfection and have it quickly right by your hand whenever you need it the most.

Powerful Fan

This mini but mighty convection oven features a very powerful fan that produces a high-volume airflow inside the decently sized interior.

Therefore, this makes this oven ideal for roasting and baking with no hot spots.

5 Heating Elements

We were surprised by the level of technology implemented into this convection oven. This mini convection oven features 5 heating elements that work well with advanced electronics to provide uniform and consistent heating throughout the oven.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about uneven heating and simply trust the convection oven to provide the results that will lead to delicious meals.

Easy Cleaning

We like the simplicity yet efficiency of this countertop oven and we are glad to say that the fun doesn’t stop after baking your perfect meal.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze and it doesn’t take long thanks to the stoneware dishes and quarter sheet pans that come included with the oven.

Believe us, you will even fall in love with the cleaning of the Wolf Gourment mini countertop oven.


Whether you’re a big fan of technology or you’re just looking for a way to create a bit more space in your already crowded kitchen – this post brings you 6 different yet quality convection ovens that produce great results.

It’s up to you to find out which one of these countertop ovens will fit your needs and will look the best on your kitchen countertop.

Whether you’re baking in your little oven or roasting a chicken, these best countertop convection ovens can handle the job.

However, we assure you, there is no place to worry no matter which one of these ovens you go for. Therefore, you can relax and know that you’re making a great decision.

But if you need any additional help or advice – feel free to leave a comment down below!

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