Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Tin Review

Best Waffle Maker for Thin Waffles

Looking for Belgian cookie iron?

Looking for a waffle maker that makes Lukken or Belgian cookies? Look no further! The Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Tin is your go-to waffle maker for thin, cookie waffles.

But there’s a catch! Keep reading.

There are two types of thin waffles people usually look for.

1. Standard, Classic, Regular Waffles, also known as American waffles

Standard, regular, classic, or American waffles are the regular, thinner kind of waffles that you may find at your favorite breakfast place.

This is the kind of waffle that is PERFECT for sandwiches and other ultra creative waffle recipes. However, this article is not about that.

Read our Waffle Buyer’s Guide on more information about standard and regular waffle makers.

Or you can read our article on the difference between Standard Waffles and Belgian Waffles.

2. Cookie Waffles, Stroopwafels, or Pizzelles

Now let’s get on with the thin waffles and the best thin waffle maker!

If you’ve ever traveled through Europe, even through a European airport, you’ve likely seen these thin cookie type of waffles. Not the kind of waffles that you’d pour syrup on and eat with a knife and fork. It’s the type of waffle that you’d eat with your hands and are more cookie than anything else. They’re eaten as a snack or quick pick me up than more of a meal.

These same “waffles” can be molded to make ice cream bowls, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cones, and pretty much any other treat you can think of.

They’re not made with a traditional waffle iron. A regular waffle iron or waffle maker is just too big and thick for thin cookie type of waffles. It’s made with a special waffle maker that makes thin waffles, otherwise known as a a cookie iron tin!

What is a cookie iron tin?

A cookie iron tin is an appliance that makes really thin waffles. You may also see it called a pizzelle press, however, pizzelles are Italian cookies. They’re really both the same type of appliance. They both make the kind of waffles that you use to make cookies.

Often, when you hear the phrase “Belgian Waffle” you think of thick, round, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside waffles, and you’d be right. Belgian waffles are my go-to waffles for breakfast. However, in this case, a Belgian cookie is more of a Dutch Stroopwafel.

If you’re looking for an appliance that bakes these thin cookie type of waffles, this is the thin waffle maker for you.

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron for Stroopwafels and Lukken Cookies 

This waffle maker makes two Belgian cookie waffles a time, a true delight for someone who needs a tasty treat.

This kitchen appliance is a high-quality waffle maker, but it doesn’t make Belgian or Classic waffles. It makes cookie waffles, or stroopwafels.

It can also be used to make Lukken cookies or waffle cookie cones and waffle cookie bowls. These Waffle cones and waffle bowls are perfect for ice cream or other desserts.

It features a heavy aluminum casting and stainless steel cover. It comes with a preset automatic thermostat that ensures its efficiency. It also features tubular heating elements that look like an electric range surface burner and a three-leg stand that makes it very stable.

It’s commercially designed and durable. It’s made in the USA and comes with a 5 year guarantee! it boasts 4.4/5 stars on Amazon on over 100 reviews.

Seriously, a 5 year guarantee? Who does that?

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Pros: 

  • 5 Year Guarantee – A product guarantee just isn’t something you often see anymore and for this to be a whole 5 years, you just can’t go wrong.
  • No cleaning necessary – That’s right, just use a pastry brush or a metal brush to take off any excess chunks. It seasons over time and becomes easier to use.
  • Great Reviews on Amazon – You can’t get around positive feedback. This Palmer Cookie Iron Tin has some big fans on Amazon.

Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Cons: 

  • No temperature setting – Not having the ability to select the temperature can be a problem for many people. Although regular batter recipes shouldn’t be an issue, anything modified with little to no fat might burn.
  • Specialized device – This shouldn’t really be in the “Cons” section because it’s not really a con. However, you need to know that this device is highly specialized. Aside from waffle cones, bowls, and cookies, it can’t make much more than that. You can’t use it to make breakfast or lunch. However, what it does, it does really well!

What are Lukken Cookies? Also known as Belgian Waffle Cookies?

Kind of like the Italian pizzelle, lukkens are a traditional Belgian waffle cookie usually made on a lukken press or lukken iron. In this case, this cookie iron tin is perfect for making these traditional Belgian cookies.

This Palmer Electric waffle maker is the perfect Belgian Cookie Iron!

The main difference between a Lukken and a Stroopwafel is that a stroopwafel has a caramel like syrup in the middle. A lukken is just the cookie.

Visit Bake Space for a great lukken cookie recipe.

What are Dutch Stroopwafels?

Stroopwafels are one of the world’s best and often underrated cookies. These amazing Dutch cookies consist of a thin layer of caramel-like syrup sandwiched between two wafers.

They originated in a city called Gouda in the Netherlands. I have many friends and family who live abroad and love stroopwafels. It many not be a big deal in the United States, but it’s huge in Europe and the Middle East.

This Palmer Electric Cookie Iron tin is a perfect stroopwafel iron

Stroopwafels are often eaten with coffee or tea, but it doesn’t have to be! You can make stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches, regular sandwiches, or cookie sandwiches made with cream or merengue. The possibilities are endless.

Both stroopwafels and lukkens are delicious and both can be enjoyed with coffee, tea, or just because.

Visit Sprinkle Bakes for a tasty stroopwafel recipe.

Wrapping up with the Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Tin

This Palmer Electric Belgian Cookie Iron Tin is not a multi-functional device, but it is, hands down, the best waffle maker for thin waffles.

Surprise your family with waffle ice cream cones, waffle bowls, waffle cookies, waffle ice cream sandwiches, Lukken cookies, and Dutch Stroopwafels.

This makes a great Fall present, whether for Black Friday, Christmas or just because. Giving this to someone this in the Fall means that you’ll enjoy traditional Belgian cookies during Christmas time and throughout the Holidays.

Whatever you choose to create with this cookie iron, you’re only limited by your imagination!

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  1. These are Dutch, not Belgian. They are called stroopwafels and are concidered a cookie more than anything else.

    Everything in this article is just plain wrong.

    • The recipe we use for the cookies is French and not Dutch. Our family has been making them for over 70 years, and this was prior to the electric iroms were available. The article is not far off.


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