ETL Certified Gourmia GWM460 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker Review

ETL Certified Gourmia GWM460 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker Review

What’s your go-to appliance when it’s time to make lunch? Is it a waffle maker? What about when it’s time to make dessert? Am I getting closer? There are a myriad of recipes available for those who have a waffle maker and want to use it. Eggs, sandwiches, brownies, cakes, omelets. If you can dream it, you can make it in a waffle iron. But not just any waffle iron will do. The more you want to experiment with different foods, the more important your waffle iron becomes. Your waffle maker also needs to distribute heat evenly and have a nonstick surface.

The Gourmia GWM460 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker is ETL certified, available on Amazon, and is a good product with a good design and great functionality. This product is available with a step by step instruction manual and recipe book, anyone can start cooking like a pro with this appliance.

Gourmia Recipe Book Includes:

  • Buttermilk Waffles
  • Belgian Liege Waffles
  • Chocolate Waffle Sundae
  • Sweet Potato Waffles
  • Cornmeal Waffles
  • Pumpkin Waffles
  • Nutella Waffles
  • Chicken and Cheese Waffles
  • Pepperoni Pizza Waffles
  • Hash Brown Waffles

ETL certified means that this kitchen appliance has received a special certification mark that demonstrates that this product has met certain design and performance standards. It serves to denote an elevated level of quality and reliability for a product, signaling to consumers that this product meets high standards.


  • ETL certified for safety and efficiency
  • 180-degree rotation function to ensure proper baking of all sides
  • Durable stainless steel housing adds more durability
  • Adjustable temperature option makes crisp and fluffy waffles
  • Collapsible handle for easy storage
  • Cool touch handle to operate the machine when in use
  • Power on and add batter indicator lights
  • Removable drip tray


  • Easy flip of the pan to ensure even baking
  • Temperature adjuster to make light, fluffy, crisp and delicious waffles
  • Stainless steel coating for enhanced durability
  • A cookbook and easy to use manual provided


  • The handle is a bit flimsy and made of plastic


There is no doubt that the Gourmia GWM460 Stainless Steel Waffle Maker is a well made waffle making machine that can make tasty and delicious waffles in a matter of minutes. The rotary design offered on this machine makes it easy to cook evenly baked waffles. The removable drip tray ensures that all spills and leaks are collected in the tray.

The grid plates are 8-inch in diameter with 1 ½ inch deep pockets to ensure that it can hold a lot of syrup. This appliance is constructed using stainless steel and plastic to give it a stylish look. This appliance will add beauty to every kitchen counter-top.

The plates come with a nonstick coating so that waffles can be removed easily and no batter sticks to the plate. There is an adjustable temperature control knob offered on the machine to make waffles from light colored to golden brown, all the way to dark brown depending on one’s taste.

About Gourmia

Gourmia is an American company headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. It’s company mission is “Engineering Cooking Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle“. Gourmia designs products for cooks who want to make healthy and delicious meals on a regular basis, without the headache. Gourmia delivers a higher standard of innovation, performance, and value. They want to create dependable, easy to use tools that will make our lives easier. They make it all, from sous vide immersion cookers (what’s that??) to multi-purpose cookers, to juicers, and even down to standing mixers. The team at Gourmia has taken input from chefs and consumers alike to create the best products in their respective categories.If you’re looking for a waffle iron that gets the job done, look no further than this Gourmia waffle maker. It’s simplicity and ease of use has made an impression with the Easy Kitchen Appliances team.

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